A Blizzard-Loving Girl!

OK, Busy Parents of America – it’s time to fess up and admit we sometimes need help!

I did it last week. And I had several reasons why I felt I could ask for it.

Last weekend our daughter had an orchestra concert – in 3 different towns nearby – on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon. Taking our daughter to this 3-performance-event was not going to work for our family, so I divided the concerts up between friends who were willing to help us out.

Between friends? Just any ol’ friends, you might ask?

Two different couples, who’ve enjoyed spending time with our kids for many years, agreed to take Abby to the first two performances. Each couple came to pick her up early, dressed and ready for a “night out.” They took Abby to dinner, they got her to each destination at the appropriate call time - sat with her, watched her perform, and waited for her.

Then each night after the concert, our girl got her favorite treat – a Blizzard at Dairy Queen! A Blizzard- lover’s dream!

Yes, Abby is a Blizzard-loving girl, but she has also come to appreciate our older friends who invest time into her. Each couple is unique and offers a different flavor to our lives.

They do things for our kids that spell out L O V E.

I’ve learned to share my kids with others! When schedules get tight, I’ve learned to ask for help when we need it. And what I have found is that there are willing hands to give back to our family. Hearts that know and love hospitality – they’ve practiced it their whole lives – and who are willing to jump in and be there for us. They are willing to take their hospitality with them wherever they go.

Are you an empty nester, or maybe a person who has a little bit of extra time on your hands? Do you look around for the needs of others, or do you stay in your own little circle, never reaching out?

I’m a testimony waiting for the world to hear.

Young couples and busy parents in today’s generation are crying out for older people who can pitch in and help. Because not only does it occasionally relieve the parents, but in turn, our kids get to spend time with older and wiser people, other than mom and dad!

They give, and we receive - and then we pass the hospitable spirit on to others.

Do you have older, wiser, willing people in your lives?


ValleyGirl said...

This is something that really feels like it's missing from our lives. Maybe I'm just too proud to ask for help. That's probably more likely the issue!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I totally agree with you! We have chosen to live near our kids' grandparents just for this reason. When my girls were little, their grandmas would take them to ballets, dinner, shopping and all sorts of things. While I would've loved to do all of those things with them myself, I didn't always have the time or money to do it all. Having grandparents not only provided them with wonderful additional experiences in life, but it gave the grandmas a chance to be a part of their granddaughters growing up years. It was special for both of them and they have fond memories to this day. Also, the girls got to know grandmas friends and they too turned into special adults in their life. Such a blessing!


linda said...

Wonderful post!

I'm at the stage in my life that I don't need the help...but I would sure love to be able to help out someone else. I was one of those mom's that thought I needed to do it all myself...and look at the blessings that were missed out on.

Now I'm going to be on the search for young moms that may be needing some extra help!

I wanted to let you know that I tried your asian type dressing you posted here...everyone loved it! Thank you!

~nanashouse~ said...

I am so in need of help I don't even know where to start :-( My daddy (who has cancer) had a stroke yesterday. We moved my parents into our home three weeks ago and I, in my dreamworld, thought everything would be o.k. Wrong!! I'm hoping that when I am on the other side of this, I will remember enough to make meals, secretly clean and most of all...PRAY!
Bless your friends. I am offering up a prayer of thanksgiving for them.

Monday through Sunday said...

I have a hard time asking ~ great reminder and something to think about!!

deputyswife said...

Amen to that!

Org Junkie said...

My parents moved across the country last year and since then we've not had anyone step up to fill their shoes. It makes me terribly sad that is for sure but I keep praying about it!

Kirstin said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. While our girls don't have many "grandparent" type people who do things with them (though my inlaws do lots with them), they do have many young adults who pour oodles and oodles of time into them. Taking them places, just hanging out with them by taking them to movies adn then to make cookies, or to get ice cream. Just doing nothing but loving on them and hanging out with them.

When we've had to go out of town and needed to leave the girls, these young adults stepped up and offered to take care of them. And trust me we wouldn't leave them with just anyone.

