First Bite of Strawberry!

Abby and her friend Rachel dove into our strawberry bed last week.

It's a little early, but they found some red, luscious, sweet strawberries.

I can't wait for strawberry season.  I have some new recipes I want to try.  And if you've had homegrown, you'll know that they are superior to store-bought strawberries!

A few of my friends and I are gearing up for a yard sale and we've been boxing up the goods.

Myrna thought of me when she came across this old strawberry tin.  She stuck some recipes inside and dropped it off on my front door.

I have so many special friends.  I'm a very lucky girl.

And even more blessed to have a abundant bed of strawberries ... ripening and ready for tasty treats!

Do you have friends who, when they find something unique or special, they think of you?

Visit Like Merchant Ships today ... Meredith agrees that growing our own strawberries is a frugal investment!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

They look delicious. We have to wait until the end of the month for fresh strawberries here in Nova Scotia. My girls & I pick roughly 12-24 qt every summer -- jams, shortcakes, lovely squares, and freezer for those yucky winter months. How do you keep the little birdies from eating them?

heidi said...

strawberries are my favorite, and homegrown are even better!

LittleBlueBungalow said...

My kids have been sneaking a few strawberries out of my beds as well. Those delicious red treats should be all ready in a week. There is absolutely nothing more sweeter than fresh strawberries from the garden.
Katie Jean

7 D's said...

What is your secret for growing strawberries?

Lucy said...

I'd have to ask too, what's the secret to the wonderful strawberry patch???? I gave up after the critters would take a bite from the red areas ;-(

Anonymous said...

actually i don't have any friends that think of me and bring me anything. i wish.

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see your new recipes!!
Birds used to eat my strawberries ALL THE TIME. They would only eat a couple beak fulls and then leave the rest for me to look at with an angry/sad heart :( I put some mosquito netting over them and they have proved a worthy and "fruit"full crop ever since!
mmmmm strawberries!

Donnetta said...

I am so excited as this is the first year I am seeing itty bitty strawberries on my plants I put into the ground a couple of years ago.

No where near ready for picking, but I am hopeful and eager we may have a few to enjoy!

Your berries are beautiful!! When is your official "strawberry season" there?

As for having friends who think of me when finding something special or unique... I'd like to think so.

I know I am also blessed with so many special friends that I think of often throughout my days as unique and special things trigger my thoughts of them! Like you, I am blessed indeed!

Happy Friday!

Praise and Coffee said...

Love fresh strawberries, a friend (my guest poster) just brought me some this week from her garden :)

Good to hear from you!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Sandy~ ~ ~
What a lovely tin it's such a thoughtful gift with recipes included. Yes I have friends who do the same and isn't it a Joy?!
Please share your new recipes with all of us. I am always looking for proven delish recipes for strawberries~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I can't wait Sandy. My friend and I are going strawberry picking on Monday. Then I will make strawberry bread for my guest that are coming to visit later this month. My Mom has a teeny tiny strawberry patch outside her backdoor. It produces just enough berries for her cereal every morning. Have a super great weekend. I am glad you visited me. It's been too long. ~ Lynn

Kim said...

We just planted strawberries yesterday. It will be hard to wait for a year, before we can harvest our fruit. I'm just going to pick out one of the local places this summer!

I can't wait to make my jam!!

Miss G said...

oh that looks so yummy! My aunt and uncle have their own pick your own strawberry farm! That tin is just precious and what a sweet friend to think of you and present it in such a thoughtful way. I have many sweet friends, two found vintage San Francisco trinkets and gave them to me since that is where my husband and I went on our honeymoon! Kelly

Our Complete Family said...

Oh how YUMMY! I just read about your garen. What a fun family thing to do! I have good memories of gardening with my Mom.
The tablecloth toga turned out lovely. It really did look elegant with the pattern on it!

jlc said...

ohh yum!!! what a great thing to document on a blog!!

love your writing!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

I adore strawberries. I am going to make a note to create a bed of strawberries in MY yard next year.
We do have a local strawberry fest coming up very soon that you have reminded me of as well. Thanks!

Denise Dykstra said...

This is the first year we can pick enough strawberries to sell and eat and make to jam so I can't wait to hear about your recipes! My husband and I just canned one batch tonight and made two freezer jam batches..that will never make it to the freezer. Four boys will have that gone in record time! It's fun to see them excited to go out and pick them, like finding ruby treasures. Looking forward to keeping up on your blog!

Barb said...

Your strawberry bed is incredible. You must get a ton of berries from that gorgeous bed.

Lisa said...

Oh those strawberries look GREAT! I have a couple of things I'm known for and asked to bring into to work...A cheeseball that everyone raves about...and my chocholate chip cookies. The cookies I bake on my pampered chef stoneware so they turn out perfect everytime. :-)

ellen b. said...

What a lovely bed of strawberries! I want to come to your garage sale...