Bye-Bye Pink!

Yes, my daughter’s growing up, and part of that growing up meant she was ready to change her pink bedroom!

I was very sad about this, as I found myself painting Abby’s bedroom bright lime green and aqua chiffon one night at about 7 pm. I thought about all of the “pink” pillows and blankets and cute girly trinkets that she had once had in her bedroom. All of the fun she’s had in her bedroom with her friends, and with Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shops, American Girl dolls, and her glass collection.

Abby had reached a hard-earned goal, one that I promised I’d give her an incentive for.

We agreed ahead of time that she’d be working toward a new bedroom! And she was able to pick out the new colors, design, bedspread and curtains.

Now changing the furniture around can really freshen up a room (or by adding a few new accessories), but completely changing it up – well, that can cost some big bucks! It’s fun to dream about PB Kids or Pier 1 designs, but we had a limit!

Figure your budget and stick to it!
2 new paint colors and $9.99 IKEA lamp (taken from my gift closet)

The old pink

New bedspread

Used to look like this

Fresh, funky curtains

Once bright pink

And new dot decals

Encourage Creativity
Our original plan was to design, stencil and paint the dots on the walls. But then we found these cool dot decals on sale at Linens and Things. I was so happy! It saved me time, and I was able to step aside and allow Abby to design the room to her liking!

I also told my daughter that we had to be creative with our budget! In other words we couldn't buy new furniture! So we took her bunk beds apart, storing the extra mattress under her bed for guests, and carrying the rest of the wood out to the burn pile to burn in our outdoor fire pit.

We looked around the house to find any accessories that would go with her new “style,” and found this Pier 1 mirror hanging in our family room. Why not? The style of mirror went better with her new design than where it was hanging!

Build memories
I love creating memories and working on projects with my daughter. We finished up the painting that night (10 pm?), and then put the room together the next day.

Cool, hippy-chic new bedroom for a 12 year old! Fresh and new - right within my budget, and one happy girl!

How long has it been since you’ve redone a room in your house? Have you thought about letting your kids design their own rooms?

(Abby's room was redone for under $200; curtains and bedspread from JC Penny's)


mikki roo said...

Very fresh, teen girl look! I'm not really that into pink... my own bedroom is almost that shade of green with brown, teal and burnt orange accents. Love it!

Sarah Herman said...

I was just about to post on the "projects" we accomplished over winter break. My husbands company gives 2 week christmas breaks for engineers, management ect. So I always take advantage of the time to let my husband be handy. Let's see a new range hood and microwave built by hand, new carpet in the gym/sunroom, oh and I also got to redo our master bedroom. All done for under 1000.00 with careful purchasing and one very handy husband! I love your daughters new bedroom, very cute!

~nanashouse~ said...

Love the room! I would move right in there :-)

Betsy said...

It's great! And since you stayed within budget, you can feel great about it, too! I have a few rooms that need a fresh coat of paint!

More than Survival said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm sure she will ENJOY it!!!!
My only daughter (+3 boys) is almost 10.... growing up is sometimes hard on the Mama, so I keep focusing on all of the joys of having her at THIS stage of life!!!! (Easier said than done) I wonder if it will be harder to let the youngest grow up??
Great job on the room... you are such a cool mom!

Ms. Tee said...

It's very cute. You've *got* to love Ikea & their prices!

Sandy Toes said...

Wow...looks great and what great stuff for a 12 yr. old..very blessed in her new "space"!

Okay..I made those rolls..WOW...all I can say is WOW!!! I also made your chicken individual potpie..the easy one...again wonderful!

My family thinks I am great thanks to you!!!
-sandy toe

Mod Girl said...

I'd say your daughter has a mod streak! Looks great... very fresh and simple. Good for you on shopping the house.

Our own home is a work in progress so we've always got some kind of project going on somewhere. Most recently and much needed facelift in the laundry room, next up the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Looks good Abby!

I had a friend paint our busiest bathroom while we were gone over Christmas. A good neutral with freshened white trim.

But NOT A BIT exciting, except that it got done and we didn't have to coordinate our showers with drying time.

deb meyers

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks nice! One of my Granddaughters just went thru the room makeover, and another will be doing the same very soon.

