A KRAFTY Giveaway (5 winners!)

My appetizer on Easter took my sons about 2 minutes to pull together.  

Of course I had the white dishes laid out for them, otherwise they probably would have stuck a knife in each container and called it good.  Which is fine, except on Easter I wanted a little more formal look.

After some "mommy" instruction for draining olives and putting carrots on the platter, and spreading out the crackers - they created a yummy, simple spread of appetizers for our guests to enjoy.

Beauty for me

Now the beauty of this appetizer spread was that KRAFT supplied me with the crackers, the 2 delicious Philadelphia cream cheese dips - all for FREE!

Beauty for you

And now the beauty for you is that because I'm talking about this on my blog, and we devoured this KRAFT goodness on Easter Day, KRAFT is allowing me to give away 5 appetizer coupons to my readers!


By leaving a comment and answering a simple question for me, you are eligible to win 2 boxes of crackers, and 2 Philadelphia cream cheese dips!

Answer either question or both - it's easy!

Because of a new exciting venture that is taking place in blogworld (more information coming soon!), I am looking for your favorite entertaining or hospitality blogs, ones that offer helpful tips and inspiration to you?  

Would you help me out?

Or, if you are new to blog-reading, what is your EASIEST favorite appetizer to serve?

5 winners

Yes, 5 people will be chosen for this awesome GIVEAWAY, thanks to KRAFT. Stay tuned on May 1 (Friday) when I will announce the winners, along with my May Day post.

Here we are - talking and getting ready to snack before our Easter feast!  I snuck upstairs, into the loft, to capture the moment.

Memories always seem to be created around food in our home. And I love that I get to share how it all comes together - with you!


Betty Jo said...

What an awesome post and give-away to wake up to this morning. Your appetizers look awesome. My favorite food site is The Pioneer Woman Cooks http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/
She has marvelous appetizers and our favorite is Mexican Layer Dip, and it is easy to make. Our second favorite, not as easy to make but always a hit, is her Olive Cheese Bread. ♥

Candice said...

I'm not to good about even remembering to HAVE an appetizer, to be honest...but if I do, it's usually tortilla chips and salsa or some kind of mixed bean dip.

susan said...

This is great that your sons did this (hint: they can do this for Mother's Day too!) I enjoy Christy @ A Southern Plate for everything from appetizers to downhome meal ideas!

slip4 said...

Growing up, mom never served appetizers before a meal. But ever since I started entertaining I love coming up with yummy appetizers that tide you over, but don't fill you up. This Kraft set looks like a great idea! For entertaining ideas, I love Eddie Ross.com for table settings and food ideas. Other blogs I love: Smittenkitchen, Ten Minutes to Digest and Good Things Catered.
My easy go-to appetizer is a block of cream cheese topped with hot pepper jelly. People love it!

Melanie said...

Of course, RE is one of my favorite blogs of any kind.
I also enjoy hospitality tips, decor and recipes on Carolina Panache: http://carolinapanache.blogspot.com

Melanie said...

Favorite appetizer: either fresh salsa and chips or hummus with veggies and triscuits

emilymcd said...

Hi, Sandy-

I recently started enjoying Bakerella (http://bakerella.blogspot.com/) for cooking ideas. But I haven't seen many appetizers there yet.

For appetizers, I like crab cakes! (But then, I'm a Maryland girl at heart)

Emily D

Jen said...

The easiest appetizer we make around here is cream cheese with jalapeno jelly on it and crackers....just open and dump...

I like your blog...but another I watch is Etiquette with Miss Janice....she is pretty good too.

T Flake said...

I have only been in the blog world for a few weeks, but I have been entertaining for years. A fruit salsa with cinnamon chips usually pleases the crowd around my house. Thanks for all you do!

K :) Family Historian said...

I enjoy several entertaining blogs:


And my easy and quick appetizer:
In microwave toast 3/4 cup of pecans for 4-6 minutes. Mix with 1/4 cup of Kahlua and 3 T. of brown suagar. Pour over a round of Brie on a pie plate and microwave for 2 minutes. Serve with crackers...delish and easy!

Bama Grits said...

One of our favorite appetizers is a "hot artichoke dip"...it's made with fresh garlic and lots of parmesan cheese and is very yummy served with your favorite cracker. Since one of my favorite websites was already mentioned...I will go with smittenkitchen.com Thanks for a great blog!

Marci said...