It is a tremendous blessing and I don't think our girls realize how good they have it.

OKGardners said...

I think some empty nesters don't know WHERE they fit in - after their kids leave home. They don't want to offend younger parents or step in where they are not wanted or needed, so if you WANT them in your life or kids' lives - please TELL them and include them on some family activities. Then they will truly know you want them around.

Currently, we are in the "Where do we fit in?" stage. Not fun when your own local kids/grandkids don't have time or space for you in their lives and activities.


willzmom said...

Wow, were you reading my mind? I have been thinking about this for so long. When you have wonderful people is the lives of your children, it is such a blessing.

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

We live close to one set of grandparents. Having not had that experience or opportunity growing up, I do not take this blessing lightly.

They help out tremendously with the kiddos just to help us get through.

We also have a few others in our church that are willing to help out at a moment's notice as well.

Thank you for reminding me that it is "ok" to ask for help. And feel free to let Abby know... I am a blizzard lovin' girl also! ;-)

~j~ said...

like okgardners i too am trying to find out "where i fit" and what a perfect suggestion in filling that million dollar question! A wise Mother indeed Sandy, and Abby is the recipient of some very rich relationships as a result.
xo j

Jen said...

Yes we do. Our old neighbors....and we love them. Unfortunately we haven't stayed in great contact since we moved..but I'm changing that....they are coming to dinner next week. Great post.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sandy, just playing catchup as usual. What a great post this is. I love it that you have such special friends who can help out when needed. We are still trying to find our way in a new town, developing friendships and getting to know people. It takes SO long to do that nowadays. So different than when I was growing up in a small church and area.

Love what you packed for your hubby's getaway. I'm sure he will be happy with all of it!


Julie said...

That's awesome. We don't currently have older couples in our lives. This is wonderful to have though.
I think somehow we are becoming the older couple, yet we still have children at home. It's nice to be able to help out these younger couples. We remember the days. Our kids do great bringing the younger kids in and caring for them!

Thanks for sharing. I too love a good blizzard!


Krysta said...

It's so hard to ask for help. I always feel like I'm imposing. You are very lucky to have so many friends willing to help.

melissa lewis - off the wall said...

Great post. My husband and I are approaching our 5 year this weekend:) WE don't have any children, but my sister is the mother of 2 under the age of six. Though my husband and I aren't old, we love spending as much time with our 2 nieces as possible. We try to do as much with them as we can, and I know it helps my sister out LOTS just to have some "free" time when we get them!

Mary Isabella said...

I am a Grandmother of 8 and I am on call to help 24 hours a day. Your post is so inspiring. I am visiting for the first time and I like your blog very much...Mary

see you there! said...

Our GD is 11 and an only child, once in awhile she'll invite a friend when we do something like go for an ice cream or to a movie.

I have a question tho, I'd love to let her take a friend when we go to the Mt. House. I'm just leary about issues like liability - they would be swimming, hiking, and of course there is the 2 hr. drive each way. I did mention it to one of her friends parents and they seemed very receptive to the idea tho. Any comments? Do you think I'm being overly concerned?


Fuschia said...

Love this! Love this! Love this!

Lis Garrett said...

How wonderful! I sure hope I grow into an older person willing to lend a hand. :-)

A Woman Who is: said...

Sandy: You do have two especially handsome sons, and beauty of a daughter. I just caught up on all your lastest blogs, and it was a refreshing read. As always I am blessed by your heart and all the creativity that you exude in the role of motherhood, wife, sister and friend. This post on sharing your children with older couples is so precious. I am just entering into that empty nest phase myself. I would love to be able to help out some young families like this. I am sure the couples that shared in your daughter's concerts were so blessed to have been able to share in Abby's evening. I will be keeping my eyes open for these kinds of opportunities myself now. Thanks for sharing all the giftings and creativity you have been given for living a really great life to the glory of God.

Leigh Ann said...

Living away from my family for so many years as a young mom I've learned to ask for help and am always amazed at how willing people are. It recommits me in hope and faith every time.

Cheers! LA