Embracing "Good Enough"

Aren't we all racing toward the finish line, trying to get our Easter dinner and day organized and planned?

I'm thinking ahead to Sunday in great anticipation, as I set the table for 10 guests, and I use "paper" napkins!

I'll be serving a tasty appetizer provided by KRAFT, on
these plates ... (stay tuned for a KRAFT GIVEAWAY, in the near future ...)

And I'll be pulling out my standard white dishes

Dollar Store goblets

Paper napkins

Front yard beauties

I'll be serving either a ham or baked salmon served in tarragon, wine, and fresh lemon (I haven't decided yet), whipped sweet potatoes, brown sugar-coated asparagus, and fresh strawberry spinach salad.

And delicious dishes provided by my guests .... like homemade rolls, fruit salad, and a peach cobbler and Easter cake ...

Yes, planning ahead is what really helps the reluctant entertainer feel better about entertaining!

I've learned to think ahead. And I've learned to have a goal.

I've also learned that it takes discipline and an obtainable vision to have guests into my home.

My friend Meredith recently said, regarding her get-together just a week ago, that it was relaxing and the guests brought a lovelier assortment of food than she could have baked herself!

Delegation, paper napkins, inviting people in - things don't have to be picture perfect in order to enjoy a day of celebration!

Here's to letting go of perfection! I love it when embracing "good enough" leads to something even better, said Meredith.

Happy Easter Planning!

I'd love to hear about your Easter plans?!


Lisalou said...

What time should I arrive? lol Sounds so good!

Sandy Toes said...

Ha...I was thinking the same thing as lisalou!

Those goblets are from the dollar store..wow!!! Paper napkins all the way for me...they are cuter and more festive!
sandy toe

Dawn said...

Sounds like you have planned a great day! Enjoy!

Hugs from Eventually Cottage!

Melanie said...

My menu: ham, sweet potato souffle, limas, yeast rolls, coconut cake.

It will only be us 5, but later in the day another family will come over so I'll have fixings for sandwiches (ham of course), chips, brownies and the rest of the cake!

For me, the cooking is the easy part. The cleaning is another story b/c I am in the middle of de-cluttering. So I'll have to spend up my spring cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Rather than traditional meal, our extended family decided to have a cookout! And, yes, everyone is bringing something. We plan to have a fun, casual, celebratory Easter for 20!


Betts said...

We do it up big for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we have a quiet Easter for the three of us. There will be offerings from the Easter Bunny, loin lamb chops for dinner(a family favorite extravagance), and cute little mini cupcakes which I'll be featuring on my blog on Monday. I'll still plan even when it's just us.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I invited a young couple to join my parents and my family on Sunday. It's their first Easter away from their families and their first one married.

I'm definitely doing "good enough" with my mom bringing half the food and buying an already-cooked ham.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

What a great title!! Hope this is one in your book. Since I am hosting for 30, I better getting thinking what I am going to do. Seriously, don't you think that is embracing "good enough?" hee hee
i think I will be putting my yard sale aqua plates on top of my white ones..fun to layer, and that's good enough. :) Miss you!

Lora said...

Your dinner plans sound lovely! We usually have a big family dinner on Easter with ham and all the fixings, but we are far away from our extended family this year and I'm a little sad about that. But I'm looking forward to our Easter meal of grilled salmon, fresh asparagus, a potato dish, red, white & blue salad and rolls! I'm still deciding on dessert:)

ellen b. said...

Amen to planning ahead! Love all your goodies including the paper napkins :0)
After the 9:00 service we're attending we're having swedish pancakes at our house with the kids. (Dear prepares the Swedish pancakes and I load the table with some yogurt, sour cream, syrup, and little smokies to go with. We'll cut into our Russian Easter bread too! At 4:00 we're invited to friends and I'm bringing the simple strawberry shortcake for 30! We'll be having salmon and other goodies too...

Carmen said...

Thanks for posting this. I was starting to get anxious about Easter dinner at our house (first occasion I have hosted since we moved in here). Now I can try to relax and remember that it doesn't have to be perfect! I am using my white dishes as well and paper Easter napkins I bought at the grocery store. ;)

An Adventurer in the World said...

