Crockpot Kids! (Mango Chicken)

“Our body is like armor, our soul like the warrior. Take care of both, and you will be ready for what comes.” (Amma St. Syncletice)

We had extra kids hanging out at our house this past weekend, being that it was the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

What would I feed these hungry kids – something both nutritious and healthy?

Here’s the lowdown on what was cooked for dinner in the Coughlin kitchen on Monday Night. Along with great conversation, we had this fantastic meal!

Mango Crockpot Chicken
Spray your crockpot (any kind of cooking spray)
Fill with whole chicken (boneless) breasts
Cover with ½ container of Costco’s Mango Salsa (any salsa works, but this particular kind is the best!)
Cook on LOW all day long – do not stir

Time to eat
Shred the chicken with two forks (do not drain off any juices), salt lightly, and your chicken is ready to go!

I shredded lettuce and cheese, cut up onions, olives, tomatoes and cilantro – set out a pint of sour cream – and then we cooked tortillas, though we sometimes use flour tortillas.

It always turns out
It's an easy, healthy, crowd-pleasing dinner that not one kid has ever turned his nose to!

I also occasionally keep a pot of this chicken in my fridge. When hungry, our kids have learned to be creative and help themselves to burritos, enchiladas, and salads and even add the chicken to eggs.


For those of you who guessed what was in this covered bowl, most were right - Sourdough Starter!

After the 6 days were complete (of adding water and whole-wheat flour each day), I shared a jar of Starter with my friend, Pam, and then on Monday morning (MLK holiday), I made Sourdough Whole Wheat Pancakes for all the kids!

That along with homemade strawberry freezer jam!

I’m looking forward to keeping the Starter going – because it made my family come alive with the flavor!

Hungry kids? No problem!!

(Top photo: Beautiful, snowy Roxy Ann, where we often take the kids hiking!)


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Sandy, I was so happy to have you at my blog. That mango chicken sounds great. I love crock pot meals. There's nothing like fixing a crock pot meal, leaving for the day and coming home to smell a wonderful dinner cooking. ~ Smiles ~ Lynn

Jen said...

I make Homemade Strawberry Freezer Jam every year in May...about 24 jars. I love it. My friends love it too and I have to hide it...lol.

This recipe sounds wonderful....I think I will try it on the family. thanks for sharing.

Nadine said...

That mango chicken sounded so very yummy. I'm going to have to do that. Your pancakes look picture perfect...I bet they taste even better.

Julie said...

Hi Sandy,

I'm just getting back into town after yet another trip and am attempting to get caught up in blogland.

I'm a huge fan of crockpot meals and your Mango Chicken sounds intriguing, so we'll be trying it.

FYI - we're just coming into strawberry season here in Florida. Within the next few weeks the U-Pick farm across the street will be open. Is anything in the whole world better tasting than strawberry freezer jam? Did you know the jam makes excellent (virgin)Daquiri's and topping for ice cream? YUM!

Tracy said...

Yum! That chicken sounds great! I need to look for some mango salsa as we live nowhere near a Costco.

Anonymous said...

I am with Tracy - I need to search for some Mango salsa since I live nowhere near a Costco either! I am saving this recipe, though, and perhaps I will make it on Superbowl Sunday for my crowd??? That is IF I find some mango salsa!!!

Kirstin said...

Mango chicken sounds wonderful! I love Costco's mango salsa so I may need to try this!

Christine said...

Yum! Love the mango salsa idea...

Praise and Coffee said...

Love that chicken recipe, thank you!!!
Your blog is so inviting!


Org Junkie said...

Sounds delicious, I love using my crockpot!

ValleyGirl said...

Mmmm, that sounds delicious!! I love finding those quick, easy, healthy recipes that use few ingredients and the type you usually have on hand. Perfect for last-minute company (which, of course, I don't get much of!!!) or weekend company when you don't want to be working in the kitchen the whole time.

I love that top photo -- absolutely stunning!!

Ornery's Wife said...

The mango chicken sounds delickity. I'll check out some mango salsa at the health foods store next time I'm there. We don't have costco here. :-(

This was a great post, as usual. I fell behind reading, as I've been busy, but I always enjoy reading about what you've been up to!

momrn2 said...

I'm always up for a new crockpot recipe. I use mine often!! This one sounds yummy!

Jen said...

MMMM! The mango chiken sounds divine. It is such a wonderful idea for an easy dinner. I also enjoyed your great conversation. It is wonderful when we can sit and talk with our children, encouraging them to open up and think for themselves.
Thank you for sharing.

tearjerker said...

Next time I'm at costco, I must remember to add the mango salsa on my list...that recipie sounds absolutely dish!

Thanks Sandy!

Elizabeth said...

YUM!!!! I am definitely trying this, Sandy!

Ornery's Wife said...

I made this yesterday. Oh my gosh, it was SO good! I posted about it and linked to you today. http://thoughtsfrommillermanor.blogspot.com/2008/02/fairy-dust-and-wonderful-food.html
Have a nice weekend!

Bess said...

We finally made the mango chicken for dinner last night...YUUUUUMMMM! I couldn't believe how tasty and terrific it turned out. Thanks so much for the easy, time-saving recipe. :)

Cindy said...

Hey friend-Mango Chicken sounds wonderful! I will try it soon. Another favorite of mine is a jar of Green Salsa in the crockpot with chicken (I use boneless, skinless). Serve the same way. Blessings! C