Glorious Green Savings!

Green has been on my mind all week.

Since we are indeed an Irish family, and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and I am a firm believer of being thrifty in any way I can – then why not do a post on green?

Keeping these hard economic times in mind, and the fact that our green dollar seems to be diminishing – I wanted to share with you ways that I saved money just this very week, and ways that our family will be saving money in months to come through our garden.

Anticipating strawberries

Broken lawnmower fixed by hubs - $27

First mow of the year

Beautiful lawn clippings recycled - $5 compost bin

New green tablecloth - Good Will $2.99

New white dish, making my set “13” – Good Will $1.49

Leftover bulbs forced inside

Hair colored professionally, but said NO to a haircut – saved $25

Green flare added to geese

Ironed hubs shirts – saved $20 dry-cleaners bill

Fresh homegrown rosemary for dipping sauce

Cold frames producing fresh, glorious greens

Bargain greenhouse for $149 (mail order)

Green-lid recycling bin ready for spring yard work

Besides recycling and reusing and buying at Good Will or looking for bargains in the stores, our family is really trying to cut back.  

We’re eating out less, looking for more grocery bargains, trying to be as efficient as we can in our home.

When we entertain, most of the time we delegate and split the meals.  

I never want to use the excuse that we can’t have guests into our home because it’s just too expensive.  There are ways around that!

Just this week at Balcony Girls I asked the girls to contribute toward the crafts.  The families are so generous and willing to help out.  

Everyone seems to have green on their minds, whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, the dollar, or recycling.

What green is on your mind?

If you want to learn more about saving money on meals, visit Erin at $5 Dinners.  She has some amazing ideas to share.

Check out what The Nester has going on with her green succulent beauties!

And read about Melissa's green obsession!


Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

Thanks for the tips and showing us how you're saving money. I think it's helpful if we can all share what works for us...it also helps to know we aren't alone in trying to save money!

Julie Gillies said...

I'm right there with ya, girlfriend! My hubby just fixed our sprinklers himself today, saving us over $200. I color my own hair and have a fantastic hairstylist who charges only $26 for a haircut.

And bonus: it's strawberry season here. They're sweet and cheap!

Have a wonderful St. Patty's day, Sandy.

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I love the geese!

We are planting a garden right now! I can't wait to have vegeatbles!

Heidi said...

COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS! Go to www.hiptosave.com and you'll love how much you can save! :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for the tips. I also color my own hair and sometimes cut it also. Have cut back on a lot of expenses in many areas - every little bit helps.

Linda C said...

I'm so glad the hair color wasn't green:)

This is a very worthwhile green list- great ways to use and reuse!

Thanks for posting and
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Linda C

Meme said...

Oh, Sandy, I would love to know more about the greenhouse, if you don't mind sharing where you got it. We have a friendly bunny that seems to live in our backyard, so I am looking for a way to have some greens without losing them.

A Stone Gatherer said...

I love coming to your blog. That's why I have an award for you over at my place.

The Real Me! said...

Don't you just love doing things yourself and saving money. I am blessed to be married to a very handy man. He has saved us THOUSANDS of dollars over the years. I save a bunch of money cutting all the boys hair too. We planted strawberries, green bells, green onions, and tomatoes.
Great post my friend. Love the green tablecloth.

The Nester said...

I'm so jealous of your grass! It's still way too early here for grass like that--lucky!

Sandy Toes said...

Great ideas and tips!
I loved all the pictures~
sandy toe
p.s. We had strawberries last night and they were GREAT!!!

Nadine said...

Great tips about saving. I hope once we settle we can do a garden - it saves and it's nice to have fresh produce.

P.S. Re your question - the book is doing okay - good reviews on Amazon. Have you had a chance to read it?

Robin Sue said...

Hi Sandy, I agreee that we are all doing are part to save some green in our wallets. Great ideas you have here! Also thanks for the 5$ dinner link, it looks like fun!

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

What I love about this post is that you're actually doing it all--not just recycling the same old tips for green living.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, this was fun Sandy! So much green!! Every way you look at it!

Loved all your photos!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sandy, it's great how much you are working on saving the green. We do some of that, but not all of it. I am always looking for ways to save money on groceries. Cooked a roast last week & we ate 3 meals off it for a little over $8, so those kinds of savings add up. You can certainly eat for less at home. Happy St. Paddys!

Amy said...

Your grass is so green! We are still in a cold snap around here so I am waiting to start the garden. We are doing everything we can to cut back right now too. We are getting ready to start our busy season with all the kids in sports so I just turned off our satellite! The company lets you keep using your dvr (and all the recordings), and watch the 3 free channels it has every month for $10. You can do that for 6 months at a time and I didn't even know about it except that I called them and asked! When football season starts we will probably turn the satellite back on in September. The kids record some cartoons they like and watch those when they have time. It saves quite a bit for us on that luxury. (we have to have satellite because we live in a rural area if we want cable at all) LOVE your blog!!

Tammy said...

Wonderful "green" tips! It has inspired me to grow some herbs and things...something I've never done.
(We're suddenly being faced with a job crisis so this was very timely...)

Come over again and say hello...I've missed your friendly face over at my place! Last week I was able to get my first article published in a home school magazine, and I know as an author, you will appreciate the feeling that gives! :)


a woman who is said...

We hit some hard times in the eighties, and I was determined to be a stay at home mom. Since then I have always had a garden, learned to simplify, shop discount stores where yes I always had to bag my own groceries, used clothing stores, garage sales, Goodwill, creativity...I always said my home decorating style was Early Yard Sale:) Gleaning was also a great thing to do. We could as a family collect free food, and share half of it with our local food bank. I must say in regards to my last child leaving the nest now, it was all worth it. I would not have given up those years with my children for anything this world has to offer. I still hunt the bargins...a registered Starbucks card: you get free soy, free flavors, and free refills on drip coffee in house.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Sandy~ ~
I love your blog and check back often. It's such a great feeling when you get a bargain or fix something yourself and save the extra money. There are certain things that I will not compromise on but many times a little common sense can save a few bucks.
Oh Love your white dishes.
Have a fun day~ ~ Ahrisha~ ~

LuLu said...

Wonderful post! love all the green... right there with you. eating home everynight! but Fridays is pizza night 2 large pizza but have coupons for the second one free! Can't beat that.Cut my son's hair myself aving $12!!
Love your green yard.

An Accomplished Woman said...

You are saving the green!! Love all the things you are doing.... but pretty much love everything you do.


Kimba said...

Fantastic tips!

I'll be coloring me own hair this month to save a bit 'o green.

And I'll be emailing you later today to talk strawberries. I'm dying to try growing them this year but people keep telling me that there a huge pain. I need your thoughts since you're actually growing them.

GiBee said...

We are just now getting ready to build our raised beds and plant lettuce. Hope I'm not too late!!!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Recently we hosted about 25 close friends for an evening of food, fellowship, and games. Everyone brought a goody and/ or bottle of wine to share. We had such a feast without any ONE family going broke - we gathered to glorify God and found that God is not having a recession!

Bev said...

I seem to do more dropoffs at Goodwill than shopping, but maybe need to change that. Possibly a side trip later today.

Miss G said...

I linked to you today! Kelly