Velveeta it! GIVEAWAY!

What do you do when you have a household of hungry girls wanting a snack? And they want it now?!

This past weekend I quickly thought of the new stone that Kraft Foods sent me, along with some great recipes, and looked for  ingredients that I had on hand.

It was easy. Two ingredients added to Velveeta Cheese, melted together, and served hot with a bowl full of chips, was my perfect answer.

Easy Cheesy Dip
16 oz. Velveeta Cheese (1/2 block of Velveeta)
1 can refried beans
1 cup of your favorite salsa

Melt together and serve!

The girls scooped the hot dip up with their chips, and then, as girls would do (my boys would never ask this question), they all wanted to know what kind of salsa I used!? I wouldn't have even thought to tell them!

My secret: Costco's Mango Peach Salsa made the dip nice and sweet!

Velveeta has many more fast and easy recipes that you can make with their cheese. And now I'm picking 3 winners for FREE Velveeta, a subscription to this fantastic magazine (Food and Family) ...

And other amazing coupons that I received from my box of Kraft goodies, and that the winner received when I held this giveaway (holy cow, 347 comments)!
Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite quick and easy "dip" recipe is? (it does not have to include Velveeta)

Three winners will win a coupon for 1 brick of Velveeta Cheese ($4.99 value), Food and Family subscription ($13.98 value), and an envelope filled with amazing coupons!

The winners will be listed on Friday's post.

Want some mealtime inspiration? 
Visit the Velveeta it! Kitchenistas, here

This site features daily weekday tips from five Kitchenistas, revolving around common mealtime themes like Meal Planner Monday and Time Saver Tuesday.  Kraft Foods just fine-tuned the site so the recipes are printable, so you have to take a peek!

And if there’s not enough going on, Kraft's holding a daily sweepstakes for a $75 prize pack – all you have to do is comment for a chance to win!

So get on board, ladies, for some awesome savings!

OK, fire away with your quickest, favorite "dip" recipe!? 

And thank you, Kraft Foods!


Anonymous said...

I've always loved what we call "Ro-tel Dip". You simply melt Velveeta and a can of Ro-tel tomatoes together. Yummy!


jkgillfam at comcast dot net

Barbara said...

Velveeta is an oldie but a goodie. (My children refuse to eat it!) Mother used it in everything- lobster rolls, an eggplant dish and I hate to admit it, but I love it melted over and into fried noodles! Appallingly good.

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

A fav around here is:
1 small cream cheese, a can of chili & around a cup of shredded cheddar. Smooth the cream cheese onto a pie plate, dump on the chili, sprinkle the cheddar(you can use velveeta slices, too). Melt in oven or microwave-serve with tortilla chips! Yum!

jancd said...

We also rely on the old "rotel and Velbeeta cheese dip" combination in the crock pot. I usually add a little chopped onion and fresh jalepeno to it. Serve with chips and it's always a hit.

southerninspiration said...

Cream cheese and raspberry chipotle sauce on top!! YUM.


linda t said...

We love Velveeta & Ro*TEL dip w/ tortillas. YUM!!


We prepare it in a crock pot so it stays warm throughout the party.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

This is a fu fu dip, but it taste soooo good.
One round of brie cheese
One round loaf of bread
One jar of raspberry perserves

hollow out the bread round, place the brie cheese in the middle, pour the raspberry perserves on top. Wrap in heavy duty foil and bake at 375* until cheese is melted.
Use the pulled bread from the inside of the bread to dip in the yummy mixture.

pk said...

I usually make the simple recipe of melted velveeta and salsa and love it! YUM! Kind of hungry for it now actually (Is that a bad thing since it's only 10 am?). Hope you're having a great day, Sandy!
pk @ room remix

Stephen and Lacey said...

I love to use Velveeta, 2 cans of rotel and browned sausage. Everyone loves it!!

Craft Tea Lady said...

Sounds like everyone does the same velveeta/rotelle/bean dip that I know of! LOL! I didn't know about it til one of the high schoolers brought it to my door and shared it. SO GOOD! We add olives & some mild green chilies as well.

thanks for the chance.

CraftTeaLady AT yahoo DOT com

auntmeg said...

A brick of cream cheese, softened with a jar of 'pickapeppa' sauce dumped on top, served with crackers! YUM!

Another goodie is velveeta with a can of rotel and a pound of cooked sausage crumbled in. mmm mmmm good!

The Everett Family said...

Brie wrapped in puff pastry. It makes a very fancy presentation without much effort!

Angie Kerr said...

I mix Velveeta and Salsa. mmmmmm, so good!

Carmen said...

My favorite recipe actually does use Velveeta. ;) I use Hormel Chili (no beans) and Velveeta cheese. Just dump in crockpot until melted! Serve with tortilla chips! YUMMY!

Sara said...

Our favorite is Velveeta, Hormel chili with no beans, and diced green chiles. Throw it all in the crockpot and watch it disappear quickly! This dip is at every family party!

Shannon said...

I'm a sucker for spinach dip! Super easy - 16 oz. sour cream, 10 oz. frozen chopped spinach (thawed), and a packet of Knorr vegetable soup mix.

