Marriage and Valentine's Day

How can you entertain and have lots of FUN and LOVE in your home if you don’t have a happy marriage?

That question entered my mind today. But how appropriate – it’s Valentine’s Day! I told my husband this morning that more than any gift in this world, I’d rather have a husband who loves and desires me, who understands intimacy, who is honest and engaging. That, and a home filled with happy kids.

I refuse to give in to another Hallmark holiday when I believe marriage should be "Valentine’s Day," every day. My hubby, Paul, and I try to go on weekly date-nights (finally, we are able to do this without hiring a babysitter). We also talk about “engaging” ideas in our book that we co-authored together, Married but Not Engaged (Bethany 2006).

Paul interviewed Dr. Gary Chapman on his radio talk show this morning. When they finished, he called me from his cell phone and asked me, “Do I need your forgiveness for anything?”

THAT IS A GIFT that every woman wants. Open communication. True concern about the heart. That gift is far better than chocolates, flowers or jewelry. It is priceless.

I love to entertain, and I have to admit that my greatest joy comes from my husband and I doing it together. And we have a blast. Stay tuned for more posts on this subject!

Oh, and I know not everyone may agree with me about Valentine’s gifts …so ENJOY whatever gifts you get on this blessed day! And ENJOY YOUR MAN!

(Picture above: yes, this is Paul and me back in 1991)


Christine said...

Sandy, what a catch your hubby is! I hope to fall more and more in love as we go from year to year as you two have. Thanks for stopping by today. I'd love to review your book, I'm always looking for new marriage books to add to my "tool kit". I'll email you my address. Happy Valentine's Day!

Becca said...

What a great post, Sandy. My dear husband is so wonderful to me as well. He completely shows me Christ's love. Even when I am being my whinies/most complaining/grumpiest self, he loves me. Amazing.

Barb said...

Look at that face--Mr Paul totally looks like he knows he caught the best bride! Which he did! Awesome picture!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful today, beautiful in 1991! Happy Valentines Day, Coughlins!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

GASP! Look at you both! What a beautiful picture!! You both make such an inspiring couple :-) I'm so lucky that my husband is much the same way, er, he's learning, at least, how to be open and responsive. But so am I!

We tend to just give the kids some little trinket for Valentine's Day. Hannah got some glitter spray for her hair, Jacob got a tin of pirate bandaids, and Bridget got some stickers (all picked out by Ian and adored by the monkeys!). He totally surprised me with my new pink mug and fresh coffee, which I love. Other than that, we spent the day staying warm. And I made homemade mac 'n cheese for dinner. The perfect Valentine's Day, in my opinion!!

Jennifer said...

It's nice that you and your husband try to have date-nights. We are unable to go out but after the girls are in bed, we try to spend at least an hour together talking, or some fun activity. I think it essential for a marriage to have "date" time, whether or not you go out for your "date".

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I really enjoyed my visit here - I love your tablesettings - they're gorgeous.

linda t said...

Oh Sandy, what a lovely wedding pic... you still look so beautiful!
And you are so right on! Our kid love seeing us making our marriage a priority... they feel so secure in knowing we love each other.
Yesterday's Oprah had couples on her show that showed how important it was that marriages be about being the best of friends... remembering what it was that drew us together in the first place.

Deeanne said...

Oh!! What a GREAT picture. I'm lovin' that.

And I'm right there with ya, sister: Next to God, your relationship with your man is the most important one on the entire planet.

Rachelle said...

Sandy, great post and fantastic blog! I really enjoyed reading some of your posts and I'll be back! I've met Paul a couple times (at CBA I think)... I loved his first book. I'm a CBA editor so I read a LOT of books! Can't wait to read your new one.

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