United Moms and Families

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United families – needs to come first
More than anything – more than success in life or on this blog – I want to be united with God and my family. My family is the most precious gift that God has given to me, and I need to handle it with care. Nurture and Love!

Even if you say you know a perfect family – well guess what? You probably don’t know them very well.
Our family is not always in unity, but when it is -- when my marriage is going great, I am meeting my children’s needs, we are spending time together, our family time around the dinner table is rich, our kids are on track and content, we are growing and living for God -- then I am using my gifts wisely. It’s then that I can pursue my goals.

One way of defining success is to start off with a goal and work hard to accomplish it. You keep plugging away until it finally works for you. Reluctant Entertainer has achieved that for me. I love sharing my thoughts and ideas on entertaining and to encourage hospitality in others.

It’s become a passion - but only when my family comes first!

United marriages – what’s your barometer
God has blessed me with a wonderful man. And the “center” of our growth as a couple comes from Him. But I recently told a friend that I gage where I am with my blog and priorities as a wife and a mother by using a barometer.

My barometer is this: How is this working within my marriage?
If my marriage isn’t strong, then everything else seems to fall out of line.
• Is my husband in my corner? Is he in support of my passions?
• Am I making creative time for my marriage?
• Am I wowing! my husband and planning date nights?
• Does he know he’s the most important person to me (and my kids)?
• Is there tension or resentment between us?
• What is the tone when we are talking to each other?
• Am I always running off for girlfriend time? (or, to the computer?)
• Am I listening to him?

If things are not good between us, these questions challenge me to get back on track. That is why I’ll sometimes say to a friend, how is this working for you and ? (hubs name here).

United family - when entertaining
I’m tying this post to Reluctant Entertainer because I’ve learned that with entertaining, it can be a miserable event if I don’t have peace within my marriage and my family before it all begins.

It seems so empty if I barge ahead with plans if there is stress and strain in the home. It’s like walking into church and putting your “happy face on” when you just had a fight in the car with your husband!

Unity is important to me, as the hostess, to be real and open with my guests when they walk through the front doors. Real entertaining for real people.

Do you struggle with unity within your home?

With your spouse, and even (ouch! this could be a tough one) conflict because of blogging?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Back to Moms Unite!
Before any advertising opportunity, Melissa, Nester, Kimba and I firmly believe in strong marriages and family unity.

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(YES! The bulbs are coming up in my front yard! Shadow pictures of our family were taken on a family hike this last year, the night before shool started for the kids.)


Shawna said...

Seriously your bulbs are blooming already - were still covered in snow here!

I love the Moms unite - 'tis a great place!

Thanks for the fabby post!
Have a beautiful day!

GiBee said...

One thing I've committed to is ... NOT blogging on the weekends and evenings. I try to blog during lunch time at work, and then ... it's "off limits" -- that way, it doesn't creep into family time!

We are THAT Family said...

Good word. I'm always trying to strike a balance. And everyone in the house can feel it when the pendulum swings too far in one direction.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Amen to keeping our priorities! It is so easy to get pulled in and end up neglecting what matters most!

Betsy said...

It is all about balance and priorities, isn't it! I do have a few personal rules about blogging. Only one hour in the morning to read and chat with bloggers and post something new. Then it's on to the responsibilities of the day. I also don't blog when the kids are home and needing my attention. There's always time after they go to bed.

I so agree with you that when there is conflict with your husband, it affects everything else! With me, I can't enjoy anything or do anything effectively until we resolve the issue.

Great thoughts, Sandy! And I love that pic of the red trimmed leaves! Those bulbs are very close to sprouting! :)

Kim said...

Awesome post Sandy! I don't know if you realize it or not, but you are mentoring so many women, with your blog! (Me included!) Thanks for encouraging us to be the best wife for our spouse and for showing us what a blessing that is for our children!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

So true, Sandy! I just posted at Kimba's blog about the blogging issue & we so have to keep it balanced. I know my hubby has felt neglected before when I've spent too much time on the computer. Because we both work at home, I do spend time during the day & then turn the computer off by dinner time for the rest of the night. We have to keep marriage the first priority for sure!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

HI Sandy,
I really enjoyed your post tonight. It really ministered to me. I might quote you on a couple items.:-) I believe God ordained this post. A friend of mine and I are setting out on a new ministry oppty that God is opening up and one of the things He has placed on our heart is "Enriching Relationships", first at home, then outside the family unit. I believe your post is confirmation so I bless you for sharing it with us. About MOMS UNITE - can ladies who are part of a direct sales company (commission only) participate?

LuLu said...

Balance is always a juggling act. But my priority is family and if my hubby and I are not on the same wave length everything is off.Your posts are wonderful and inspiring and leave me new ideas and thoughts about a strong family, thank you!
P.S. having the hardest time to not get snappy 1hour before company arrives ... I need to channel "It doesn't have to been perfect and just go with the flow." but it's so hard.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Great post, my friend - tying your blogging into our most important priorities is so KEY!

An Accomplished Woman said...

My husband works out of town and I totally unplug during the weekend when he is home. I never, never work on Sunday, especially on the computer.

One trick I do and learned from Rhoda was to schedule blogs. Let's face it, sometimes we are more inspired than others. So when I am inspired to write, I write several of them.

You girls are very inspiring and I love how you are so encouraging of others.


Donnetta said...

Love this Post!! So rich with content, encouragement, challenges and food for thought!

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