Big cantata tomorrow night, then invited friends with no local family (like us), 2nd annual Easter together.

and YES, they're contributing to the meal! I'm providing lamb, fresh veg, strawberries, and my daughter making a cake. WhatEVER they bring will be just fine.

We'll also do an after lunch loaded-egg-hunt for EVERYONE, even the grey heads : ) It's amazing what aging boomers will do for some chocolate and quarters!

Happy Resurrection Day to you Sandy!

deb m

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Happy Easter, Sandy! We are going to my family's in Atlanta for Easter dinner. I'm bringing the salad. :)

duchess said...

Ham is a must on Easter Sunday where I'm from - I'm just sayin'.

We're traveling 5 hrs. to have Easter service in our home church & lunch with my family - then 5 hrs. back.

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I still can't believe you found those goblets at a dollar store! You have great taste, and they've kind of become the icon of your blog, haven't they?

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I like to keep Easter simple, it feels better to me, that way. Less distractions from the reason we celebrate.

Enjoy your delicious sounding dinner with friends!


An Ordinary Mom said...

I love the title of this post!

Happy Easter-ing!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Wow, I felt honored to have you stop by. I am really trying this spring to start opening my home more, and you have given much inspiration for me to be able to do just that. As a matter of fact I just finished putting up some more white yard sale find dishes that I hope will be used much. Jackie

Kirstin said...

We are having my inlaws and my BIL and his wife over. It's always a bit interesting as their lives are a mess (my BIL's). It is a sad story. Anyways...we will have Ham (my MIL will make). I'm making scalloped potatoes and probably rolls. We'll more than likely do salad and some other veggie and a dessert. Simple since money is tight and there's not a lot of extra for lots of "extra's", but it's just nice being with family.

Liz said...

I love your blog! I just stumbled upon it and I've been inspired already! I am the most reluctant entertainer and much to learn about hospitality and serving God by opening my home more often. I'll be back to read again -- thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

By the way, I have 15 coming for dinner on Sunday and YES, people are bringing dishes and YES, we will have paper napkins!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Just founds your blog...love it!

This post really spoke to me..thanks


Susan May said...

I'm an American living in Zurich, Switzerland ... I found a fondue mix (cheese already grated with the wine and thickener included) on sale for 50% off at the market today. (Technically it's no longer Fondue season since the snow is gone!) So I decided we will have Fondue tomorrow - even if it's Spring! Melted Cheese is always in season, in my opinion! Have a blessed Easter.

Lynne said...

Just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I love to entertain and be less stressed!

Our Easter plans...
Get up early for an egg hunt (DH will go downstairs first - to hide the eggs quick) My 4 yr old will search and then enjoy his Easter basket from "the bunny"...filled with a few candy treats but mostly play toys - not too big on the sugar! Then I'll make my Monkey Bread - a holiday morning tradition. We'll relax, play a bit and get dressed - dinner is at 2pm at my in-laws! Being 8 months pregnant - I'm not cooking!!Hehe! Happy Easter!!

cindy said...

At the last minute I decided to have Easter dinner. Ham, scalloped potato(did I spell that right? no..) anyway..., baked beans, salad and a trifle for dessert.
And yes...we are using paper utensils for dinner this year.

I had a rough week that sort of took me out of the Easter spirit. But I'm still hanging in there.

cindy said...

You are so blog savvy, I know you can help me with this question.How do I get rid of the trash can that is always attached with my post???

Anonymous said...

You mean there is something other than PAPER napkins??? :-)
cousin Peggy

Miss G said...

Are you ready for this? I didn't shave my legs or paint my toenails before my the birthday tea we had to celebrate my grandma's 80th this afternoon. :) Even before reading this post I had decided that I had to "embrace good enough". We all brought different food items and serving pieces and decoration items and it turned out just wonderfully! Very lovely and the most important thing, my grandma loved it and felt great. Kelly

Cindy Lakin said...

Hi Friend-
Had the blessing of entertaining 3 families at our home this Easter. It was great to be practicing hospitality again after surgery and my long recovery. I didn't have any fresh flowers for a center piece, so I used a silk flower garland that was hanging in my daughter's room, spread it down the middle with a couple of candlesticks and presto! a stunning centerpiece. Love using what I already have! Love ya-C