In my family,my dad is famous for his cream cheese potato chip dip. It's soooo simple and a real crowd pleaser. Just cream cheese, a little milk and garlic salt and mix up. Yum every time.

Sandy Toes said...

Oh..that looks yummy!

I enjoy the Pioneer Women..her recipes are truly wonderful.
sandy toe

Kimba said...

I haven't made it lately but I take a block of cream cheese and cover it with cocktail sauce (and a few dashes of hot sauce). Serve it with triscuits.

Doesn't sound like much, but it's yummy.


Stacey said...

Your blog is the only one I read about hospitality/entertaining. It has become so near and dear to my heart.

The easiest and most often served appetizers at our house are Rotel cheese dip with chips. We also have cream cheese with hot pepper jelly and crackers pretty often.

Mrs. Jones said...

Well, my favorite is yours. Second place would have to go to Hostess with the Mostess (http://www.hostesswiththemostess.com/)


lisaarant said...

One of my favorite appetizer recipes is Asparagus in Blankets;


I tried this with Pillsbury crescent rolls instead of the dough - simple and delicious!

lisaarant at aol dot com

Nancy Reed said...

A good appetizer that's quick is
cream cheese block soften with
Smoked Chipolte with Rasberry sauce
poured over it with crackers.
This sauce was found at World Market.

southerninspiration said...

Oh I love YOUR blog on cooking and hospitality. I feel like you are the real deal and have the Right perspective on being obedient to show hospitality! ONe good appetizer I like, other than cream cheese w/ hot pepper jelly or Pickapeppa sauce is simple, too. Two cups of shredded cheddar (Krafts!), 1 c. chopped green onion, 1 c. chopped pecans, and some mayo to mound it together......depending on how much you want, and then spread with hot pepper jelly....it's delish!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites is The Pioneer Woman Cooks http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/
I get many ideas from there. My go to appetizer is cheese dip with taco meat. Just velveeta, rotel, and taco meat. Easy...but serve with chips and it is always a hit!
T. Mathews

Betsy said...

This is fun! My favorite easiest appetizer to serve is to buy a package of bite size cheese cubes in a variety of flavors from Sams Club and serve them with a big bunch of grapes and crackers....delish and no cooking!

Amanda @ Fake Ginger said...

Yum, cream cheese!

Yours and Like Merchant Ships are the only ones I read. Both are simple, yet amazing.

Lura said...

My favorite site is www.likemerchantships.org. Meredith always makes everything look so nice and always does it on such a small budget.

cb9094 said...

My easy appetizer:
1 cup Kraft Mayo
1 cup Kraft Parm Shred Cheese
1 can artichoke hearts, drained, chopped.

Mix together. Baked covered in preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Serve with Kraft crackers. Yummy artichoke dip! This can easily be doubled and you can add chopped spinach. XOXO


Harrell Family said...

I love Kraft Products! I visit many family cookbooks for my thoughts and ideas but I also visit a few websites.
http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ and I use to visit http://foodforthoughtandbellies.blogspot.com/ but the blogging has halted since Jan for some reason. And I also visit http://recipesnfriends.blogspot.com I look forward to seeing what is in store.

janet said...

I love your blog and also pioneer woman. They each offer easy and casual ideas that fit my life right now!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Philly cream cheese block with a small jar of my homemade halapeno pepper jelly poured over the top. Served with Triscuits, my favorite line of crackers. A winner every time, and a small jar usually goes home with our guests!

mary beth said...

Cowboy Caviar, Georgia Caviar, Kansas Caviar...call it what you want, but it's a glorious black-eyed pea salsa that tastes like heaven, served with tortilla chips. I like it so much better than regular salsa, and you can plop any leftovers onto a salad the next day and it's still yum!

Sara L said...

I love serving fruit - it's healthy and easy to prepare - just cut up and serve.

charles and sara at hotmail dot com

momtoomany said...

My favorite appetizers all seem to be dips. What does that say about me?

Lately I've been loving 'southern caviar' a mixtures of blackeyed peas , sweet pepper relish and various veggies. Served with chips or a hearty bread. (I prefer chips! or just a spoon)

Dawn said...

Besides your site, Pioneer Woman's cooking page is one of my favorites.

Favorite appetizer? I always have pre-cooked, frozen shrimp in the freezer that I use for salads and quicky dinners. So, when guests stop by, I'll often quick-defrost in cool water, pat dry and serve with cocktail sauce. Seems "decadent" but is so easy. I also keep a can or two of fancy nuts that I can dump in a pretty dish.

