A $12 Night!

This last weekend my husband packed up his Westfalia camper van, snagged his willing wife (me!), and headed 45 minutes up the road to a beautiful campsite.

There we dry-camped (no hook-ups!) and enjoyed 24 hours of togetherness.

Quiet time & nature

Reading by the fire


But most of all, we enjoyed our time away from the kids!

I’m always surprised when I hear that a couple has never left their kids. And I do understand that everyone has different values, but for my husband and me – we want to make sure when our kids leave our nest, that we still like each other. Actually, that we still love each other’s company and prioritize our relationship.

We’ve always felt comfortable leaving our kids with family and friends. We come back more energized as parents, encouraged, refreshed and relaxed.

We ate lunch before we left, walked to a small café up from our campsite for dinner, brought pre-cooked scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and Dubliner cheese on top for breakfast, along with strawberries from our garden.

And of course Starbucks coffee and our trusty French-press coffee maker. That we never leave home without, because there is nothing like a campfire and coffee, a book, good company and the brisk morning air! And just knowing that we are both there – sitting in silence as we read.

As I clamped the piece of paper on the post by the campsite stating we did indeed pay our $12 for the spot, I realized how blessed I am to have a husband who loves the outdoors. A husband who doesn’t feel the need to spend a ton of money to find happiness.

Our $12 night’s rate was perfect and it was just what we parents needed, two nights before the school year was to begin.

When was the last time you got away with your husband

(To read more about our VW van, go here. To read a recent interview by Tip Junkie, on Reluctant Entertainer and what the mission of my blog is all about, go here!)


Ms. Tee said...

This sounds like a wonderful time away. Your photos really captured the mood, too. :) And what good food you had!

Michelle said...

Sandy, thank you for posting this. It has made me a little embarassed that we haven't spent a night away from our little Finn yet. He's just turned 16 months and you've inspired me to make a phone call to my mom or sister and have a night away with my husband. Thanks!

Org Junkie said...

Ha ha....love it...The Love Shack!

Sounds like an amazing time ;)

Lovella said...

Sandy. . this looks so much like our recent camping trip . . we had a little time with our grown up kids. . a little time with our friends. . and a trailer to ourselves. .
Your camping looked wonderful.

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

oh, you are so right, we try to take time away from the kids, especially important when you are a sahm I think

absolutely loved the camping pics Sandy, I'm telling you, we would love that camper, in fact I've been looking lately at the ads in the paper...a shame you can't pick them up at thrift stores, lol

we are just about to book a dry camping trip, there is an October long-weekend in Australia, the weather will be warm and we are heading up the coast for some de-stress, no electricity, a big cooler of food, games, our tent, wildlife and family re-connection I can't wait

oh and just wanted to tell you I've stepped outside the box and invited our Mr & Mrs Perfect next door neighbours to the BeachCottage for a bbq next weekend, eeek, I'm half wishing I hadn't but ya know, I just took the bull by the horns, thought of you and reluctant entertainer and invited them, I really hope that they enjoy themselves... i will be keeping it really simple and trying not to stress about things that aren't right in the cottage, for me this is easier said than done, as you know :-) but I want to connect and I want my kids to see the gift of hospitality...


nel said...

Looks like you had a fun, relaxing time together and your photos are great! Love that camper and that deer photo is amazing!

It's so good to have time away from the kids and spend time building your own relationship together.

Have a great week!

Jenster said...

Sounds utterly delightful! My husband and I are all about spending time together - especially the closer we get to being just us!!

Jen said...

We actually get away twice a year without kids...once with a group of friends and once by ourselves....next year we are doing a trip to New Orleans with friends....and we normally do a B&B one nighter somewhere and we love it...good for you two...I believe we all need a break once or twice a year.

Betsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! A great idea and cute name for the van! LOL

Wendy said...

i definitely agree about getting away as a couple, that is so important!

looks like you had a great time!

Kirstin said...

How fun! I think the last time we got away just the two of us that wasn't ministry related was 2 years ago. We've gotten away a few times to go to conferences just the two of us and that has been fun.

Linda Lou said...

Gotta have those breaks from the kids-we do it at least once a year, last year 10 days in Italy for our 20 year anni. A camping trip could be very romantic!! Glad you did it!

Stacey said...

