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Donnetta from My Quiet Corner

I'm so happy to introduce to you my friend Donnetta, from My Quiet Corner. Donnetta is a real encourager, and you'll want to check in on her blog daily for a good dose of inspiration! When we first met, we had an instant connection of sharing family and hospitality, not to mention that together we've worked 42 years in dialysis. Yes, 15 for Donnetta, 27 for me, both in dialysis units on the West Coast. Isn't it a small world?
I hope you'll enjoy and soak up her words of love and inspiration. 

This was the beginning of a conversation between my 13 year old son and I as he climbed into the car one day after school:

Son: Mom, in a few weeks Blaine is going to need a place to stay.

Me: Tell him to have his mom call me.

Son: Yeah, I already told him, "No problem, have your mom call my mom."

My heart settled contentedly. The truth I had been learning in my own heart was apparently, in some small way, being transferred to the heart of my teenage son.

Hospitality is more than an event, it is a lifestyle.

Rom. 12:13b (Amp) " Pursue the practice of hospitality."

As I think about this, I realize it is not a specific gift given to some, but rather a call for all to participate. In at least four different versions the word practice is used in this verse as it refers to hospitality. The message version says to be inventive.

I would venture to say that it confirms my hospitality will not be perfect every time. 

Nor should it settle into monotony and boredom. I am to practice and invent my own individual hospitality as I extend myself to others.

I find that my thinking and actions in situations are changing. As an unexpected visit from a friend finds them standing on my front porch dropping something off, instead of stepping outside to talk to them, I find the words, "Would you like to come in?" rolling from my lips. I stand with my door invitingly open, almost in disbelief myself that I have invited them into the real me.

Hospitality is as much about the unplanned events as it is the planned ones. 

I am discovering that hospitality is not so much about my open door as it is my open heart. 

A simple offer of a drink, an invitation to participate in a unplanned moment of my time, a last minute offer to bring the family by for dinner, an unexpected batch of brownies as a small token of appreciation... all of these are ways to extend hospitality and friendship.

And so, I continue to practice and invent my unique and individualized style of hospitality. 

Does hospitality come easy to you?


The Real Me! said...

I love spontaneous hospitality. Actually right now we have the pleasure of housing a bloggy friend and her family in our little cottage out back. It all came about with her mentioning vacation and us offering our cottage. It's been so neat being able to make new friends and bless them with a free place to stay over at the beach. When we built it we had this in mind. We want to bless people and the Lord has given us the ability to do it in this way.
I told my husband that we need to own a bed and breakfast! LOL

Blushing hostess said...

Lovely thoguhts for this morning, thank you!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

What a great post!

I can't wait until I have kids one day and realize they have picked up on the genuine car my husband and I have for others. It will be a great day when our house is filled with our kids' friends.

Libby Murphy said...

What a beautiful and uplifting message - true hospitality!
Happy Twirls

cassi rash said...

That was a LOVELY post. I love hospitality that is "of the moment". But, a lot of times I find myself stressing over the little things...my house not being in order or not looking the way I want it...my cooking not turning out right...it's all silly. When I think back to the most hospitable people in my life it was never about how nice their house was or how fancy the dish...just the company and the kindness. But, I have to remind myself of that!

Pinky said...

My SIL is always saying we should have a B and B cause we love to entertain, well, rather I love to entertain, my DH humors me! I do try to go "all out" for family and friends and they seem to appreciate it but there are also those spontaneous times when NOTHING is planned and it works out just fine too! Just show love and the rest will follow. Pinky

linda said...

Sandy, you work in dialysis? Me too! Over 6 years for me and still loving it. We were bought out by Davita almost 2 years ago so it's been a transition, but we've adjusted.

julia said...

Thank you for these beautiful words of hospitality. These are lessons I need to hear. I dont need to be perfect, just have a open heart

Melanie said...

I, too, have opened up my door instead of stepping out on the porch! I just think to myself, "This is a real home with a real and, oftentimes, messy family living within." After the first time or two, it gets easier.

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Just found your blog through blogrankings. What a sweet post! I don't host many events here at my house anymore, but I do strive to make all who enter my door very welcome with a cold drink or an offer to sit down and have a cup of tea with me. It's nice to be reminded of this!

Sandy said...

Donnetta, your words are beautiful, as always.

Thank you for being my guest today!

GiBee said...

Beautifully said, Donnetta!!!

NicNacManiac said...

Thank you for these truly inspirational words!!

Gina said...

I love the concept that hospitatilty (like all other godly traits) is something to be practiced-it's for everyone, not just those who have a "gift" of hospitality. Those spontaneous things and the willingness to listen to a nudge from God are so vital to opening our doors and lives to others!

(and it sure is fun to watch our kids grown in that area as well!)

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

What a special post! I love the "c'mon in" and need to remember to open my door even more...

Susanne said...

Very profound, about hospitality being about an open heart rather than open doors.

Do I find it easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Great post to encourage me though to make it more consistently "yes".