Don't Lose Out!

Our friend Minor is a cardiologist.

He’s also a retired cardiologist, but retirement doesn’t mean he does nothing. 

Minor volunteers his time at clinics, travels to amazing countries, teaches, golfs, and is very devoted to his family and very giving to others. 

He’s figured out that failing to do for others means losing out on many of life’s blessings!

Part of giving also means not always expecting something in return.   

For several weeks now he's helped our family out when we were in a pinch for time.  Abby needed a ride to her violin lesson.  We called Minor and he was right there for us.  He really digs our kids and loves their different personalities.

And, this time he brought a gift for Abby, wrapped up with a special note.

Minor knits and he’s kept us well supplied with knitted dishrags.  It was so thoughtful that he made one for my daughter, who is a great helper in the kitchen!  Her own personal dishrag!

I love crossing the multigenerational lines, by our kids being involved with our retired friends. 

They have so much to give.  And we have so much to learn.

(Top photo:  Abby playing her violin last summer on our back patio, with Minor as her “page-turner.”  Our friend Dee has helped us out too, and she also supplies us with knitted dishrags  - the two must go hand-in-hand!)  

Oh, and guess where this special "note" is going?
Yes!  In Abby's book!


Marci said...

That's sweet. My grandma used to knit dishrags for us...wish I still had one of them, come to think of it. Your retired friend sounds like an amazing guy!

susan said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. Minor sounds like a special man and a blessing to many! I have never seen a knitted dishrag!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing about your special relationship :)!! It seems that every home we have lived in has an elderly couple next door, and we love it! Now we have Ms. Mary next door, who loves for our girls to visit her garden, and gave them each an Easter basket "because the Easter Bunny told her to!" :). We also love the blessings these special relationships hold!!

Dugi said...

what a lovely post. Minor is a great example to us all. an example TO the believers and an example OF the believers.
Thank you for telling us about him. Thank you.

April said...

What a lovely neighbor. We live in one of those new cookie cutter type neighborhoods where all the people are young so we don't see too much of that mature charm that older people can have. I remember growing up next to an elderly lady who always welcomed me in her house to visit. Some things in life you just can't buy ya know?

~j~ said...

what a beautiful, thoughtful man! That picture of he and Abby is priceless. I am sure that is going to be one cherished dish rag :)

jennykate77 said...

Awe! This warms my heart. I love crossing the generational gap, and enjoying and learning from people who have "been there and done that". One of my favorite people to hang out with is my Granny. Even though I'm 31 now, she still teaches me things all the time and she tells the best stories. Minor sounds like such a wonderful friend.

Thanks for such a sweet post!

Holly said...

How sweet! Minor does sound like a blessing to your family, as well as to others. . .

Kirstin said...

That's so awesome. I think it is very important that our kids learn to cross those multi-generational lines.

For a brief amount of time when my inlaws managed a hotel Kaitlynn befriended an older gentleman and his dog when they stayed at the hotel. she was simply nice to them. Later that week a gift came in the mail for her (it was a glass sea float). The gentleman came a few more times and even watched one of her soccer practices and sent her another sea float. He was simply touched by the kindness of a young person (not always demonstrated by the younger generation).

Elizabeth G. said...

Dear Sandy,
Some of the dearest experiences of my life have been connected to relationships I've forged with older people. What wonderful input they have had in our lives. What blessings!

Thank you for this post -

Sandy Toes said...

Oh..I could not AGREE more...I love when my kids are engaged with older folks...we have them over for dinner from church....they learn so very much!!!
sandy toe

Mrs. Darling said...

The color in that photo is phenomonal! I love it!