Juicy Pear GIVEAWAY!

Hello RE Readers!  Back by popular demand is a Laryssa Herbert GIVEAWAY!

When Laryssa found out that I'm a "pear-loving-girl" she drew up the most beautiful, original pear prints for my kitchen.

I love pears. I can pears. I love pear bread, and cooking with pears. We devour pears in our home!
If you want to order some BRAND NEW pear prints, go here!

Or, here's how to WIN your choice Laryssa's beautiful artwork!

Since most of you know I'm working on a kitchen remodel, I'd love to hear about your favorite feature in your kitchen!

For example, a couple of things I'll be adding is a pull-out double garbage can (one for recycling) and some floating shelves.
We are giving away two 5x7s or one 8x10 of your choice...of anything in Laryssa's shop.  

Tell me your favorite kitchen feature, or, if you could have ONE NEW feature in your kitchen, what would it be?

Monday I will announce the winner, and you can choose your favorite piece of art! 

(Due to production costs going up, as of September 1, Laryssa is having to raise her prices to $10 for the 5x7 and $20 for the 8x10.  Still a deal for such beautiful artwork, but if anyone wants to purchase at the lower prices, NOW IS THE TIME.)
The coupon code to receive 10% off your entire order, active from August 28 until August 31st is: JUICY PEARS.  

Good Luck and have fun browsing around Laryssa's art shop!


Nancy said...

So funny... I wrote a post about this exact topic earlier in the week.

Thanks for such a beautiful and uplifting read. I absolutely love your blog! You have made me enjoy entertaining because I have learned that I don't need perfection; just a servant's heart!

Laryssa Herbert said...

Beautiful post, thanks Sandy. :-)

randee said...

i'm crazy about pears, too.

something i would love to have in my kitchen is a pot filler. it's a water faucet coming out of the wall behind the stove. it eliminates carrying big (heavy) pots of water from the sink to the stove.

hope all is going well in kitchen & home -

blessings & peace -


randee said...

oops, i forgot to say:

& i'm crazy about laryssa herbert's beautiful artwork! love it!


Beth said...

I would love to have pullout drawers in the bottom cabinets for my pots and pans, etc.

Clarity said...

Glad to come across your sweet blog.

I adore pears too! I thought we were a rare breed. If you can drop me a link to your pear bread recipe, I can swap you one I think you might not have tried yet :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all! If I could have one feature in my kitchen, it would be an island in the middle! I am always needing more counter space!


Lynne in NC said...

I would dearly love to have one of those hydraulic lifts for the Kitchen Aid mixer. Sounds really frivolous, but I believe I would use it.
Also, knife drawers to protect the knives and our fingers.
That's my short list.

susan said...

What beautiful artwork and how generous (and how perfectly they would fit in my house)! I love my built in lazy Susan for my spices in my cabinet and love my gas cooktop. However, I don't have room for a 2nd sink which I would love.

LindaW said...

I love the pull out shelves I have in my cabinet, but what I would really like in my small kitchen is a walk-in pantry!

Britney said...

Love the beautiful artwork!

I would LOVE to have a walk-in pantry.

P.S. I love your blog. I love your perspective on...entertaining, life, everything. Thanks for sharing!

The Boyer's Brigade said...

MIne would be a lazy susan in the corner! It is so tough to reach everything that gets shoved in the back corner cabinet!

Nicol said...

We remodeled the kitchen in our last house and there is so much that I would love to do differently in this one. For one, I would love a buffet in the dining room part to keep my linens in. I would love to have a few cabinets with glass shelves to show off some of my pretty dishes. The one thing that I will do for sure when we remodel this one is have the extra tall cabinets. We had them in our last house and I LOVED having that much extra storage.

I love pears as well! My favorite fruit and I have noticed that I have started to accent with them in my kitchen. The prints would look beautiful in there!

nicolmontero at gmail dot com

Angie Mae said...

These pears are beautiful. The colors are so pretty and would go perfect in my kitchen. My favorite thing in my kitchen would have to be my electric dishwasher. I don't know how I managed without it.

Kristine said...

I'd love a bigger pantry, but mostly I like my kitchen. I have a nice spinning corner cabinet that works well!

TZel said...

My kitchen is tiny- but I do like the corner by the window, with the plants and the bread maker. I think that what I need is some way to organize my spices better, maybe shelves in the cupboard, or some kind of hanging rack?
Thanks for this generous giveaway!

Jennie H said...

I love the lighting in our kitchen. We have pot lights that shine down on the counter all around the cabinet areas. It is so nice to be able to read a recipe easily. Our last kitchen just had a generic overhead light and it was never enough.
Enjoy the remodel.

Maren said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to have an under counter refrigerated drawer.

Judy said...

