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My name is Sandy Coughlin, and a little over 2 years ago when I started Reluctant Entertainer, I was on a two-part mission. Well, let’s make it three!

One – To help reluctant hostesses become confident and gracious.

Two – To inspire the hostess who was stuck in an entertainment rut – to find new ways to express herself.

Three – To write inspiring posts that display a simple and attainable approach toward entertaining with passion, and to include beautiful real life photography from my home. To share stories, traditions and memories – all written for passing down to my children.

My Life
To sum up my life – it has to do with connection and gracious living. I’m also the mother of 3 teenage kids, and wife to an amazing man, Paul. Together we share life together, living out our passions – one, by reaching out and practicing hospitality in our home.

My Philosophy
With the best intentions, many of us think about entertaining, but we never get around to it. For many this blessing of gracious living, for both the host and her guests, never takes place because of fear … fear of failure, fear of being unable to cook, an unwillingness to share their lives with others, fear of deepening friendships. They are intimidated and think the meal has to be perfect, or … they don’t have the lifestyle that says, “Welcome.”

You are such an inspiration. Keep writing! I'm such a hermit, and at the same time crave connection with people. Little by little you are moving me to just do it.

I believe in connection. I believe that Americans need to lower the expectations of perfection and open their homes to heart-warming dinners and in doing so, open their lives to LOVE!

I want you to know that your blog has been a part of why I am pursuing a better way of living. I want to be comfortable opening my home to people and since I am so uneasy in my own skin, it’s been just about impossible to think much about hospitality. And yet I desire it. So, thank you for that.

My Writing
You can read my monthly column with Christian Women Online Magazine, Ask Sandy …, and you can follow me on Crosswalk.com where I write about hospitality and gracious living. I’m also a contributor for the Home Channel for Blissfully Domestic online magazine.

Thank you for visiting me! I’m so happy you found me and I’d love to hear anytime about your journey toward gracious living.

My Photography
All photography on this blog is real-life, mostly taken with my point-and-shoot Canon Power Shot A590 camera.  Occasionally you'll find beautiful photos taken by my husband, Paul.

Meet Puppalicious

Our doggie, Haggis McStitch! He's a Cairn Terrior!