Summer: Pie Face Fun!

Summer:  A perfect time for 
Pie Face Fun!

It is summer and the weather is warming up! It's a great time for outdoor activities and summer photos. 

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You may recall my Dollar Store Goblet canvas, which is hanging in my dining room. The colors and detail of the goblet (4RE icon!) really pop! If you want to see what beautiful work they do, then check it out.

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Thank you UPrinting, for being a contributing advertiser on 4RE. And thank you, Abby, for fun birthday memories!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy, Youre right on with what our men like,no fuss,relax,go to church,fish or hike and enjoy the family. Thats what we are doing today, keep it simple and low cost,that means the most. Sarah likes to make drawings for us or even make a dessert. We love watching movies together,it is easy to rent and watch during our mealtime. Have a fun summer! Sandy Evans

UPrinting.com | Online Printing said...

This is one cute, funny photo! It’s really cool to play with pie icings, especially during summer. I love it cos it’s the time to chill out and relax with family and friends.