Kathryn said...

What a great giveaway!

My favs are: Pioneer Woman Cooks, 4RE, Hostess w/the Mostess, and I've used Queen of the Castle Recipes blog.

Thanks! Hope I win!!!! :)

Kathryn said...

Oops...and I forgot....I also use Tammy's Recipes a lot!


Jill said...

I am also a fan of Pioneer woman, she has some great recipes. I usually love some softened cream cheese with some pepper jelly spread over the top with some good crackers. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy -

My fav food/hospitality sites:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

The Sisters Cafe

Dorie Greenspan


Hostess with the Mostess

A Year From Oak Cottage:

My easiest appetizer is a cheese ball with ham and olives, encrusted with pecans. This can be served with crackers or bread.

I love your blog - keep the ideas coming!

DSP - dsphillips@tamu.edu

A Touch of Country said...

Chips & salsa

artichoke dip and bread pieces

beer bread & dip

veggie platter


Ellen said...

A block of cream cheese,covered with jalepeno jelly or cranberry chutney and a box of Triscuits. Go Kraft!!

amyrogers1 said...

I love crab dip. A block of cream cheese, a can of imitation crab meat, and cocktail sauce served on crackers. Yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Fresh salsa or veggie tray


LittleBlueBungalow said...

I know this sounds "cheesy", but I really enjoy yours.

Carol Kennon said...

Great give-away. I enjoy Pioneer Woman.

One of my favorite appetizers is to take precooked meatballs (in the freezer section @ Sam's & Wal-Mart) put them in a crock pot with a jar of apricot marmalade, a can of crushed pineapples, a teaspoon of Worcester sauce, two teaspoons of brown sugar, and let them cook for about 4 to six hours. I just leave them on low or warm after that so they are ready when I am.

Linda C said...

Your appetizers looked delicious! And anything easy-I'm there!

My easy appetizer is a simple cheese ball made with cream cheese, shredded cheddar, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce,diced onion and parsley.
It's a great make-ahead item.

jancd said...

Tasting Spoons blog is one of my favorite go-to for recipes. This elegant lady has some of the best recipes and explanations of how to make and present. You will love it.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

Cream cheese is a staple in our home. I have a dip mix that I always ALWAYS keep on hand from the Country Gourmet or Apple Barn. It's a savory fruit dip. Now I love The Pioneer Woman Cooks http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/ or Martha Stewart.

ginny said...

my favorit appetizer is fried mozzarella yum! I also like to make a black bean salsa from the Paula Dean cookbook.

Jenn said...

One of my fave blogs is:

When I am having a special dinner or party the two blogs I run to are 1) yours and 2)Pioneer Woman. Pioneer Woman Cooks has outrageously GREAT recipes, beautiful pictures, fun humour, and I know my guests will LOVE what is served up. I haven't been disappointed yet.

When I need good ideas for table settings, conversation starters, or simply a good perspective and/or attitude I run to yours...hahaha like when I am feeling not good enough or what have you.

aguhmom said...

Just found your blog through NESTER! My fave appetizer was
found b/c I am a Southern Living
at HOME consultant!
Easy -e-z
I call it SLaH Corn Relish
1 can MexiCorn
1 small envelope Ranch Dressing
1 can drained black beans
1 avocado chopped
1 lime; juiced
kosher salt
3-4 coursely chopped tomatoes
1 small can waterchestnuts optional
dash of vinegar of your choice
dash of oil
mix & marinate at least 4 hours
serve with scooper chips
- delish!!
Love your blog! Thanks - Patti

Angela Sue Murphy said...

I am new to blogging, but I have really enjoyed reading yours!! I am always willing to look at others - (Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!) I love to make a quick cheese, vegetable, and fruit tray with some dips.... since we usually have a lot of children around - it is a healthy snack for them as well!! THANKS!!

Lori said...

How fun to read all these appetizer ideas. My favorite easy one is to make the spinach dip recipe off the Knorr's onion soup mix package. Who doesn't love that? I usually serve with tortilla chips or Wheat Thins crackers.

Thanks so much for your beautiful blog!

Nancy said...

