Trustworthy Balcony Girls

This week at our Balcony Girls meeting, we played a game. The rule was, on the count of 3, you had to “trust” that your partner would catch you, as you’d fall directly back into her arms. The girls were hesitant at first, but they went ahead and played this game.

We also paired up and took a “trust walk” through the house and out by the pool, with one girl blindfolded, the other leading the way.

How did it feel to be trusted?” I asked. “And to not be trusted?” This lesson led my Balcony Girls into a great discussion today as we talked about the importance of trustworthy friendships.

Why are Balcony Girls trustworthy? Because when a friend trusts you, you will keep things in confidence and not become a gossiper. You can be trusted with your actions and words. A Balcony Girl learns to sort through the words that she hears from others. She examines the details to see if they are valuable and if not, she tosses them out (she does not share secrets with others.)

After cheesy quesadillas and a slice of poppy seed cake, the girls were ready to have some fun and paint away on their crafts.

But first we talked about ways that each girl could become more trustful in their relationships. The girls chimed in with some great answers as we made these points come alive (with scenarios):

Be a good friend (don’t betray trust)
Be reliable (keep your promises)
Don’t tear down with your words
Have the courage to do what is right, even when it is hard (learn to keep secrets, not spread them!)
Learn to nip it – when you and a friend start talking negatively about a person: STOP IT
Be honest (don’t lie, cheat, or steal)

Today was another great lesson as I encouraged the girls to look for other Balcony Girls (trustworthy friends) to spend time with.

They know that hanging out with trustworthy friends can actually help you to grow as a person. I also shared with the girls that I wished I had learned this lesson growing up. I was honest with them about how I had learned the hard way, in several relationships.

Yes, it’s good to have wise, trustworthy friends – and it’s good to be a wise, trustworthy friend!

(If you're new to my blog, and you are wondering what Balcony Girls has to do with entertaining, this is what it's all about. For the last 3 years, I have opened my home twice a month to 8 girls who called themselves Balcony Girls. Their mission is to "build up and not tear down," while relating to their friends. My mission is to help them learn some incredible, valuable lessons. And it's all done by sharing hospitality and love.)


see you there! said...

Ahhhh, you know how much I adore these girls.

What a wonderful lesson you gave them. I enjoyed the answers they came up with.


Michelle said...

What a beautiful ministry you are
leading! How do you choose your
lessons?? Do you find something
specific your daughter is experien-
cing and go from there?

I'd love to do something similar
with my five daughters.

Blessings, Michelle

Barb said...

Yeah Miz Sandy, we need a Balcony Girls book, so it's all right in front of us!

momrn2 said...

These truths penetrate deep into my heart at a very personal level!

How I wish I would have had more opportunities to think on these things as a girl. It may have helped me to be more intuitive into trustworthy friends as an adult. It could have saved me some pain. Yet, God uses even that to grow a heart!! :-)

Thanks for such encouraging and beautiful reminders today of being a trustworthy friend and finding trustworthy friends!

Your balcony girls are blessed to have you and the lessons they are learning!!

ValleyGirl said...

I agree -- you need to publish a book!! I think there are a lot of adult women who'd be interested in it as well.

Being trustworthy is so hard sometimes. I learned the hard way how it feels to not be trusted by someone whom I thought I was great friends with. And by learning the hard way, I mean I deserved to lose their trust, even though it wasn't an intentional breach on my part. And it hurt. But I think I was more hurt by myself than by the reaction from my friend. I think others are not the only sufferers when we break their trust. It's just as much a crime against self as against others.

And so I learned. And realized exactly how tricky gossip is to avoid. But that's a whole different story!

Long story short, being able to trust someone and being the type of person people can trust is SO much more important than we often realize. I'm so glad your BG's are getting a heads up!

Dawn said...

I plan on going back through your blog and looking at all your Balcony Girls lesson ideas for ideas when I get to a point where I can host something similar so please don't ever take this blog down :), or like the others said, write a book!

ValleyGirl said...

PS. I'm so jealous that your grass is green!!!!

Jen said...

I wish my daughter was a part of something like this. You do such a great job.

:..Rebekah..: said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I'm encouraged to be more creative and thoughtful of ways to teach my daughters.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I love this idea!
I may borrow it with a group of girls from our church.

What ages are the girls in your group?

willzmom said...

I always love what you share about the Balcony Girls. What a wonderful lesson, I can take things from it myself. I think it boils down to what I was always told by my Mom, if you want a good friend, then be a good friend.

Tammy said...

Wonderful theme to focus on, Sandy! Especially girls this age!

I think what you're doing is so incredible, and know God is blessing you for it, as well the girls!

Tanya said...

I just found your blog and it's great. You have a love-filled family full of decency and great food! Keep up the great work!

Org Junkie said...

Such an excellent lesson, really enjoyed reading about it.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.


Joy said...

I'm so excited Sandy - tomorrow I am going to give a talk to our 'Faith Girlz' and I am going use your $10.00 speech. (I printed it soooo long ago knowing I would want to use it!)

This is a great idea as well...


Rhonda said...

I absolutely love visiting your blog.

It is pretty, informative and easy to read.

Giving you an award. Stop by to see...

Andrea said...

Thanks for dropping by my site last week for my french toast recipe post! Sorry it took me so long to re-pay the visit.

I used to be a regular visitor of your blog, and I was always inspired by your balcony girls posts. You are doing an awesome and important ministry!

Joy said...

Hi Sandy,

Just wanted to let you know my talk with our Faith Girlz (I used a fifty dollar bill) went SO well. I told them all about you. :)