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Have a Balcony Girls Question?
Balcony Girls is a group of 7 girls who are now in the 6th grade. It was started over 3 years ago when the group consisted of 8 public-schooled girls who were in the 3rd grade--a perfect age to start a girl’s group!

Our focus: Friendships!
Our motto: To build up and not tear down!

You can check out my original posts, activities and lessons (all copyrighted) on my sidebar. If you've never heard of Balcony Girls, here is a post that tells you about the "balcony experience." You can check it out, here.

What about a future BG book?
A Balcony Girls book is currently being discussed.

Where are the recipes?
Oh, I am so thankful that you love my simple recipes! I am completely thrilled to be able to share them with you, so I am re-organizing them in a fashion that will be more helpful to my readers.

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