I would love more pull out drawers and my most favorite in my kitchen is my pantry, it has a counter with sm. appliances and lots of storage...that is one thing I would never go without again.

{ L } said...

What a fun giveaway and idea for entering. I like that! I'm a newer follower of your blog too and am really enjoying it here. :) The kitchen feature that I would love to have is a pot filler. (you can google it for photos) It is a little facet that is over your stovetop to fill pots up with water! Also...I really want an old restored door to use for a pantry door to add some character.

Sims Family said...

I love those pears, too! My favorite feature in my kitchen is my pantry. It is a HUGE 8 foot knotty alder door with an enormous amount of room inside. But other than that, it is a plain old kitchen. That's one of the things I love about your blog. Kitchen ideas. I can dream, right?

Tami Fulton said...

I want pull outs in my bottom cabinets for the pots and pans. I use the fact that it's difficult to get to some of my pots and pans as an excuse not to use them and I think I actually miss them sometimes...LOL

Gina said...

I love Laryssa's artwork-it's just beautiful!

I think my favorite kitchen feature is the open shelves we just did-all the dishes and cups are visible and easy for everyone-guests and all-to grab. My dream kitchen feature would be an island or bar for everyone to gather at!

Annie said...

Since, I am too am in the middle of a kitchen remodel, I would have to say that I am pleased as punch with my new walk in pantry and hubby and I are debating about open shelving. I am for. He is against. I am not worried. He will see the light. :)

The pear prints are gorgeous!

Carmen said...

I love Laryssa's art!!!! And these pears are wonderful! My kitchen is in dire need of updating/remodel. I would LOVE to have a walk-in pantry or a new refrigerator with the water and ice. Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

jancd said...

What I love about my kitchen is that it is big and roomy--plenty of room for family and friends. I love the pears.

Eloise said...

We have four children, so I added a EXTRA LITTLE SINK across the kitchen just for hand washing. Seems in our old house, someone always needed to get to the sink for water when I was in the middle of draining pasta or something else!

I've seen these sold as bar sinks. Ours is very near our gas cooktop, so it also comes in hand for filling pots (and draining pasta!)

Can't wait to see your new kitchen. Thanks for such a great blog. I check it daily.

Kristina said...

I love the layout of my kitchen! I would love to have a larger pantry though!! Thanks for a chance to win :)

Jessica said...

I would definitely add an island in my new kitchen - I love to cook and bake and I feel like I'm always having to rearrange the counters just to have a little space to work. A nice expanse of space would just be heavenly. :)

The pears are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

If I could have one thing in my kitchen right now it would be a top of the line dishwasher. I don't care what the cost, I just want a good one!
Tina W.

Lindsey said...

Hi! I've been lurking for a while and love your blog. After much thought, my favorite part of my tiny kitchen is the ice maker in the freezer, lol. It's absolutely divine! I went a long time without one and didn't realize what I was missing until we got one. Wouldn't do without it again. It's the simple things....
I'd like a more efficient way to organize my spices.
Oh,and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous!

slip4 said...

I am practicing "imperfect" entertaining more since I started reading your blog. I am more relaxed and we end up entertaining more!
My favorite feature of my kitchen is my Wolff gas range/oven (it came with the house!) Second, my slanted shelf that pulls down from under the cabinets that I can set my cookbook on as I cook.

Sara L said...

Oh dear - just one feature that I'd love to have? My kitchen is original 1974 - yep, still have the original oven and stove, I am one lucky girl. LOL I'd love to open up my kitchen and dining room into one big area. But for now, I am thankful that my old appliances still work.

Thanks for hosting!

GrammaGrits said...

I would love a small island but not sure it'd work in our current kitchen! The pears are beautiful, and I can hardly wait to buy some in a short time.

3littlechicks said...

i love entertaining family and friends, and your blog helps me keep my focus on the importance of being together and not having everything just perfect.
if i could have one thing in my kitchen it would be a built-in ice maker, underneath the counter. looks like a mini fridge! we went on vacation this year to a beach house, and it was so nice to scoop out as much as we wanted! it's going to the top of my christmas 'wish' list this year!
i'm loving the pear prints too!

Anonymous said...

We remodeled our kitchen a few years back...my most favouite feature is a cupboard where my mixer is stored. You just have to lift the shelf and lock the shelf into place. When you are done w/ the mixer, you can 'hide' the mixer back to it's 'garage.'

Please include my name in this beautiful giveaway. thanks.

karen k

Dawn said...

Two things I'd love to have: a pot filler and double ovens.

Things I have and love: Solid surface counter tops. Indestructable!!! I also love my very tall faucet - perfect for washing large pots and baking sheets. My advice - go "taller" than you think you'll need. My hubby thought the faucet was "rediculously" tall when we first installed it but he's a convert now!

