Summer Dance by the Pool!

Hey, it's officially summer! Can we do a little summer dance?  

To me that would be a little jig outside by the pool.  I love summer!

Since I recently wrote about our family's love for water and the exciting times we've had around our pool, I thought I'd share with you 5 ways that I try keep our pool area organized during the summer months.

I say try, because things are never perfect around our house!

To make it easier on the kids and guests, I came up with these simple, inexpensive ideas:

1. Take a coat rack and use as a goggle holder.

2. Towels folded and accessible in a $2 yard sale basket.

3. Sunscreens available in our outside bathroom.

4. Unique candle holder - a place to dry towels.

5. We're beyond the pool toys now, but I used to keep them in a pool box, around the side of the house.

I'll keep inexpensive items on hand, like pretzels and popcorn, or chips and salsa. The kids know how to make quesadillas if they are starving, or to throw in a frozen pizza (the extent of the frozen foods that I buy). They are pretty self-sufficient kids.  But I'll explore snacks further in a future post.

What tips can you share that help keep your pool area organized and functional for guests?

How do you organize your outdoor toys/equipment?  

I need help with my badminton rackets and birdies!


The Real Me! said...

Well unfortunately we are pool-less here in Florida, while it's going to be 96 today.But I do have an idea for your badmitons rackets and birdies. How about putting them in an umbrella holder? Just a thought.

Runner Mom said...

These are some of the cutest ideas! If I come up with any for you, I'll share! We're members at at a neighborhood pool, so snacks, towels, etc. are simply thrown into cute bags and into the mama mini van!
Enjoy the pool today!

Robin said...

Great Ideas, we have a pool and I will be using some of these once we return from our beach trip!!

Always love your posts!!

Astrid said...

We're pool-less in WI. It's supposed to get over 90F today so I'm wishing we had one!

see you there! said...

We share a community pool in the mountains. I keep a picnic hamper filled with all but the food and a large wicker laundry basket holds towels and sunscreen. We are quickly ready to go.

I saw a cute idea for hanging towels. An old rake head was attached to a wall with the tines up like hooks. I've actually been wanting to do that to hand aprons in my kitchen.

Happy Summer to you. Give those balcony girls a big hug from me.


ellen b. said...

Love all your great ideas. No pool for us. My friend who has a very sunny deck keeps a basket of sunglasses for people and there's always a cooler on her deck with water and other drinks in it. :0)

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

LOVE these ideas. Buying a pool is high on our priority list so I will be referring to these ideas in the future.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no pool here but I love the "goggle holder" as well as the turtle above it! Very good ideas.

Courtney said...

well, I was going to comment that we are pool-less, but that's just not true. we have a little tot pool. so all buckets, pails, beach balls, etc... don't have a home yet! so I am going to read all your commenters tips :) as for the outdoor entertaining stuff, that's housed in our dining room built-in. front & center during the summer months, moved down below during the winter!


I have been looking for something to hang up those soggy wet beach towels. Your idea is great! I am going to have to look for something like it for our lake condo. Thanks for sharing.


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Great post!! We have a TON of pool toys and so we store them in a large brightly colored plastic bucket. Our little ones are only 2and 4 and they can easily clean up if I ask them to by throwing their toys in there.

I also bought a large glass container with a lid (picture the kind of container you would use to keep flour in) that I keep all of our sunscreen in. We don't have an outdoor bathroom and this keeps it all together and also allows guests to see what is in it. We keep it on our covered porch area so it is not near the pool and also out of the sun.

I loooooooooove your goggle idea...I'm going to have to remember that!!


Brenda Leyland said...

No pool in our backyard, but I enjoyed your ideas anyway. I always love how you come up with great ideas.

G. said...

Don't have a pool but, we do have lots of outdoor toys. We keep them in a large storage tote with wheels so we can roll it to wherever we're playing. Plus, we don't have a garage so keeping them in a closed storage bin keeps the rain out as well and it's easy access for the kids, too!

myrna said...


Empty Nest Full Life said...

My husband is wishing we had a pool to organize. It has been almost in the 100's for about 2 weeks now, and with the heat index has been at least 100. Your organizing ideas look great, and very creative. Have fun at the pool! Jackie

An Accomplished Woman said...

All great ideas. Love your special hooks.


Jennifer said...

Oh..I so wish I had a home with a pool! I'm just sure my mansion in glory will have a great pool!! :)

Kasey Hunt said...

all good ideas for decorating. love the turtle.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't have a pool and it's winter here but great tips for those who do. Enjoy the summer and swimming!!