Pat's French Toast

Last night as I was making hot raspberry jam, I picked up my cell phone and called a lady whose name was very familiar to me during my childhood. As a little girl, this lady was one of my mother’s best friends. She moved away when I was 10, so it has been years since I have talked to her.

As I was stirring this big pot of jam, I called Pat. I also was thinking how “raspberry jam” seems to be my family’s favorite. In fact, we treat this particular kind of jam like “gold.” It melts in your mouth, it’s perfect for peanut butter and jellies (a lot of P&J’s are consumed in my household!), but what was really jogging my memory was how we like to eat it on Pat’s French Toast.

I grew up with Pat’s French Toast, which originated from my mom’s friend, Pat! When my kids have friends over for the night, they beg me to make this for breakfast. And what is even tastier is when it’s served with homemade raspberry or strawberry jam!

As I chatted with Pat, not only was it fantastic catching up with her, but she asked me all about my family. Then we talked about her friendship with my mom when they were young girls. It made me stop and think about my girlfriends, and made me wonder if someday when I am gone, will my children carry with them the memories of my relationships with these women in my life? Will my friends be influential to them? Or, taking it a step further, what will my friend’s kids think of me?

These were very exciting thoughts that I was having. Because I know that my close friends really do love my children. It is so special that we all have the chance and ability to make an impact on someone else’s life.

As a child, I always remember Pat having a smile on her face. She was joyful, even when illnesses struck her. She was a lot like my mom – she loved to cook, can, and she loved her family and God. Even last night, that is how Pat and I ended our conversation together – talking about God.

So here’s Pat’s French Toast. It’s for a special breakfast, or when you’re feeding a slew of kids, like I usually do around here!

1 cup flour
1 ½ tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. salt
1 cup milk
2 eggs
(optional vanilla & cinnamon)

Make batter. Get grill hot and oil (or spray). Dip bread into batter and cook on both sides until light brown. Serve with amazing homemade jam or natural 100% maple syrup. YUM! Thank you, Pat H!

(Thank you also to Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer), for highlighting my blog on BlogHer! Read her article, Entertaining Easily, here. Above photos: 4 flats of raspberries from White's Country Farm, turned into yummy pints of raspberry jam, best served on Pat's French Toast.)


Wendy said...

That looks delicious!

Jen said...

The french toast looks awesome and the jam does too. You make some great things...I do however have a question for you...curiosity I guess...what is a day with you like? From morning to night.....a typical day are you scheduled or wing it????

see you there! said...

Raspberries are the price of gold here and so I don't make jam but when I visit family in Oregon I usually bring home a couple of jars from my Cousin. Believe me they are precious!

The french toast is a new method to me and we will surely be trying it.


ellen b. said...

I've never used flour in french toast batter before. I'm going to have to try this one. Looks delish and the rasberry jam looks amazing. Have a great week...
I was just talking to my best friends daughter who is having some trauma about entertaining in her home and I suggested she check out your blog :0)

Mary said...

I loved the look of your raspberry jam...yum! Yesterday I made some toaster cake corn muffins - which I iced with powdered sugar and then added a dollop of raspberry preserves. I was wishing I had yours! For my toaster cake recipe, go to:


Thanks so much for all the great food and entertaining tips.

All the best,


Crystal said...

Oh yum! Pa's toast looks divine!

Kirstin said...

WOw, looks yummy. My family is more partial to strawberry Jam so I make that yearly.

I absolutely love French Toast so I am going to try this recipe. Isn't it fun to have recipes that are passed down from friends and family.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We do a LOT of big breakfasts around here so this sounds perfect. It seems as though I could double the batter and use it for a couple of days?

I think raspberry jam is my favorite! I sure miss having all that fresh fruit available to me. But, I am here in New Mexico making the most of it and enjoying the sun sets! :)


Lady Dorothy said...

I can't wait to try Pat's recipe! Our french toast is the typical mostly eggs dip. I tried Rachel Ray's recipe which included a lot of milk, and didn't care for it. (just my preference, I think, not a judgment of her recipe) But, how fun to find another competely different recipe! Thanks for sharing it!

ROXY said...

MMMM... that's looks yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I too remember Pats smile! I think of her each time I drive on Cocker Butte rd. I also remember playing at her house with Heidi and how sweet she treated her kids. Next time you talk to her, please tell her hello.
French Toast looks awesome!


yum-o!! thanks for the recipe! any chance you will share the raspberry jam recipe? thanks!

bizzy mommy said...

oh yum-o! what an awesome talent you have been given! i never made it this way before i may have to try it! it's great to visit here and learn all these new things!

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Your posts always inspire and encourage me. Thanks for stopping by lately and encouraging me so much. I have been reading my favorite blogs but doing very little commenting.
The French Toast looks and sounds wonderful! And the jam is making my mouth water.
Can you teach me to can?? I wish I was closer...sigh

abeachcottage said...

hey Sandy, thanks for taking the time to tell me about the BlogHer article, woo hoo! how amazing I got a mention too, it's surprises me...and my Reluctant Entertainer journey is only just beginning, limited at the mo' by sporting committments on weekends and this weekend is the last for me and getting on the last for the boys woo hoo - I'm only hoping there's be no stopping me with the entertaining!!!

love raspberry jam, one of the best memories I have with my kids is going out to pick-your-own farm, picking strawberries and raspberries, coming back and making jam, the aroma fabulous, even better a few months into winter, open the jar and smell that summer's day

i would hope I would be remembered like Pat

I'll try the recipe, I've never had it


GiBee said...

I now understand your passion for home-canned jams. I have it now too!!

It's funny that last year, I was so afraid of canning -- this year, thanks to your encouragement, I've taken the bull by the horn and FILLED my pantry with fresh jams to overflowing... So easy! Just as you said!!!! I can't wait to give them as hostess gifts during the holidays!

And guess what's on my Christmas list (if I don't get it sooner) -- yup... the food press/strainer for my kitchen aid -- next year, I want to try seedless raspberry jam -- or is that considered jelly?

Miss G said...

What an absolutely wonderful heritage! Thanks so much for sharing! Kelly

Sue Cramer said...

That looks fabulous!! I am going to use that french toast recipe, thanks.