Thanks for your wonderful blog! i am still very new at this and spend (waste?no!) hours on past posts of yours and others to catch up!!!
My family's favorite is "Chili dip"
pie plate-KRAFT cream cheese spread out, can of chili, then layer of KRAFT shredded cheddar. Microwave a bit-serve with tortilla chips or KRAFT crackers! haha.
I enjoy your blog, Southern Hospitality, There is no Place Like Home, Nesting Place and more for recipes and entertaining.

paperjunk-lc said...

Since everyone has mentioned my favorite cooking blogs I'll go with an appetizer recipe.

1 block of Kraft cream cheese
favorite salsa

I start with about a half jar of pace picante and go from there.
Put all 2 ingredients into a food processor. mix well and you have a wonderful dip. I usually have both ingredients + some chips on hand so it's easy to whip when a girlfriend stops by on a Friday afternoon for a little wine!

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

My favorite entertaining blog is yours! I also like Eddie Ross.

IF I remember to do an appetizer it would be spinach dip or that layered Mexican dip - bean dip, sour cream with taco seasoning mixed in, grated cheese, top with lettuce, diced tomatoes, maybe some black olives.


Tori5 said...

I'm fairly new to blogging but I LOVE IT!!! I've learned so many new ideas that I will be addicted for life.
My family's favorite dip is Mexican Layer Dip. It's delish and so easy to make. Pinwheels is another favorite. Add what have you in the frig and you've created a new version.

Cindy said...

Cream Cheese with Classico Tomato Pesto Sauce spooned over the top served with wheat thins! MMMMMMM

Courtney said...

my easiest appetizer is grape tomatoes (cut in halves) drizzled with olive oil and balsamic with fresh basil, mini Mozzarella balls - served on italian bread or crostini.


Kathy said...

My favorite {easy} appetizer is Hummus with raw veggies and pita chips - yum!

Carolyn Brown said...

I love your blog. One of my other favorites is - whatever.

Chips and garlic/artichoke salsa from Aldi is one of my favorites to serve.

Renee T. said...

My favorite no-fuss appetizer: cheese, crackers and olives. Would love to win from Kraft!

misskp said...

My very favorite cooking/food/entertaining site is Pioneer Woman Cooks! She is hilarious and creates FABulous food!I also love smittenkitchen and bakerella, both for their personalities and their recipes.

Charity said...

I like Pioneer Woman Cooks too!

ajandkj said...

I really like your blog. Since reading it we are going out of limbs and inviting people over. We are the new kids on our block and moved to a new state. We like to serve Pita triangles toasted with garlic and variety of humus. We also like the Pioneer Woman blog.

Bahama Shores Mama said...

I'm a P Dub fan as well, but also like Everyday Celebrating.

Kirstin said...

How fun! I don't frequent too many entertaining blogs other than yours and pioneer womans. I should though (C:

For a quick appetizer that I make often is a herb dip. http://troyerslovinglife.blogspot.com/2008/12/since-thanksgiving-i-have-made-this.html
It's easy in that everything just gets thrown in the bowl and stirred up.

I often forget about appetizers, my favorite to buy are pita chips with Costco's artichoke dip, or spinach dip.

lunalissa said...

not trying to get brownie pointd, but you were the first entertaining blog i found and you are still my favorite. your tips and the experiences you share have allowed me to host more get togethers in the last year than in the previous 25 years of marriage.

my favorite quick appetizer is cocktail shrimp. i keep a few bags of shrimp- the meat market near me has it on sale at least every other week- so it's easy to grab a bag and soak the bag in warm water in the sink while i mix together ketchup, horseradish, garlic and lemon juice. i have a really nice "garage sale find" glass platter and matching bowl. add the shrimp and sauce and it never fails to impress!

Craft Tea Lady said...

One block cream cheese
One tube crescent rolls
Garlic OR dill
Egg white (optional)

Remove 2 roll from tube, pinch together to make a sqaure/rectangle shape. Roll thin w/ rolling pin (large enough to cover cream cheese block and pinch together one itself.

Lay cream cheese on top of roll sheet. Add 1 clove minced fresh garlic or sprinkle on dill to taste (1/8 - 1/2 tsp). "Wrap" cream cheese in roll, pinching together to enclose and 'sealing' w/ egg white or water as needed. Brush w/ egg white (if desired) and bake 350 for 30 min.

Serve as dip for crackers.

People CLAMOUR for this recipe and are stunned when I tell them how easy it is. :)

Hope you enjoy it.


annied528 said...