Happy Hectic Homemaker said...

I like to take a block of cream cheese and pour salsa over it... simple but always a hit. It sounds like as long as you have Velveeta or cream cheese you are good in the dip department.

Crystal said...

I love the So Simple Salsa Dip, I don't even remember where I got it, I think maybe allrecipes.com, but anyway, it's just a thing of cream cheese and a cup of salsa, heat them together until the cream cheese is melted and serve, so easy and SO delicious!!!


Beth said...

i love that dip!
i use a can of ro-tel chilis instead of salsa & a pound of sausage instead of beans.
i will for sure try the beans & salsa.

shruley said...

My favorite is cream cheese, Jimmy Dean HOT sausage, and 1 can Rotel. It is amazingly wonderful.

Maren said...

Salsa poured over a brick of cream cheese...quick and easy.

Dana said...

French onion, made with sour cream, an envelope of dry onion soup mix and ketchup YUMMMMMMMM


Jboo said...

The Velveeta and Ro-tel is my fave! I will definitely give the other suggestions a try!


zentmrs said...

I'm also a big fan of the Ro-tel Dip and also the cream cheese covered in salsa. Both are fast and delicious!

Jenna Z said...

I love cheeseballs! That's a dip right? Cheeseballs seldom have more than 3 or four ingredients, my favorite one is
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

1 pkg. 8oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup butter
1/4 tsp. vanilla
2 Tbs. brown sugar
3/4 cup confectioners sugar
3/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Serve with graham crackers! Ugh, delish!

Ann's Page said...

I would love to win this. One of the first recipes I learned to make was with velveeta cheese..Thank you for the chance to win.


Sara L said...

I like cream cheese mixed with marshmallow fluff - yummo with fruit!

MH in OH said...

My husband's family are all big fans of rotel + velveeta dip.
My family's favorite dip is half Miracle Whip/half sour cream + dill + beau monde (a not-so-common spice).
orangetriangle2 AT yahoo DOT com

Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I throw a can of corn, a jar of salsa and some shredded cheese in a bowl, mix, dip, enjoy!

philben5 said...

Our favorite is our families famous nacho dip. All Moms can account for the times that 30 minutes before our precious angels are to leave for an event they remember that they were supposed to bring food. This happend about 6 months ago and so to my cupboard and fridg I went and now we have a staple "Philben family nacho dip".
In a pot combine:
2 8 oz. packages cream cheese
16 oz. velveeta cubed
1 can hormel chilli (no beans)
1 package of taco seasonings
and if you want...
1 1/2 lbs browned hamburger.
Mix together and warm thoroughly.
This also works great throwing all ingredients in a crockpot for game day too!
My bowl always comes home empty!

Bombtastic Belle said...

My mom used to make the dip you made, but would put Rotel in it - it's still my favorite :)

My husband makes a dip with cream cheese and he mixes in hot sauce and it's a nice cold dip. If you wanted a sweet dip he uses cream cheese and pineapple bits.

sclevenger said...

Mm, velveet and rotel. It's also good if you add ground beef. But I think my all-time favorite (right now, anyways), is Chili's salsa and ranch dressing. It only seems to work with THEIR salsa, for some reason. Others are just not as good. Now I want Chili's. Great. :)

Wendy said...

Velveeta is definitely a staple in our house, too! I can't wait to try your easy, peasy recipe. Another easy dip recipe: a package of softened cream cheese mixed with a dry packet of Italian dressing. It's especially yummy spread on warm bread or it's tasty spread on crackers. YUMMO!! No one can ever believe it when I tell them it's only those 2 ingredients!

A Stone Gatherer said...

one of the dips my kids like me to make is carmel apple dip. It's got a brick of cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla (I think that's it)in it and it tastes like carmel. Its' very yummy! I love the velveeta dip that you make too! Sometimes too much! I can't stop dipping the chip!!!!

The Harrell Family Adventures said...

My favorite is either Velvetta, sauted onions and green chilies, browned sausage and rotel OR cream cheese, rotel, sasuage and onions.

Audrey said...

Sour cream and taco sauce are always a hit!

Jess said...

A really easy dip is refried beans with enchilada sauce and melted cheese on top. So easy to make!

Cream cheese and marshmallow creme is another great dip for fruit - so good for you too! *wink*

Aunt Barb said...

My newest easy dip is one can hormel chili-no beans; one 8 0z block of cream cheese: mix together - sprinkle with shredded cheese. Heat in microwave or oven. Serve with tortilla chips. Yum. Velvetta is a favorite to make dips.

Debbie B said...

I learned about the Velveeta
Ro-Tel Dip from a co-worker. She brought a crock pot full of it with a couple bags of tortilla chips and we all demolished it! It is so good! I've also browned some sausage and added it to the Velveeta and Ro-Tel tomatoes and it is wonderful...especially if you use hot sausage.

Denise said...

I just used Velveeta this weekend for one of our favorite snacks, I love it melted with just a can of Rotel tomatoes, it's the best queso I know! I will have to try the beans and salsa with it - yum :-)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I do a similar dip as the one you posted, and also have done one with spicy cooked ground beef and salsa. Who doesn't like Velveeta???