That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and lovely! You make dirt camping sound so applealing. ;)

We are actually getting away to the Wolf Creek Inn in a few days for some "us time"...one of our favorite things in the world. I am sorry for those who feel they "cannot" leave for time to be alone. It's vital to us. :)

Honeymooning rocks...even after 16 years. :)

Thanks for all you do!

Love & hugs-

Elizabeth G. said...

Wow, Sandy, you have inspired me yet again. It's been years since I spent a night away with my hubby - too long. I'm wondering now how I could make something like that work.

Thank you for your wonderful ministry.


denice said...

Nice. :)

And I so agree: time away together is so valuable!

see you there! said...

You sure can't beat the price and so close to home too.

I went to TJ, read your great interview and left a comment telling everyone my favorite part of RE. You know it is the Balcony Girls I'll bet :-)


Irritable Mother said...

Hmmmm, I am not fond of camping, but if I did it with JUST my husband? I might get into that!
As it is, hubby and I are going to Florida in October - for free, since he won a trip for two. *grin*

Kristen said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea! I am going to plan a surprise camping trip w/ my husband this fall!

Lady Dorothy said...

Romance and relaxation.

Very nice.

Susie said...

How romantic! It has been exactly 7 weeks since we spent a night away just the two of us, but I am working on a night this weekend if the in-laws are up for my kiddos.

The mosquitos are so bad in Texas right now, it won't be camping for sure.

ValleyGirl said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful time! It had been forever since hubby and I had a night alone, but in July, he brought the girls down to the city in the semi to stay for the weekend and then he came home alone ~ and joined me, who'd had two full days without hubby OR kids by then! It was awesome! And it cost us nothing. In fact, he actually got PAID to make those 6-hour drives!!

mrsjones6 said...

Oh it sounds like so much fun!! Your pictures are wonderful and you guys make a beautiful couple. While I love my children it is always so refreshing to get away just for a bit with the hubby. Sadly, though it has been too long with all the work that our move has entailed. If all goes well, I'll be accompanying him to Seattle in late November. Somewhere new! It ought to be wonderful.

Muzzymom86 said...

I really enjoyed this post. My Husband and I just spent the whole day together geocaching on Sunday. Our DD went to an amusement park with the Grandparents. So we opted to not go so we could have the day alone. My BIL is restoring a Westfalia and I love it. Might have to borrow it sometime.

Sheila said...

What a wonderful evening and post! I would love to crawl in and sit by that fire with my coffee. We haven't escaped overnight in quite a while...it may be time to call in a few favors!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder! My husband and I get away twice a year just the two of us. My parents watch the boys and we reconnect. It is something that I look forward to every year. When we started, we just went a few miles away for 2 nights. Now that he travels extensively, we have lots of free hotel points and airline miles so we go a little further. However, the goal is the same. Enjoying my husband and making him priority and my complete focus which is hard to do with young children underfoot.

Have a great school year!

Becky said...

Oh I so agree with you about getting away with your hubby.
I fell in love with my hubby laying under the stars and that is where we seem to rekindle our romance, looking up at the stars from our campsite. Just watching the sky explode with them is time well spent. And you know that you have slowed down enough to reconnect!
I blogged about Our Rolling Romantic Home.
Maybe one day all of us camping lovers will meet!

Christy said...

Looks like fun! My husband and I try really hard to have "time away" as well. We actually have a trip coming up in a few weeks and even though it's a work related trip, I'm looking forward to the 7 hour drive we will have together in the car and dinner just the two if us. It is SO important to prioritize time together, however and wherever it is.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I just wondered onto your blog...it's so delightful! Love your camping trip! The photos are so perfect!

...The Love Shack...that's the best!


KATEE said...

awe Sandy way to keep priorities straight! Looks like you two had a really sweet time... :) :) :)
Love it--- and that van is rad! :)
*peace to ya!

Stephanie said...

I love this idea! My husband hates camping so it probably wouldn't be what he would chose but it sounds right up my alley!

My husband and I do weekly date nights but rarely get away overnight. I guess about once a year we take a 2 night vacation away without kids. It is nice :)

Shannon said...

Looks fun!

realworldmartha said...

Are you iin Southern Oregon? I use to live in Ashland, Phoenix and now live in Phoenix AZ. I miss it so much. We still have family there and visit often.