These goblets are a symbol of friendship. Our dear friends brought them back from a recent trip to Ireland. But the unique part of drinking out of them is that our friends will bring their own pair to our house, and we’ll do the same with ours if we go to their house! So, the glasses showed up (with our friends) on Thanksgiving Day!

We had the best Thanksgiving ever this year. We had great food, company, conversation and the kids sharing their talents. Paul shared a rich blessing, Hoppi cooked the turkey and fabulous dressing (remember I believe in delegating?) and her son Jacob cut it beautifully, and we all ate slowly savoring every bite. After dinner we had piano & violin solos and Elliot, our oldest, shared a portion of Steinbeck’s, “Of Mice and Men.”

The desserts were out of this world "delicious," made by Pam who is an amazing baker, including the pumpkin pie which our kitty Hobbes ate the center of!

A gift for our family this weekend was loving on sweet Andie (Andersen) who is 6 ½ months old, visiting from Portland. Ahhh, to have a baby in the house again! She brought so much joy to all of us. Of course we thank God for creating such a wonderful love-bug, and her parents for spending the whole weekend with us! (And I got Steph hooked on Scrabble! Yes!!)

Now it’s time to clean out the fridge (by eating all the leftovers) and come up with some creative recipes. What is your tradition with leftovers?


Barb said...

Luv the pix, but the kitty got to eat the middle of an amazingly-baked pie??? I said something to daughter about our after-Thanxgiving recipes and she said something about a plate and a microwave. With big kids around, there's hardly time to concoct anything new out of them before they vanish. I wanna know what Mr Ted does with the amazingly-baked leftovers in his house!

Sandy said...

We'll see if Mr. Ted comments .. cuz I think all the leftovers this year were left at our house!

Mmmm, just had a turkey sandwich with "killer cranberry sauce" on spelt toast!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Glad you had such a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

Sandy - thank you so much for stopping by my blog and placing your pin in my map. I hope you come back often.

I can't wait to read more of your posts - I'm hooked with the few I have read so far!

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