An Elegant Toga - Grandma's Tablecloth!

What do you do when you don't have a solid white sheet to make a last minute toga?

Use Grandma Millie's tablecloth!

A few weeks ago was our daughter's magical Greco-Roman Feast at school. A time where the students and their families come together to celebrate Greek Mythology!  Abby's 6th grade teachers at her school are phenomenal, where they make learning stimulating, different, and enjoyable.

Along with the feast, which was a potluck dinner prepared by the parents, the kids in 6th grade all had to memorize a Greek tale, and perform it in front of their peers and the parents.

I had no idea that my daughter was supposed to dress in a toga, as she performed the story of "Echo."

With 5 minutes to get to school, at the last minute, we grabbed my mother's beautiful white linen tablecloth, one that was starched and hanging in my linen closet ready for entertaining.

We wrapped it around Abby's body, used a few pins, and I must say - it was rather elegant!

Her story of Echo and Narcissus was told, but really - another memory was made for my daughter.

Abby will never forget how, by going to our linen closet, Grandma Millie's tablecloth saved her!

Have you ever been in a bind, where you've had to quickly grab a tablecloth to use for something last minute?

(Abby and her friend, Paige)


Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Now this is a story you will all remember. Now who but a cute young girl like Abby would look so fantastic wearing a tablecloth? :) She's beautiful and I bet she had fun with this.

I can't remember having to grab a tablecloth for something but I do recall using something else for a tablecloth! ;)

I love your blog, by the way.


Melanie said...

Although not at the last minute, I have used tablecloths for valances.

"Last Minute-Man" could describe my 15 yr. old son at times. Often he has waited until we are headed out the door for school to tell me he needs something for school that day! Or the night before a project is due, he needs poster board, etc.
I have used fabric we had on hand for a toga for my girl.

Abby shines!

cb9094 said...

Did I read this correctly?? Sixth grade?? OMG, she is beautiful!!


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Love it...yea for Grandma (and mom who thinks quickly on her feet. :)

Laurie said...

Way to think on the run! I think your daughter proves the saying, "she would look great in a paper sack" we'll just change it to "she looks great in anything, even her grandmother's table cloth"!

I'm sure her presentation was a success...

GiBee said...

I've used a tablecloth for a picnic cloth, and to line some really big baskets I have when serving at large parties. Folding, pinning, tucking always works!

~j~ said...

Brilliant Sandy, and Abby looks amazing in your tablecloth couture!
The only thing I can remember using a tablecloth for was making tents for the kids when they were little!

Myrna said...

Last minute table cloth use? Hmm. Well I have used a table cloth to cover a burn in the table---when they were little my kids used to use the table cloths to transform the formal dining room table and chairs into a multiplex fort--suitable for 5 sleeping cousins. I'm saving an old lace tablecloth, my grandmothers, it has a few holes in it since she had it on the table daily for years---if and when I have a grandbaby it will be a christening gown.
Abby looked gorgeous---Every costume we ever made was more last minute than I would have liked---and they were perfect, like the toga.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

She looks so adorable! Such a beautiful young lady :)!! What a great use of your Grandmother's tablecloth...you'd never know it was last minute!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I'll bet Grandma would get a good chuckle out of this :)

Bevy said...

I love it! "There is nothing like getting creative when you have too". ~ I think they may be an orginal quote from me, because I often find myself "muttering" that under my breath when I'm in a bind for any random situation.

Gina said...

I love this! I must say I've never worn a tablecloth but I have had some come to rescue as curtains. What a great memory for your daughter, and she sure does look beautiful.

cozonacs said...

Seriously. You have some made toga-wrapping skills. Should we ask where you acquired such skill?

Anni said...

Abby always looks beautiful.
She would look good in a paper bag or a burlap sack!!
I must say, NO Greek tragedy here........she glows in her toga :)
oxox Anni

Betsy said...

Just another reason to have your tablecloths pressed and ready to go! :) Good thinking! She looks adorable!

Katee Grace said...

Abby is absolutely precious! Love Love Love the Toga! Love your last minute creativity! Fabulous fabric! :) :)

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

What a fabulous story and your daughter does look wonderful.
off the top of my head, I can't think of anything quite so impressive that I thought of at the last minute.