Lessons on Hospitality & Skip to my Lou!

Cindy from Skip to my Lou is my kinda girl.  I mean, just look at this Strawberry Shortcake! When Cindy asked me to be a regular, monthly contributor on her blog, Skip to my Lou, of course I said YES!  If you have a minute, I'm over there today ...

And Gina's here!

Meet my Guest:

I found Gina's blog not so random stuff, and this post in particular that touched my heart, so I asked Gina to share it here on 4RE.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl, how I used to play. My mom was my inspiration, teaching me about hospitality. 

Gina writes ...

I love visiting Sandy's blog, every time I find inspiration and encouragement to open my home and life to others.  As a mom to three young children, I really appreciate her advice and great tips on entertaining with kids.  Her inspiring words have given me a push to open my home, despite the kid induced chaos and wildness.  I've been encouraged to embrace this stage of entertaining, with crazy kids and all their crazy friends.  And I so love her reminders that entertaining is more about welcoming others into our lives than about making things look perfect.  Entertaining should be all about connecting with others; and keeping the focus on people, not perfection!

Hospitality is a big deal for us around here. 

We strive to make sure the door is always open for guests and that they always feel comfortable and at home.

I've always hoped that this trait would carry on for my kids, especially the girls.

And then I found this.

Maybe they're learning it by watching us.

Make room for an extra bed, improvise and do what it takes to make sure your guests are settled.

Be creative, and also be willing to sacrifice. Do you see Grandma sleeping in the bathtub in the first picture?

If you look closely you will see that this a full house. Our kids have watched us entertain through the years. They've seen us shuffle beds around, give up our room, ask them to give up theirs. 

We've never had discussions on hospitality, but I think they're learning an awful lot by watching. And I love that.

Have you noticed hospitable traits in your kids, by watching the way they play?

Gina and I would love to hear if you played house like this as a kid, or feel free to share any sweet stories about your kiddos!

One of these days I'm going to share about the gigantic Barbie house that my sisters and I made in our garage.

Thank you Gina, for making me SMILE today!


Jennifer said...

It amazes me what children pick up just by watching whether it be making room for a guest, or how they play house, even how they play school (my girls copy their teachers), and they will copy older kids that they associate with! I think that is why it is so important that we set the right examples for our children. They want to be like the people in their lives and will pick up the good and yes, the bad habits that they see. And I hope they pick up on sharing their home with others as there is no better way than to give!

Have a lovely Tuesday,
Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Bevy said...

That's so great!! Child's play and imaginations are definatly results of life learned.

Runner Mom said...

How precious!! My guests would be sleeping in running shoes here!!


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Yep, they (I mean, mine) ARE always watching us -- great guest post!!!

ellen b. said...

Love the flip flop beds! My parents are Russian Immigrants who came to the U.S. just after WWII. A group of people came over from Russia a couple years ago and wanted to stay with them. They had 3 of the guests sleep in their King size bed :0)

Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

Lots of "food for thought" with this post. Despite my hectic home appearance due to so many renovations still "undone" or "in process", I need to remember that it's how I make people feel, not how my home looks that is important. And I'm showing my children something that is invaluable. Thanks.

mommyknows said...

That is so cute, it gave me a chuckle.

I love watching and listening to my kids play. They're so funny and innovative.

My daughter is so sweet to her dolls and stuffies. I like to think she learned it from me.

She puts on fabulous tea parties and is a terrific hostess. She'd fit in better at Sandy's home than mine.

Great post!

Gina said...

Thanks Sandy! It's sure been fun to be here today!

Jo Draven said...

Thanks Sandy and Gina. What a sweet story!

I haven't got any kids, but I've been on the receiving end of hospitality from my relatives' and family friends' kids.

My mom and I recently went to a BBQ in NYC, which my mom's cousin was hosting. This cousin has two teenage boys - 19 and 13, not so young, but I was floored because I guess I figured I knew what teenagers were all about. They were so attentive to the guests - both their friends and their parents' friends.

It was truly as though their whole family was hosting the event. It was so sweet to see them working as a team.

Gina's picture reminds me of that. Many teens would be irritated at having to leave their friends to refill a drink or help a toddler to the bathroom, but these boys were so cheerful and gracious, it really inspired me.

I guess I'm pretty lucky to have this kind of inspiration available to me from this blog and my family!

Silvia said...

I grew up with people coming to our house all the time, so much that I though that's the normal way people live :) I hope my kids learn this too because I think nothing is better than have friends and family over.

Very sweet post, thanks Gina for sharing and Sandy for hosting of course!

Kari said...

I don't have any kids, but I love watching my niece and nephew play with their friends. They are always wanting to give them something: a picture they've colored, one of their toys--whatever they can find. I'm afraid I was a little more stingy than that when I was their age, so kuddos to my sis for teaching them well.