Rolling Plant Dollies - and Yard Saling!

One of my enjoyments from yard saling is not only getting a bargain, but finding things that I will truly use, usually for about a tenth of what I’d pay in the store!

Over the past few years I’ve picked up rolling plant stands for my outside pots.

Collecting these plant stands for $1 or $2 each has sure made it much easier for when I want to move my plants around on my back patio, in and out of the sun, or to a new location.

Sometimes it’s the little dollar finds that make me happiest.

Or finding a white dish that goes with my white dish collection - now that really makes me happy!

My friend Meredith, from Like Merchant Ships, collects blue dishes.  

Just this morning she found a blue yard-sale dish to add to her collection for only $2!  

How do I know that Meredith collects blue?  Because I was a lucky girl to eat a lovely meal with Meredith and her family back in February!  

We enjoyed a delicious buffet-style meal and we also got to talk about thrifting, family, and hospitality!

How does shopping at yard sales fit into your overall lifestyle for your family?


Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

oh my friend - You know I can't even begin to address this topic since next to the Lord, my kids and church, I do think it's next on the list. hee hee
Had such fun this morning on my hunt and I found some great wishes dishes as well....milk glass cups... :)Along with tons of other dandies.

Betts said...

I thrift more than yard sale. I'm going to have to watch for some of those rolling plants stands, because I could use those on our deck.

Jill said...

I would love to yardsale more. I go every once in awhile. I go thrifting ALL the time. I end up getting discouraged by sales that have these great ads, but then you get there, and you think "Why did these people even bother?!" it's so much running around town and I usually end up with not much to show for it. Plus it's harrrd to get up early on the weekends! :-)

Kirstin said...

oh, i need to find some of those. My hubby doesn't want me setting pots directly on the concrete (staining, or leaving rings), and the rolling things in the stores are spendy...I'm going to have to go on a hunt now!!

lagirl said...

I don't do morning very well, even though I love the great finds. I do haunt Thrift Shops on occasions and I feel so SMUG when I come upon a "find".

susan said...

Don't these dollies make life easier? I just inherited one along with a huge gardenia tree from a friend who moved!

An Accomplished Woman said...

I thought of you this morning when I ran into an estate sale with 8 white dishes, appetizer plates and ramekins. I had been looking for them to entertain outside, rather than my normal cute paper plates.

I am ready to entertain with actual plates outside.... and I have two dinner parties planned.

Thanks for all your inspiration,

Emily said...

We love yard sales! Just this morning, my mom, daughter and I "scored" at a great sale in a local neighborhood (local to you as well since we both live in Medford!) One home literally invited shoppers inside and had a room FULL of glassware, dishes, vases, you name it ... cheap! And at another my mom and I got artificial flowers - long stems, gorgeous, for .20/stem. What a deal!

Sandy Toes said...

Sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn't...but I have hit some great sales and that is a pure thrill!
sandy toe

the hearts of hartmann said...

My mother has these stands and she loves them! Im glad yard sale season is around the corner :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

One person's junk is another's treasure!
Don't you love a good deal?
Blessings on Palm sunday~

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have been a tag sale/thrift store junkie for years. I love other peoples "junk"! The thrill of the hunt, and the rush you get when you see the signs posted all over the neighborhood are so much more fun than walking into Pottery Barn! Same old, same old is not for me!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, my friend, this is a subject near & dear to my heart too! I think you know how much I love to find the deals out there. I was out on Sat. chasing down some fun things at 2 neighborhood sales. It's just amazing at how much $$ can be saved. My wardrobe these days is mostly thrifty & I couldn't be prouder!

momof3girls said...

so true! it is the $ finds that can make our hearts soar!

Jeanneoli said...

I love flea markets and yard sales. The treasures I find bring so much personality to our home.