Today, I just bought some realistic fake pears for a wire basket in my dining room. Wouldn't one of those prints be perfect with them??? LOL

Michelle said...

I would just love good use of the space I have. Some way to organize plastic-ware would be a good start!! Love the pears!!

Jenni R. said...

I'd love to say some cool gadget, but all that comes to mind is the kitchen island (with seating) we're waiting on funds for. It was the center of activity in our last house--looking forward to such good times again.

PS: Our new house is surrounded by pear orchards so I think this give-a-way is perfect!

Jackie said...

What beautiful pictures! They would go great in my kitchen and I hope that I have a chance to win. I would love to have more light in my kitchen and I am not sure how to get it. Perhaps a new larger window or something with mirrors.... Thanks!

Bombtastic Belle said...

Right now our kitchen is too small, so I would expand it and add an island - oh how I want an island for making stuff! I never got into cooking/baking until we moved to FL, but all of a sudden I'm doing both all the time so I spend a lot of time in our kitchen and I want it to be perfect! Until we buy a place, this rental shall do.

Bonnie said...

I'm with you - I love pears. If I could, I'd eat pears 4-5 times a day every day. A friend of ours has pear trees and while this year's harvest isn't looking too promising (weather was off for them), I've made dozens of loaves of pear bread and jars & jars of pear butter. I've discovered all sorts of pear-loving friends through those goodies, too.

A feature I love about my kitchen is my new sink & fawcet. If I could change something about my kitchen it would be my refrigerator. It's too small for all that my family uses so we have a second one in the garage. Unfortunately, to put a bigger fridge in our kitchen would require some major remodeling and since we had issues with our drainfield last summer, it's going to be another year or so until the money catches up again. So...I sigh over my tiny fridge and head to the garage when I remember that what I'm looking for was put out there...

Awesome giveaway. I LOVE Laryssa's work!

Pam said...

My favorite thing in my kitchen is the insta-hot. The temp is perfect for hot chocolate or other hot drinks and cuts down time for water to reach a boil on the stove top. It's a great feature to have in a kitchen!

Diane said...

My favorite kitchen feature is my Hooiser cabinet. It has a loarge cutting/ preparing space for food and is easy to clean and wipe off. I'm an old fashioned girl and it takes so little to keep me happy. :O)

Natalie said...

I would love an island in my kitchen!

Michele P. said...

I really need new cabinets for my kitchen, the ones I have are stuck in the 50's...literally. I want the fancy space saving ones, with the cool drawers, built in spice racks, built in lazy suzan you name it... anything that will help me to save precious space yet allow me to make the most of my workspace. Functional, yet elegant.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

We Want Tessert said...

I'm on a spending hiatus at the moment, but I'm bookmarking her site. They are beautiful pears and what I've been looking for. Oh, to have such talent!

Uh, to enter the contest (crosses fingers), I'll admit that I'd love super tall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling so I wouldn't have to dust up there. The extra storage wouldn't hurt.

Sarah said...

ooh, I would give anything for a larger kitchen, with an Island. But those Pear prints might just do the trick too :D

Ryan said...

What I LOVE about my kitchen:
Cabinets with pullout drawers!
Lots of cupboard space.
Water/Ice dispenser in the fridge!
Bay window for kitchen table area.
Island with outlet on the side.
Lots of outlets on the walls.
Ceiling fan!
Under the cabinet mounted cd player.

What I wish I could ADD:
Sink on the island for washing fruits, veggies, hands. (I’m always dripping across the floor as I carry just washed food from the sink to the island)
Double Oven!
Roll top corner cupboards at countertop level. So cool for concealing often used large items that you don’t really want displayed!
Miniature corner shelving on either side of the over the sink window for plants, pictures and other knick-nacks.
More counter space.

What I would DON’T like about my kitchen:
Tile counters.
Boring cabinets….all at one level. No room on top to decorate.
Tile counters.
Poor lighting.
Tile counters. ;)

Beautiful Pears!

linda said...

Oh Sandy, these pear paintings are beautiful and they'd go perfectly in my kitchen, colors and all!

One of the things I love about my kitchen is my great walk-in pantry...it was one of the things that sold me on this house. If we move, I don't know how I'll ever live without it.

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

Jenny said...

I think I would like a working dishwasher. :)

Anonymous said...

i would love to have a compost bin built into my counter top]
with red worm underneath
deefna at gmail dot com

Tammy said...

The favorite part about my kitchen is the fact that the kitchen opens into the keeping room, where the family always gathers. I love having the family around while I cook.

lailani said...

Great pears! Love her work!

hmmmm, in my dated kitchen my favorite feature is the window that I can watch the hummingbirds from :)

AnnieB said...