Beth said...

I like Anita's To Die For Dip--

Mix 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 cup mayo, 8 oz shredded colby jack cheese and 4 minced scallions. Pour in pie plate and top with 10 crushed Ritz crackers and 1/2cup crumbled bacon. Heat in Microwave for about 4 min. until bubbly!

micflsun said...

Hi, I make green chile queso. I use a block of Velveeta and Jack cheese. I put chopped green chile, onion and your favorite salsa. I simmer this in a pot. YUM!

Lori said...

I was just directed over here from Grace's blog. Glad to have found you.

My favorite dip recipe is Rosemary and White Bean Dip- love it.

And Velveeta, while I know it is not a requirement is great for cheeseburger soup.

Marlana said...

I love Pampered Chef's Touchdown Taco Dip for tortilla chips and my favorite sweet dip for fruit is cream cheese, cool whip and cinnamon. Ro-tel dip is super yummy, too!

Lady Dorothy said...

I do what several others do -- dump some salsa on a block of cream cheese. Great with tortilla chips. If it isn't all used, I mix it together for the next day.

randee said...

1# (or more) velveeta cheese, cut into cubes & microwaved on medium power til sorta melted, add 1 can rotel & 1 can cream of mushroom soup & micr. some more on medium power. meanwhile, brown 1# jimmy dean mild sausage & crumble & drain. mix with your microwaved cheese, rotel & soup & pour into fondue pot or crockpot & heat til yummy. oh yeah, don't forget a dash of hot sauce. this is called randee's dip, unless, of course, you add something different & then you call name it after you!

we've spent a little time in belize & they love, love, love velveeta. it's a must take if you're going on a missions trip there!

Cee said...

We like a layered dip with the following - a base of refried black beans, chopped avocados, a chunky mango salsa, sour cream or plain yogurt ... SO good! Thank you for this giveaway!

ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

Lynda said...

We like the old velveeta and roi-tel dip! It's still yummy!

alexis said...

One of our quick, but delicious dips is some sour cream, salsa and dry ranch dressing mix. Mix and serve with tortilla chips.

lexbyam at gmail dot com

katklaw777 said...

We love the Velveta and Hormel No Bean Chili dip and the Velveta and Ro-tel Tomato dip. This was a great post cause I got some great ideas for other easy dips to try.
We also like another block of cream cheese dip, you pour a jar of any flavor chutney(I like Major Grey) on the block and serve with crackers(I like Ritz) MMMMMMMMMMM it is wonderful and quick!!! Thanks for a great giveaway and all the dips! katklaw777atyahoodotcom

Diana Duncan said...

Velvetta, YUMMO! we love the standard with sausage and rotel in the crock pot along with a good football game!

Lisa A said...

I make a very similar dip that is a huge hit at parties!
One block of Velveeta,
One lb. of sausage browned and drained (I use hot sausage)
One jar of salsa.
I keep this warm in a mini crock-pot and serve with Frito's Scoops!

LittleBlueBungalow said...

For a wonderful, tasty fruit dip I beat together vanilla, brown sugar and creme cheese. What a delight to have something for my fruit to "hug"!
From inside the little blue bungalow,
Katie jean

Mommy's Kitchen said...

my favorite quick and easy dip is fruit dip. Marshmallow creme and cream cheese. I love spinach and artichoke dip as well not as quick but good.

Cathy said...

I love the cream cheese and marshmallow fluff one. SOOOOOO GOOD! I love any kind of dip, really.

Michelle said...

I love a good spinach dip made with Knorr leek soup mix, served in a yummy hollowed out sourdough bowl!!

Ann and Billy said...

Cream cheese mixed with Harry and David's Onion and Pepper Relish. Also cream cheese with homemade pepper jelly. I like my Velveeta on macaroni.

Angela said...

We are really enjoying our subscription we won to Food & Family! Good Luck, ladies! You'll love it too!

Robin said...

Velveeta and Ro-Tel...mmmmmm..still the best!

Vindiciti said...
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Vindiciti said...

My favorite is taco meat, Ro-tel, and Velveeta.

Rachel said...

A quick dip I go to when time is short and have no special ingredients on hand is a layered bean dip of sorts, baked in a pie plate. 1st layer: refried beans(sometimes mixed with taco seasoning), 2nd layer: mixture of any ratio of cream cheese and sour cream, 3rd layer: salsa to cover previous layer, 4th layer: shredded sharp cheddar. Bake until hot throughout and serve with chips.

Amber said...

I love canned Hormel chili and Velveeta for a yummy "bean dip."

I was so sad when Kraft started charging for their Food & Family magazine that used to be free. I'd love to win!

Anonymous said...

We love warm spinich dip. brick of cream cheese softened in micro, cup of mayo, 1/2 c. parm cheese (Kraft has got to be loving me right now, all Kraft ingredients), 1 c. thawed and drained chopped spinich, and a can of chopped artichokes, plus some red pepper to taste. Yum!

Carol S.