Things are Never Perfect with Kids!

Some kids are happy. 

And some kids aren't.  

When entertaining a large group, and kids are around, things are never perfect!

I love this picture of my sisters and cousins, taken YEARS ago.  My sister (top left) literally looks like an angel, and my other sister (bottom right) is not very happy at all! (And I wasn't born yet ...)

I don't know how my parents and my aunts and uncles did it - but they did.

They overcame their entertaining fears and always entertained with a TON of kids around!

I can pretty much bet that they did it because they thrived on their time together.

Because we adults need each other!

If you didn't get to read my 3 part series on entertaining with kids, written over a year ago, here are the links:

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Of course, summertime is WAY easy with kids.

What are your secrets to making entertaining with kids more manageable? 

(Pix: Brown family memories)


Chele said...

I have my own four kids but when we have company there is usually a lot more. So I agree that entertaining with kids is not easy but I really think they love it more than us! My secret for outside is just let them play together. Let them roam (in eyes reach of course). Having patience helps too!! Inside, I'm lost! LOL.

NicNacManiac said...

In my extended family we have tons of kids and entertain often at each others homes. We make sure they have plenty to keep them entertained, if they like, special kid friendly foods, games to play and just let them be kids.
Everyone's happy!!

Donnetta said...

Think ahead, be prepared, have a variety of activities in mind to suggest to them to do, and my play room in the basement if the weather isn't cooperating.

Dawn said...

Plan appropriately...

Entertaining with kids is the perfect time to set up in the backyard - NOT the time to use linens and grandmother's china. That means planning kid-friendly food, too!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

What??!!! Are you sure.....

It's always fun to try to get kids back in a good mood...a challenge that we both like to take with nieces & nephews!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Oh My Gosh, I could pick everyone out of that pic!! Most of your readers don't know that there are 2 sets of twins and all but your sisters are from one mom and dad! And at the time of this pic, they weren't finished yet. :-) What a fun blast from the past.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! I emailed you the other day and you answered my question in a great way. Thanks again, Lynn

mrsmckracken said...

We had a party tonight and we had 9kids here. We kept it simple: pizza and root beer floats. That way we didn't even worry about cooking, we were just visiting and being interrupted about 23 times an hour but still relaxing out on the patio. And a trampoline and a hose are magical!

Robin said...

When we entertain with children(which is often)we try to do things outside. It's just so much easier that way.

I always love your posts!!