Hi Sandy... I am a new reader & love your warm & welcoming blog posts! One thing I love in my kitchen: our hot water dispenser. I really never thought I would use it so much, but when our last one broke down I missed it so much that I had it replaced within a week! It's perfect for tea, instant coffees/cocoa, rinsing dishes and a host of other hot water needes. My kids and I share your love of pears, too. Blessings!

Toni said...

Beautiful prints! I hope the kitchen remodel is going OK. I can't wait to see the finished room!

I love my kitchen island with built in electrical outlets. It's been a great feature to use. If I could change a couple of things about my kitchen, it would be to have white cabinetry and some of the top cabinets having glass doors.

Megan A. said...

I love my worn-out kitchen door. It looks exactly like my Mom's kitchen door in the house I grew up in. It's so nice to have a piece of home when I live so far away!

Dawn S said...

I would love to have a walk-in pantry or another climate controlled area to store bulk items for baking!
Dawn S

Angela said...

I love having a pantry in my kitchen. The other favorite is my 2nd microwave. With a family of 6 it's nice to be able to reheat items quickly.

mary beth said...

I have to tell that in the last house we had deep heavy duty drawers below instead of cabinets with shelves and I love love loved them. We are building again and I will sure enjoy those bad boys again!
Thanks for the giveaway those pears are looking good enough to eat!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What beautiful prints! I would love a walkin pantry. I would love this not only for food storage but for platters and pitcher tha I don't use quite as often as other dishes. Jackie

Pinky said...

My kitchen (and house) is 25 years old, so if I could pick a new feature it would be to tear out the outside wall and ENLARGE the whole kitchen:):):) Pinky

Kath' said...

I love this pear picture. What an artist. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE NEW CUPBOARDS.. I painted them two years ago and am ready to do it again. It is yellow though and this pear would look good in it. I would love for you to come join me a my blog contest next week and enter to win in my contest also. Thanks for the chance to win this. Kath' at dublshot@comcast.net and www.lilbitoldlilbitnew.com

PJ Ross said...

I would love to add a higher section on my island that hangs over a little bit so that when people sit on my stools their knees don't "bonk" the island.

Audra said...

I would love to have a desk area with bookshelves so I could display my cookbook collection.

Nancy said...

I would love a center island with more work space!
I LOVE pears and have them in a few of my backsplash tiles.


HOA Mgr Lady said...

I would install two dishwashers in the island. One for clean and one for dirty or one for the party stuff and one for family.

Rachel said...

That pear print is lovely!

One thing I would love to have in my kitchen is a small built-in desk or designated workspace, a place to process all the papers that somehow now end up on our island and eat up my actual food-prep workspace.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Sandy, I love your pears in all their beautiful simplicity.

We're in the midst of a kitchen remodel, too. I love my industrial stainless steel work table. We use it as an island.

katklaw777 said...

I would like a walk in pantry. I love to save money by stocking up on sale items and buying in bulk, but have a hard time finding places to store my prizes. It would make life sooooooooo much easier.
We have two pear trees and they are ripe now, delish! Thanks for a great give-away!

Jo Draven said...

Thanks for giving us the heads-up on cool online stores like Laryssa's. I really like that you do that because (a) I like to support creative women who made the leap into starting their own business and (b) the things I buy are so much more special than something you would pick up at a huge chain store.

I like everything about my kitchen but I desperately need a dishwasher!!! Unfortunately, we live in an apartment so it ain't gonna happen. But that just makes me want to own my own place even more =0)

Laura said...

Well, I don't think I have much to brag about in my little kitchen as it's really just a counter along the wall in the main room. I live in a dorm in a children's center in Mozambique so I can't be picky!

But I do love my little kitchen! The tiles are a mixture of green and blue that I love! The shelves over the sink have hooks but since I don't drink coffee, I use them for sparkly pretty things like Target Christmas decorations that shouldn't have to stay in a box 11 months of the year!

But my favorite thing must be my crockpot! I waited three years for permission to get it as our electricity is sketchy. At this very moment it is cooking Katherine Hepburn's favorite recipe - zuchini soup!

You know, I'm glad you asked this question because as I look thru my bedroom door to the little kitchen area, I just love it! It's made me grateful! Even for the electricity and running water!

Thanks for the giveaway and your lovely, inspiring blog!

Alison said...

Oh, I love pears too!!! And my dream feature for my kitchen would be a huge walk-in pantry!

Anonymous said...

Love the pears. Who wouldn't love a big walk in pantry...me especially.
Nancy in NC

Anonymous said...

I love Laryssa's artwork! I have been eyeing the eggs and feathers prints... A few things I love about my kitchen. A tall pull-out cabinet for my spices. It is right next to the stove. Pull out drawers for pots and pans, and for the pantry. I also have a lazy suzan for odd appliances, like: crockpot, blender, food processor, etc. The kitchen is one of the main things that sold us on our house. We've been here three years now.

Thank you and I love your blog!
Donna May