Do you Dream?

I recently received a comment from Amy that went like this:

I "reluctantly" entertained this weekend. My house wasn't perfect, but I (and hubby) realized it wasn't about my HOUSE, it was about the COMPANY, and the FRIENDS, and FOOD, and FUN, and suddenly, I felt like hugging you. Thanks for all you share to give us the confidence to reluctantly entertain!! 

Thank you!

I really want to take this time to thank my readers for all of your meaningful comments here on 4RE!  Not only do they inspire others, but they encourage me!

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Do you dream?

What hospitality situation have YOU dreamed of doing, but have yet to make a reality? 

Would you take a minute to share your hospitality dreams with me and 4RE readers?

My dream?

My dream is to have more time to have friends over for dinner.  I don't really dream of huge elaborate parties.  

I like intimate settings where I'm able to help others get out of isolation and back into connection!

Oh, and Amy, here's a hug from me to you!  Would you like to come to dinner?  

I love giving hugs, and right now I'm so tickled that Amy pushed past her fears of not having the perfect house.  I don't know Amy, but I mean it that I'd have her over for dinner in a heartbeat!

Exciting Nester News

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Come back tomorrow to read Melissa Michael's entertaining story, from The Inspired Room. 

(Photos:  My early morning espresso [2 cups = perfect for an inspiring day], and our back-side patio gearing up for al fresco dining! Yep - that's our strawberry bed in the background.)


Sandra Schwab said...

At the moment I don't have time to entertain because I'm under pressure to finish my dratted dissertation (which basically means I don't have time for anything else). But once I'm finished ... Oooooh! Once I'm finished!

I plan to invite two of my former teachers for tea and indulge in a baking fest beforehand. (Think itty-bitty mini tea cakes, teensy-weeny fruit tartlets, beautifully decorated cookies.) (Obviously, I love baking, and I love coming up with new recipes.) And I'll use my favourite tea set (Krautheim Wiesengrund & Bergeshöh'n - sooo pretty!!) and my new cake stand which I recently found on ebay. Hmmm ... *happy sigh*

Sandy Toes said...

I dream of finding a tablecloth like that..I am serious...I love that tablecloth!
sandy toe

Marci said...

We host all sorts of unique parties, a few for our favorite charity, St. Jude Children's Hospital. I've been wanting to host a "prom for adults" fundraiser and haven't done it yet. I think it would be fun to have all our friends dress up, take "prom pictures", decorate pretty, vote for queen/king, etc. I think I will plan and implement it soon.

Nadine said...

I'm not surprised that she was encouraged about entertaining from you. Your blog proves over and over that it's about the people not the environment. Love that. Thanks Sandy.

southerninspiration said...

I dream of having a house where I can actually entertain in the backyard. Either moving or I need to do some seriuos work in the backyard. However, here one can only be outside a few months out of the year.....it's either too hot, or the mosquitoes enjoy your hospitality immensely! ;0


Jill said...

Right now my dream is hosting my grandfather's 90th birthday celebration in June, it will be his first big party. Ever. I am six weeks out, and planning...planning...waking up thinking of details. It is going to be a blast. I will be leaning on you my new friend for your great inspirations. So thanks.

The Nester said...

I'd love to sit out there with you!

Thanks so much for mentioning the ebook!

Kirstin said...

Well....I think my dream would be to have my house completely finished, or at least the outside patio area so I could host a wonderfully fun outdoor BBQ with fun lights, tiki torches, colorful table clothes and lots of lively conversation.

I'm like you in the sense that I don't desire something huge and elaborate, but simple, relaxing and intimate.

i also dream of having tablecloths and fun things to serve from!

Sarah said...

We're currently working on remodeling and spiffing up our home in hopes of selling it. That means as soon as one room is finished, another gets torn up and the mess just seems to migrate all around the house. I would love to finally be DONE and invite friends over for a fun party without fear of someone impaling themselves on something.

There WILL be a big celebration when we're finally done. But probably outside so we dont get the new carpet dirty :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I'm with Nester, I'd love to sit out there with you!

Amy said...

I'm blushing! I am so honored you even GLANCED at my comment, but then to find you've POSTED about it?

I'm truly humbled, girly!!

Thank you for sharing. You really don't know how much you've impacted the way I entertain. I'm posting about my "entertaining experience" tomorrow, so check back again - I've mentioned you, like, a hundred times in it... I hope you don't mind... ;-)

I have learned to stop that little voice inside my head that says my home isn't good enough. I am moving forward and opening my home again very soon (now that I've made some new amazing friends by listening to you in the first place!!)

You don't have to be the best cook, the best housekeeper, the best entertainer. Just open your door! And welcome others into your home! Who knew how stupidly simple this really would be, and what amazing blessings can come from it!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

How inspiring you are! I dream of having friends over more often too, just hanging out and enjoying the conversations. Just gotta make the time and quit obsessing over the house!

Kim said...

My dream would be to "host" a weekend getaway for my college girlfriends. We are spread all over the country and it would be awesome if we could all get together!

Chinamama4 said...

I have a group of friends I knit with, and we usually gather two evenings a month at each other's houses. We all have children ranging in ages from 2 to 10. My dream is for right after school gets out for the summer. All the moms will come with their children in the morning. Lunch will be served. And when we're not eating, the children will play outside and the moms will knit. All. Afternoon.