Sister Cousins & Fresh Garden Lettuce!

I am now my cousin Peggy's little sister.

She calls my entire group of girl cousins her sisters, because just over a year ago she lost her only sister to an illness, at way too young of an age.  

So we now fill that void.

We are her sister cousins.

A few weeks ago she gathered us together at her home for a refreshing time together and a delicious lunch.

We all brought salads and she made the soup

She cut fresh flowers for her table

This is my favorite time of year to head to the garden and cut a fresh head of lettuce, wash, and spin, and I added feta cheese (and finely chopped red cabbage)

Avocado and red onion

Kamatla olives and cherry tomatoes

Even though Peggy's life has been changed forever after losing her only sister, she has gained a deeper love for us cousins. And us for her.

We're glad we carve out the time to connect. It doesn't just happen though. It takes effort.

Do you prioritize getting together with your cousins, or people who you really love?

(Sister cousins almost 2 years ago, before we lost our special one ...)


Dugi said...

its so great that u still meet and are a happy group. My mother and my aunt had a fall out and stopped talking to each other 13years ago and cos us kids had to be loyal to our mothers we have never spoken to each other either. Its all kinda sad really. So i really love seeing cousins come together....like my husband's cousins. its just so lovely. :)

Chinamama4 said...

I come from a small family, made up of lots of "only children", so my cousin and I are each other's only first cousins. I live in Illinois, he's in Vermont. Every summer we make it a priority to spend a few days together, though sometimes it's challenging to make the trip. Our combined 7 children love each other dearly, and his wife and I have become like sisters. I treasure my cousin and his family!

Sandy Toes said...

Looks like a wonderful time! That salad sounds delicious and fresh.
sandy toe

Marci said...

I love that term "sister cousins".
That salad looks delicious!
Spending time with family and friends is my #1 priority, therefore I always make time for them.

susan said...

I am so glad you all are making the effort to stay connected. Although you cannot fill the void completely, you will all benefit from the connection. With no sisters, sister in law, or a single first cousin, I am jealous! And your salad is just my style!

Kathryn said...

I really love that idea. I've never had a sister, but have beautiful girlfriends God has blessed me with. I may "copy" that idea and have a sister girlfriends lunch. Thanks for the sweet post!

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

What a precious group....off to see if I have any lettuce from the ones I planted a few weeks ago...kind of forgot about them since they were so little.

ellen b. said...

How wonderful to make an effort to get together! I do cherish times with my cousins, sisters, nieces and friends and make an effort to stay in contact. It's easy to just get wrapped up in the everyday with your immediate family.
That salad looks so fresh and good! Love the idea of making soup and having everyone else bring a salad...

Miss G said...

Such a timely post. I had dinner last night with a friend I've had since high school and it was such a refreshing time and so needed by both of us. God used that time to speak into our lives. Kelly

Kirstin said...

All of my cousins are spread out all over the states. I've recently been connecting via Facebook, which has been awesome because many I haven't seen for over 20 years. I do wish I had family closer at times, but I'm okay with how things are.

GiBee said...

You know ... my mom is from Lima, Peru. And in South America, first cousins really ARE called Sister Cousins (or Brother Cousins). Especially when they are raised closely! To this day, my mom considers her 7 first-cousins (all real-blood sisters) her sisters, and I consider the my aunts (and call them "auntie").

I think it is a beautiful sentiment!!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hi Sandy,
I love this post about Sister Cousins! During the Easter holiday we were talking & visiting with extended family and I thought that "hey, wouldn't it be nice if we made extended family a priority?" Usually we only see each other a couple times of year or at funerals. That's sad.
Thanks for the reminder to reach out to our Sister Cousins and Brother Cousins too!

Kristen said...

The salad looks so tasty - your pictures are always so pretty!

I love your blog & just gave you a blogging award on my blog!

Holly said...

How blessed that you have all been given such a lovely extended family! (The salad looks scrumptious!)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Your salad looks amazing. Greek salad is my absolute favorite.

I am so glad that your cousins could unite and adopt each other as sisters. (Sorry that it was in the midst of loss.) That is such a special bond that is now getting to be so rare. Thanks for the inspiration.

LuLu said...

The salad looks delicious and has me hungry! I wish I lived near my cousins... so nice that you all are able to get together.

Elizabeth G. said...

Extended family is such a great blessing.

Elizabeth :)