The hard work has been done; the best part of the day is yet to come. Sitting down at the dinner table, giving thanks for the bounty God has provided. When my meal doesn’t go perfectly, I want to enjoy those around me anyway. Most won’t notice imperfection and what will be remembered more is the mood that is set!

After the meal is over is when intimacy begins; sitting around talking about life; savoring each person’s words and cultivating deeper friendships. Watching shoulders melt and conversation flow.

I heard on the radio this week that we are to be “curious” with one another. We have to be willing to join the journey with our loved ones (or maybe those not so lovely), to ask them questions, to say, “What’s it like?” and to feel their pain.

Our oldest son prayed almost 10 years ago his own prayer, “Lord, thank you for making us … us.”

May you be blessed this Thanksgiving Day!

Here is an easy recipe: “KILLER CRANBERRY SAUCE
1 ½ c. sugar
1 navel orange
½ t grated ginger
4 c. cranberries
½ c. toasted pecans (optional)

Grate the orange zest and add to a pot with the sugar and ginger. Add the juice from the orange into the pot and simmer over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Add cranberries and cook until they pop – about 5 minutes. Add pecans and cool sauce. YUM!

Abby ironing cloth napkins


Barb said...

Gol, you make it all sound soooo...meaningful! Like Thanxgiving is supposed to be, or somethin'! I'm thinkin' up meaningful questions for our holiday conversation even now....

Sandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Barb!

Barb said...

And also with you, ma'am! Wish we were at your house eating SWEET POTATO CHEESECAKE!!!! When is Mr Paul gonna join the discussion on RE???

Sandy said...

By the way, my friend Hoppi and I hand-peeled all of those little tiny bazillion onions! We were both crying our eyes out!