I love the Jalepeno Popper sread from allrecipes.com. I gets devoured everytime I make it and I always give the recipe out.

Miss G said...

Not entering the contest this time. :)

But I did want to say that I have that same Grace pedestal! I like how you put the three smaller dishes on top of it! Hadn't thought of that.

As always, thank you for your inspiration and "mentorship". We are having three people over for dinner tonight and I have to admit, I answered the "what can we bring?" question with "nothing" and then later thinking in my head that that would not be what Sandy would have schooled me to do. :)

I am making it easy on myself though and my wonderful husband is helping me!


Patty C said...

One of my go-to appetizers is chicken salad stuffed croissants. Everyone loves them and the chicken salad can be made ahead of time.

Tamara said...

One of my all-time favorite hospitality blogs is one you already know well, http://likemerchantships.blospot.com.

My favorite quick & easy appetizer is homemade guacamole with tortilla chips. Or homemade pico-de-guaco (pico de gallo with avocados). Both are big hits here in south Texas. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I love Like Merchant Ships site for entertaining tips: http://www.likemerchantships.org/


Anonymous said...

My easiest appetizer is fruit dip - just mix cream cheese and marshmallow creme together and serve with fruit. Thanks for the chance to win

baumhome at yahoo dot com

mcmcolospgs said...

What a neat little giveaway!! My favorite entertaining/food blogs are
And Tastespotting.com for true inspiration!

Jen Hooge said...

I love that everyone looks so cozy and engaged in your photo!

My favorite hospitality blog is, frankly, YOURS! I have learned so much from you, Sandy, I look forward to each new posting.

My favorite easy appetizer is:
Shrimp Dip.
Cocktail Shrimp
Cocktail Sauce (made the way you like it)
Cream Cheese
Make a ring out of the cream cheese.
Mix the cocktail sauce and mini shrimp together and put in the hole in the middle of the cream cheese ring.
Serve crackers around the outside of the ring.
I garnish with either lemons or limes.

-Jennifer (Biscuits 'n Gravy Mama)

Graceandjoelroberts said...

I think this is the best entertaining blog! My fav. food site is www.pioneerwoman.com. Real food, and hilarious!

Cheryl said...

I love going to the pioneer womans blog, she has awesome recipes. So far my family loves all that I've made. I like to make fresh salsa and guacamole.

webowes at hotmail dot com

Melody said...

I love Like Merchant Ships. Like yours, she focuses on easy, inexpensive ways to make your guests (and family) feel loved and welcomed at home.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your big announcement!!
2 ingredient appetizers...

My appetizer is sour cream with a package of fiesta hidden valley ranch. It is wonderful with a veggie tray or a bag of chips. I also love to sprinkle the fiesta dip on top of freshly sliced tomatoes. Yum!

It is so easy; however, I get requests for the recipe at every party!


Melissa D at DropTheBabyWeight.com said...

What southern girl doesn't know about Rosalyn Carter's Plains Cheese Ring?

1 pound sharp Cheddar cheese, finely grated
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
6 twists freshly-ground black pepper
Dash of cayenne pepper
1 (12 ounce) jar strawberry preserves
Whole-grain crackers or Melba toast

Mix first 6 ingredients (cheese through cayenne) together well and press into 3-cup ring mold. Refrigerate for 2 hours, then fill center with strawberry preserves and serve with crackers.

Lordy, it's good!

As far as entertaining blogs go, I was big on Entertaining with a capital E when I was younger, but now i'm more about Hospitality -- less fuss, more fun! So I read you, Pioneer Woman, and Merchant Ships -- all blogs that keep the fun in focus. Who has time to be prissy?

Amy said...

My favorite entertaining/cooking blog is the Pioneer Woman, and I believe there are a few of us that share in the love of all things ranch-ish!

Also, my favorite SIMPLE, EASY appetizer is the HAM BALL. Cheap ham, block of cream cheese, accent, and Worcestershire sauce, and throw together and serve with crackers.

Doesn't get ANY easier than that!

By the way, I "reluctantly" entertained this weekend. My house wasn't perfect, but I (and hubby) realized it wasn't about my HOUSE, it was about the COMPANY, and the FRIENDS, and FOOD, and FUN, and suddenly, I felt like hugging you. Thanks for all you share to give us the confidence to reluctantly entertain!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hmmm...one of my favorite appetizers involves cream cheese with some sort of cranberry stuff (wish I could remember what it is called but I am drawing a blank) on top. It is kind of like a tart jelly.

