Addendum to Commandment #6

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! For the past 5 years I have received a beautifully-made anonymous Valentine's Day card in the mail. Could it be from Dee, Sharilyn, Jeannie, Pam, Jean, Jenny or my sisters, Di or Linda? Or could it be from Anne, Jill, Patti, Anni or Faye? I tried to figure out the writing, and my husband teased me that it was an old boyfriend. Well, I found out who it was last week! SURPRISE!! Of course I won't tell you who it is, because I don't want to spoil your suprise, just in case you are a lucky one like me! What a fun idea ..... oh, and I won't tell you if it's one of the names above.

OK, back to "thrifty ideas." I’ve had some comments and emails from friends asking about tabletop settings, on a budget!

Above is a picture of our table at Christmas. I used my white dishes, which I’ve had for 15 years; an emptied clear-glass wine bottle as a water pitcher; napkins (brand new) which I got at a garage sale for 50 cents (24); a tea-light candle holder from a discount store (under $10), which I use year round and change the colored tea-light candles according to the season.

I bought the tablecloth on a clearance rack and used my own fresh greenery, from the outdoors, for the centerpiece. The question came up about centerpieces. I personally feel the simpler the better. And the rule of thumb is you should never use something that is taller than eye-level.

A few frozen cranberries for the water glasses always adds a nice touch.

This next picture actually shows 2 kinds of glasses, which I purchased from the Dollar Store. You can set your whole table with $1 glasses!

Another bargain! My friend, Bettsi, purchased this American Girl doll from a thrift store in California for $1.50.

If you know anything about the prices of these dolls, they run about $90 each.

She cleaned her up, sewed this beautiful Valentine's Day dress (if you look closely you can see the dog “Coconut” in the fabric), and made the necklace which says, “Puppy Love.” She graciously decided to send it to my daughter Abby, who loves AG dolls.

How appropriate that it arrived this week, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Does this look like a happy girl to you? Oh, and Abby named her new doll, “Bettsi.”

One last thing, I put in for a drawing to win a free purse from “byKimLane DESIGNS” and I won! Here is the purse that arrived at my house last week. I love the colors and fabric and design. Thank you, Kim! And thank you, Melissa, who told me about the drawing!

I’d love to hear what your favorite “thrift” item has been!

(Faithgirlz with their vibrant-colored Valentine cookies!)
Happy Valentine's Day! GIVE YOUR FAMILY LOTS OF LUV!!


Bettsi said...

Sandy, your table looks beautiful! I love the Dollar Stores too! Your new purse is great- congratulations!

Abby, you are the cutest thing ever!

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Sandy - you and my mom would have so much fun together at the $$ store! She's THE bargain queen!

The table looks lovely, very simple and elegant.

Oh those American Girl dolls - cute, but oh so expensive. Did I tell you that when we had the stomach bug, Hannah vomited in her doll's hair. What a nightmare! I managed to get it clean, but her hair isn't silky smooth like it once was. She may be going to The American Girl Doll Hospital at some point.

And look at all those smiling faces - how great!

PS - I'm jealous about the purse but SO happy you won it!

autum said...

Beautiful table!! Beautiful girls too :)

Leigh Ann said...

Sandy I finally made it to your blog. Love it!

I love dollar stores and thrifting, too. We also love to have friends over. I agree about perfectionism. So many people get caught up in that. I used to and have tried very hard to not let it immobilize me.

The AG girl is precious.

Cheers! LA

linda t said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE the purse!!! Perfect colors!
And the doll is waaay precious. How thoughtful of your friend! Your daughter is just the cutest ever!
I have that same tea candle that holds several in a row... never thought to use outdoor greenery. I will for sure start doing that! Simple but oh so elegant!
I am blown away by how much I am learning through all my new talented, gifted blog friends! Thanks so much Sandy!

teresa sheeley said...

I love the purse you won!! It's gorgeous. The girls look like they are having a great time! cookies yum!! You have a lot of cool things on your blog. I'll be back!

bykimlane said...

My neighbor's daughter loves AG dolls! Every year for their Holiday photo, her and her doll dress alike. It is so cute!

Sandy, I'm glad you like the Mini handbag! Thanks for all the praises!!

Barb said...

I luv surprises, I luv simple, I luv creative, I luv pretty, I luv American Girls dolls, I luv young girls, I luv generous friends, and I luv the inspiration I get from Sandy Coughlin!