♦ Have you all heard about Moms Unite?
If you are a small home business owner — meaning maybe you have an Etsy shop, run a blog for fun or profit, provide a service or make pretty little things out of your home, YOU should be part of MOMS UNITE! You don’t have to be a mom.

♦ So what is Moms Unite?
Moms Unite is an opportunity Nesting Place, A Soft Place to Land, The Inspired Room, and Reluctant Entertainer is a part of because we love small home business owners and wanted to join up with you in the effort to support our families in our own unique ways.

We are your fans and we want to direct people to you!

We know we all don’t have a big advertising budget (we are moms in small home businesses ourselves) so this is our way of uniting together to help get the word about about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS at a reasonable price. And, many of our wonderful readers want to support moms in business, so this is a great way for everyone to support each other. It is a team effort.

We all four have unique blogs, but each of our sites will reach a significant audience you need — women who appreciate beautiful yet affordable things!

♦ How does Moms Unite work?
Moms Unite provides you with a 180 x 48 ad space from the main page of any (or all) of our blogs and a link back to your site. For a 2-month ad for $50.

As an additional benefit, The Inspired Room, Nesting Place, Reluctant Entertainer, and A Soft Place to Land all link to each other on our main Moms Unite page so your ad button can be viewed by anyone interested in supporting Moms Unite!

We also refer you to each other, so for instance if you are a blog button maker be prepared for some serious referrals!

♦ How do I place a Moms Unite ad?
It is easy. Visit each of our blogs and sign up via the Moms Unite link to advertise on any of our sites. If you place ads on all four blogs, the more exposure you’ll get to the widest possible audience. If you place an ad on all four sites, your ad will be exposed to over a million page views during the two months.

A Soft Place To Land
Nesting Place
Reluctant Entertainer
The Inspired Room

♦ What if I have a slightly larger business that doesn’t qualify as a home business but I would still like to advertise?
Not to worry, we each offer premier blog partnerships with a variety of extra benefits to all sizes of businesses, so visit each of our blogs for details to see where you fit best! You can find out more about my advertising on the ADVERTISE BUTTON on top of my blog. Or you can email me with questions.

♦ Thanks for supporting Moms Unite and for helping everyone to succeed!
The Inspired Room, Nesting Place, Reluctant Entertainer & A Soft Place to Land

Advertising Moms Unite

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