I also love a layered bean dip with chips.

Oh, or pita chips and hummus. Yum.

Or smoked salmon with cream cheese if I am going to be more fancy.

Oh, how about warm artichoke dip in a hollowed out round loaf and then you dip in the bread chunks? That is always a hit and easy too.

There you go. All my appetizers.

Happy day!

Karol said...

My favorite appetizer is Bacon Tomato Cups. Very simple. I have a post on my blog about them with a link to the recipe and also some tips from me on how to change them up if you want to.


Karol :0)

Dawn said...

My easiest and favorite appetizer that I always keep on hand is a raspberry chipotle dip - a block of cream cheese with raspberry chipotle sauce poured on top of it with crackers on the side. Delicious!!

Dawn - dawnsanders15@yahoo.com

Bonnie said...

Another great giveaway. I love all things Philadelphia cream cheese. I grew up 15 minutes outside of that great city and I don't believe there is any other cream cheese on the planet even worth blinking at. I digress...both of my favorite appetizers actually use Philly cream cheese - jalapeno poppers and tortilla wraps. The tortilla wraps involve cream cheese on the tortilla, then you lay out a few Kosher Garlic Dill stacker pickles on the cream cheese, roll the tortilla and cut it into pieces. It doesn't sound exciting but OH my are they yummy!!! A family favorite for years. For blogs I have so many favorites it takes me all week to get through to each of my blogs at least once. Everyday Celebrating (www.chella.typepad.com) and Hostess with the Mostess (www.hostessblog.com) are both great resources for party planning and entertaining. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and sorry for my long-winded comment. :)

Jenna Z said...

I love those super-simple cheeseball mixes from Wind & Willow! A shop in our neighborhood has a huge selection and I once had a party with a completely cheeseball theme! Savory cheeseballs, sweet cheeseballs, dessert cheeseballs, veggie cheeseballs! I love the carrot cake, chocolate chip and blue cheese mixes!

Mandy said...

One of my favorite food sites is Live. Love. Eat.


I love serving dips, really any kind.

Kelly said...

I love hummus w/pita chips or celery sticks.

Carolyn said...

I think your site is the best for easy entertaining tips. I like Pioneer Woman's for the photography and can-do recipes. My favorite easy appetizer is cooked shrimp with Heinz cocktail sauce. Arranging the shrimp in a pretty circle around the cocktail sauce with their tails sticking out over a wide mouthed glass or bowl makes it look really pretty and appetizing!

Lee Family said...

My favorite easy appetizer to serve is crab dip. Basically you just mix 1 block of cream cheese, 1 drained can of lump crab meat, some pepper, and 2 tablespoons of chopped onion. Put in a casserole dish and bake for 20 minutes at 350. Delicious and easy.

PKittye said...

I like http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/ and http://www.pazsaz.com/food4tht.html for appetizer recipes. My favorite appetizer to serve is prosciutto & melon.

Carrie said...

Our quick appetizer is shrimp, cocktail sauce poured over cream cheese with crackers. Love your blog! Very inspirational!

Sher said...

Beside your blog my favs are: Pioneer Woman and Eddie Ross.
My favorite appetizer to make is stuffed mushrooms.

Sharon said...

A platter of nachos loaded with the works is a great appetizer. Keeps guests coming back for more!
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Well it isn't that original, but I do look at Martha Stewart's website for entertaining ideas. I also look at the the Canadian House and Home website or magazine for inspiration.


Mary Beth said...

Guacamole from Whole Foods or Wholly Guacamole and some really good chips.
Think I might go have an "appetizer" right now!

Diana Duncan said...

My fav appetizer is beer bread and spinach dip, YUM and so dang easy! Just came across your blog and love it!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Fun giveaway! You and Meredith(Like Merchant Ships) are my favorite! Mostly because you are real. Your blogs speak welcome to my Home to me. I repeatedly come back to both for ideas and inspiration! Jackie

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

I like tamy @ http://3sidesofcrazy.blogspot.com. She has lots of award-winning recipes, decorating/remodeling her house, crafts and more.

Favorite appetizers: All of them! Especially artichoke dip, spinach and artichoke dip, shrimp cocktails, pate canapes, and of course cream cheese. (I'm not just saying that for the giveaway. Isn't cream cheese a favorite for just about everybody?)

