Consider Compassion International!


One of the best decisions Paul and I made as a newly married couple was to sponsor a child from Compassion International.

From early on in our marriage we did this, even though money was very tight.

Our children grew up hearing about Adichak - and we prayed for and loved this boy from Thailand.

Adichak grew up and moved on, and then we got another child, and then another one.  Our last one is out of the program now and we're just signed up for a new little girl, Mansi, from Italy.

It's been a blessing and something our family really believes in.

Compassion International.

So when I met my friend Robin in Nashville at Blissdom '09, I became so thrilled for her when she was invited to go on the next mission trip to Kolkata, India.  I knew that I had to share with my readers about this beautiful outreach, and allow you the opportunity to follow her
experience through her blog, or to become familiar with Compassion if you have never heard of it.

Please pray for Robin and the team as they have already left this last Friday.  They will be blogging about their experiences--you can follow this life-changing trip by going to
this link.

When I think of Calcutta, I immediately think of Mother Teresa.  What a beautiful woman, who lived a dedicated life to God. A couple Easters ago our family watched the story of her life, Mother Teresa, on DVD.  That was the best Easter gift I could have ever given my children. Honestly, after that Easter, I never spent a penny on another "Easter gift" for them.  

It just became my own personal conviction.

Another gift we can give our children is to teach them about
Compassion International.  It takes us away from our selfish ways and abundant lifestyle that most of us live with in America (compared to those countries) and it teaches us to give and to love.

Please consider prayer, a sponsorship, or a contribution to any of Compassion's funds.  You can also click on this picture to see the children needing sponsorship.


Along with prayer, I will be following
Robin's trip.  I hope you'll join me.

(If you have time, read Brown Eyes Blue, written by Robin.)


Dugi said...

Reminds me of this quote:
"Live life simply so others may simply live"- Gandhi

Marci said...

Compassion International sounds like a great organization. I will check it out right now.

Kim said...

We just sponsored a child today! Angelica from Mexico!! It was Compassion International at our church today.