If You Think Apples Were Good - Try Pears!

This morning, bright and early, I made my No Peel Apple Cake, except this time I used PEARS!

I had a box of Comice pears in the garage that I needed to use up. They were ripe and perfect to go into this cake – WITH THE PEELS ON! It was incredibly moist and even tastier served with a dab of whipped cream on top!

I doubled the recipe and sent a cake home with my friend, Pam, who came to have a quick salad with me at lunch time, bringing her dad, who was visiting from Hawaii. (Read about how I experienced Hawaiian hospitality, here!)

My table looked like this

And I pulled out starched cloth napkins from here**

Using what I had, our spinach tuna salad looked like this

And then we had a bite of this

I also love Bartlett pears, as they’re my favorite to can. I was my mother’s helper, as a young girl, because my hand was small and I could place the pear perfectly, right side down, in the jar!

When I started canning years ago, I found all of my “wide-mouth” jars at garage sales. I’ve come to appreciate wide-mouth jars. I made sure and bought “wide,” because I remember how tricky it was getting the pears placed just right while canning with my mom.

Last weekend I canned these beauties

And with leftover Comice pears in my garage, I plan to make yummy pear jam, using my apple butter recipe.

Pears are so mellow and pleasant and a perfect fall fruit. They are well-loved in my household – for, protein shakes, cakes or muffins, pear crumble, pear butter, or just eating!

What are your favorite kinds of pears?

(Need a great Halloween recipe? Read my post Chicken Chili on a Halloween Night,
here. **To see a picture of where I store my starched cloth napkins, check it out, here.)


Sandy Toes said...

I love pears...I make a crisp with pears...so yummy!

That tuna salad looks yummy!!!
-sandy toes

tinkerverve said...

Yum! I can't remember if I left a note for you to tell you I made the apple cake this week and it was wonderful. thx. If you want to enter in a give-a-way for a gorgeous apron come on over for a visit! ;-)

Lucy said...

Sandy, what a wonderful twist to your original post, changing out the apples for pears. mmmmmmm!!

Christy said...

I knew I shouldn't have visited when I was hungry!

Someone from our church just gave us a box of apples. I'm going to try your cake.

Have a wonderful day!

Elizabeth G. said...

Your salad looks beautiful and you always set such a lovely table.

God bless,

Betts said...

Martha Stewart pales in comparison to you. You don't have a staff like she does.

I love all kinds of pears. I love making salad with lettuce of choice, pears, blue cheese, candied walnuts and craisins.

Liz said...


That sounds so yummy. I can't wait to try both apples and pears. What did you use to dress the salad?



ellen b. said...

I really like that tablecloth I spy under those dishes!

Rhonda said...

Allright..I never would have thought of substituting apples for pears. Hmm.

Actually, I've never even cooked with pears.

Interesting idea.

Ms. Tee said...

I'd love to live in your neighborhood, Sandy!:)

All of it looks so good. I really need to think about canning!

Kirstin said...

I love pears, probably any kind. I like them not too soft but not too hard! I've never made pear jam. I cannot wait to be in my own house (I know I say that alot), but there's just something about your own house, own space and own kitchen that makes you want to "make" things!!! Plus I think I might have more time because I won't be running from one house to another.

Anyways, a friend of mine made peach and plum jam and gave me a jar of each. They were so good, but I think the plum was my favorite. I've never had plum jam.

A friend of mine recently made your no peel apple cake and her family loved it.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Very smart thinking using Pears in the place of Apples Sandy.
My gallbladder can't process apples but it doesn't have a problem with pears so this post really was helpful.
Thank you~
Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful lunch today! Everything looked perfect.

Pam said...

The pear is my favorite fruit. Your cake looks amazing and your canned pears are calling my name.

Praise and Coffee said...

I admit Sandy, I've never thought of my favorite pear, in fact I've never met a pear I didn't like :)

But as always, you make everything look fabulous! Go you!

Have a great weekend.

see you there! said...

I look forward to pears in the fall, they are really inexpensive right now in our produce markets. Pear butter is delicious isn't it?


Jen said...

I got my package yesterday afternoon. And WOW! It was like Christmas. Such nice things. I have them all out...and have played with all of them...lol....Scott has already gotten into the apple butter. He LOVED it. I got it yesterday as things in life were falling apart...just a bad day so it was so nice when the mailman walked up and knocked on the door.
Thanks so much for brightening so many peoples lives. You are such an inspiration tome and so many woman out there...keep doing what you do dear friend and thanks so much,,hugs and smiles from Ky.

Grace said...

i tend to prefer apples to pears, but there's no way i'd say no to this. good thinking (and happy halloween). :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

LOVE pears! It all looks yummy and the table setting is so pleasant too. I love how you keep your napkins done up & ready for use :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wow! Everything looks so delicious! thanks for coming over! I LOVE your site! I so need help with entertaining ideas!

Terry B said...

We must be on the same wavelength, Sandy! Last week, I made baked pears with currants for dessert instead of the usual baked apples. A sweeter, more subtle take on a great fall standard. And what a beautiful table setting! We try to always use cloth napkins [although not starched], just to be a little greener in our everyday living.

Laurie said...

Nice job! I've been in the apple mode lately it would be nice to try something different, thanks for the inspiration!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Trick or Treat! :)

nicisme said...

Your cake looks delicious, great idea to use pears!
I will be back for a longer look at your recipes - you have a super blog!

~j~ said...

those are oh so beautiful! and that looks as yummy as the apples in a jar. Your family must just start drooling as they walk towards your front door Sandy for the wonderful aromas coming from your kitchen! :))
thank you!

Mommy's Kitchen said...

I love Pears anyway i can get them. I just tried my hand at canning homemade pear honey, have you ever had that? I have the recipe and pictures listed at my site if you want to take a peek. I want to try the pear jam or butter you have at your site. Great Job.

MyKidsMom said...

Your pear cake looks (and sounds) so delicious! I definitely need to try that sometime. And canning pears as well. I'm pretty proud of myself for canning peaches this year, so maybe we'll add pears next:)

Love the colorful tuna salad as well.

Anonymous said...


I made 2 of your NO-Peel Apple Cakes this past week. They were delicious and SO easy to make. Thanks for encouraging those of us who are "hesitant" entertainers.