Nadine said...

1. You're my favorite.

2. I love to slice tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese and place them on a platter; tomato, cheese, tomato, cheese. Season with a dash of salt, a little pepper and some olive oil drizzled on top. Served with your favorite cracker (Kraft of course.)

Ryan said...

Always some sort of dip! Made with whatever we have on hand: cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt etc. We dip with crackers, chips, veggies, and even fruit...whatever is handy.
And right now, yours is the only blog I read regularly for tips! I love it!


Melanie said...

Your boys did a great job!

I haven't read very many hospitality or entertaining blogs. I like http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com for simple and affordable decorating ideas/inspiration.

My favorite easy appetizer is a cheese ball and crackers or veggies with dip.

Hopefull said...

I like making brushetta....on toasted sourdough bread pieces
and hummus with warm pita bread (or trader joes flat bread, toasted and salted is yumm)

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a staple at our house! I like to take a brick of it, cut it diagonally length-wise, and place the two cut edges together to look like a tree. This is perfect for Christmas, or even everyday around here because we live in a rain forest. Then, I add green jalapino pepper jelly (pour over the top of your "tree") and add butter crackers (Ritz Reduced Fat) and *Yum*.

If you have an "in" with the Kraft people, tell them to never (NEVER) discontinue their Parmesan "Grate-It-Fresh" cheese. I LOVE it! I am their biggest salesperson because so many people have not tried it. I had a spaghetti supper for about 30 people and I had my Grate-It-Fresh front and center. Everyone loved it but had no idea where I found it.

L in Alaska

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Hmmm - my easiest? I'd have to say cinnamon cider because my girls love it. A bag of red hots and a jug of apple juice (or cider) in a crockpot is all it takes. Let the red hots dissolve, and let the crockpot keep things warm. Smells yummy, too!

Grace said...

i'll bet easter at your house is amazing.
meanwhile, my favorite quick appetizer is puff pastry twists. sure, they can be savory, but i prefer them dusted, nay, smothered in cinnamon sugar. :)

Chinamama4 said...

I'm new to the whole "entertaining" blog scene, but I am really enjoying 4RE!
Here's a link to my blog w/my fave appetizer recipe: Cheesy Spinach Dip, which features Kraft's Velveeta: http://allmysisters.blogspot.com/2008/12/cheesy-spinach-dip.html
Every time I make it, guests practically fight over who gets to lick the bowl clean! It's a keeper!
I also love checking out what Trader Joe's has if I need something in a hurry - their hot artichoke dip is super!

Carolyn G said...

My favorite appetizer to serve is definitely a cheese platter. It's quick and easy and it always looks beautiful. I just buy several type of cheeses and add some crackers and then some olives and grapes and then I also like to have something like a pesto or a tapenade for texture. A few sprigs of fresh herbs make it pretty. It feeds tons of people and by inorporating several types of cheeses, most people are able to eat it.

TidyMom said...

One of our all time favorites are my seasoned oyster crakers.

another is tortilla roll ups - both recipes are on my blog in this post http://tidymomof2.blogspot.com/2009/01/super-food-for-game-day.html

My niece recently made one that I need to get the recipe, but it was crescent tolls with chicken, garlic and I think cream cheese inside


CathyBB said...

What a nice giveaway! I must admit, I am all about the easy stuff like this! =) And your dishes make it look great! Keep up the great work - you make things look so do-able!

I love reading all these posts, yum!

Here's another great "entertaining" blog I just started reading: http://creativepartiesandshowers.blogspot.com/

IRW Dana said...

You've done it again! Made something that I think is so hard, you took it and made it easy.
My favorite blogs making your home welcoming for guests are
I make my own salsa from the garden and I serve tortilla chips or pita chips with it. I picked up a colorful basket when we were in Mexico and I put the salsa in a green dish and we're ready to go.

Maureen said...

Great give-away. One of my favorite entertaining blogs is http://goodthingscatered.blogspot.com/

As for an easy appetizer, I like things as simple as nuts, grapes, crackers, and cheese served on a large cutting board.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Laurie Anne said...

I love this dip and it could not be easier:
1/2 of salad shrimp
1/2 a jar of spicey cocktail sauce
1 brick cream cheese
give it a whirl with a mixer and badda bing your done. Serve on triscuts Yummy.

Reva Skie said...

Crudite and some nice homemade hummus is my go to appetizer.