Renee said...

Way cool room! My daughter wants those exact colors too – but I’ve been dragging my heels. I’m not ready to part with her “little girl” pink things. If I don’t change it, maybe she won’t grow up so fast. :-) Guess not.

Thank your for your post today. It reminded me it’s about her and her likes, not mine.

Are you willing to share the paint names?

LuLu & Co. said...

Her room is wonderful. Perfect! I'm in the process of re-organizing my pantry and closets to start the year off fresh.. then I can start my 3 paint projects a desk and 2 dressers. But I want to organize first and paint as my reward!My daughters picked their paint colors as well.

Melanie said...

Looks great!
My daughter changes the look of her bedroom more than I do mine. Since she has a part time job now, she has to pay for the frequent makeovers.

A Stone Gatherer said...

What fun and very Tween to teenish!!!

Betts said...

Oh, I dread the day when all the little girl stuff goes. My 6 yr old has told me she's not so into Disney princesses anymore. She still likes them, but doesn't want them covering her stuff. If only we could keep them little and while longer.

My kitchen and bathrooms need a redo, but those will tough to keep cheap.

Leah said...

Hi Sandy,
I love your blog!... and usually stop by 1-2 times a week. My 12 year old daughter and I just redecorated her room last week. I've posted a few pictures on my blog if you want to check them out. www.4hawkeyefans.blogspot.com

ellen b. said...

Very nice! I like it, especially the bedspread :0)

Jen said...

Madison's room is also pink...and black. She has a Paris look and it is so cute...your daughters room is great....pink is awesome.

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Oh, this post almost makes me a bit sad as my daughter's room is also pink, but a softer lighter pink.

I envisioned she would keep this look forever... and now you're saying she might grow up and out of it someday?!? *sigh*

But then I guess that's what they're supposed to do, huh? Grow up...

The new room looks very fun!!! Nicely done!

RosyRose said...

So cute Sandy! I loved it! We are thinking of "freshening" Some rooms up this winter...Lovin that!

Miss G said...

It was great chatting today! Thanks so much.

I remember when I went from pink strawberry shortcake to bright colors. Then one more change to a "cloud room" of pale blue and white that my first boyfriend helped my dad paint. Oh how that must have been one of those "she's growing up" moments for my parents!

I am presently attempting to turn our second bedroom into my craft room. It's an apt. so I can't paint and I am going to attempt to use all things that I have and can repurpose. Kelly

Natasha said...

My daughter turned 16 this summer and we went from lime green and purple to sweet pale pink and chocolate brown!!

As an infant that was the color of her room then we went to red, yellow and orange to the lime green and back to pink!

My mom always gave me 'artistic' freedom in my own room and I think it is the only way to go with kids!

Her new diggs look smashing- you did a great job on your budget!

Kirstin said...

Hi Sandy....I left you something on my blog. I haven't looked at the pictures here yet, but I'm sure they're super cute. Going to come back and look.

Kirstin said...

Gee, wish I'd known about those dots before my girls spent hours painting them on their wall. It was a lot of work, but they love it!

They recently bought a few more things to add to it, and hopefully in the next week will have new beds.

Barb said...

I love the dot decals! Cute, cute.

It's sad when our little girls outgrow pink and move on to big girl colors, but I have to say, I like her new room a lot. It's cute as can be and I'll bet she loves it.

My grown daughters saved their American Girl dolls - Mandy has Molly and almost all her accessories and Krissy has Samantha. I love it that they'll hand them down to their own daughters.

Great job on her new room - it's really adorable.

Bev said...

I loved that you let her put the polka dots as she pleased, pushed the mattress under her bed for sleepovers, and hauled the rest of the wood to the firepit - absolutely delightful.

see you there! said...

I think the two of you have a new career in decorating. I love the peek I got at the circles hanging in front of the window.


Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Looks great! Here's a nosy question...what did you do with the pink stuff??

aswewalk said...

Oh, what did you do with the pink things? We're about to move from baby pink to deep pink--the next step older.

tidymom said...

My youngest dd(12) is wanting to do this! - her big sister moved out a few months ago, and she got her room - it's a bigger room too - so this spring/summer we're going to work on a new look for her - she is leaving behind the pink room too!