Conversation Starters!

I found it! I found it!!

That is, the book that I have been talking about since the creation of my blog, that so many readers have asked about! It’s a small book, well worn with crinkled paper and water spots, and was tucked away in my husband’s office. Paul and I used it early on in our marriage, and the habit of “good conversation” continues to this day, in our home and with each other.

Creative Conversation Starters for Couples is a great book for getting reluctant entertainers started with mealtime conversations. Questions range from light-hearted and friendly topics to intimate, more personal subjects (great for date nights, walks, or getting to know your spouse more).

Since this book has many questions for couples, we adapted many of them around our dining table, eventually formulating our own questions that were pertinent to our guests.

Here are some examples from the book:
If you could have the autograph of anyone in the world, who would you choose?
What one day would you love to live over again?
How would you describe your parents’ marriage while growing up?

Or for kids around the table:
What was your first grade teacher like?
If you were president of the United States for one day, what’s the first thing you would do?
What is one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done?

The purpose of conversation starters for dinner parties, or even dinners with your immediate family, is to keep the conversation flowing and intimacy growing.

We need to keep the lines of communication open and continue to grow as a family. But not only as a family, but also as friends, neighbors, and citizens!

We can change the patterns of disconnectedness in our world by starting in our own homes!

(My next Valentines giveaway is right around the corner! Along with this Conversation Starters book (no longer available through Focus on the Family - click on Amazon to order here), you can win a beautiful package for two … but that doesn’t mean you have to be a couple! Use your creativity and share with a loved one – your spouse, a grandchild, a neighbor, or a friend! Watch for the upcoming post!)

(Speaking of "conversation!" Our recent "snow storm" is the talk of the town. Above photos taken in our neighborhood by Paul.)


ValleyGirl said...

Those pictures are absolutely breath-taking!! He's quite talented with a camera!

I'm so looking forward to your next give-away! The concept of having specific conversation-starters is very foreign to me, so I'm quite interested in that book.

Julie said...

What a delightful book, Sandy. I really like the examples you shared with us. I'm going to use the "Autograph" question tonight at dinner!

The pix are incredible...hope you aren't letting all that gorgeous snow go to waste!

Stephanie said...

I really like the Autograph question as well, but the one I really like is If you could re-live one day over....... that could be a deep conversation and what a good way to make you think about what we do or say in the future!
Thank you so much for sharing that info !

An Ordinary Mom said...

Awhile ago a fun project I did at a Church activity was we made conversation journal jars. I loved all the questions. Maybe I should post some of them!

Myrna said...

Are you enjoying the snowbound days as much as we are? My son is out with the dog and camera--perfect.

There is a boardgame called LifeStories that I rob, to get some good questions. It's distributed by Family Narratives Distributors, INC

I don't know where I got it, but it's a good'n

Jenster said...

Beautiful pictures!

I love books like that. We've had a "Conversation Jar" full of those types of family questions since the kids were very small. They still love to pick a card out of it.

Fun stuff.

Tarrah said...

Thank you for the book info, I'm definatly going to have to get it. And those photos are absolutely beautiful!

BTW, could you please tell me what is in that big tub on your side bar (labled under Kid happy birthdays). It looks like a huge bannana split or ice cream sunday but I am just really curious :)

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a great shower/wedding/anniversary gift! Thanks for sharing with us!

jennyhope said...

what a gorgeous photo! AMAZING! We never see snow in AL anymore

Wendy said...

Good things to think about.

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Anonymous said...
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Nadine said...

Sounds like a fun book. Some of those questions would be a great blog post. Nice picture of the snow.

Kerry said...

This book sounds great. We could so use this right now. After returning to work and passing each other between work & taking care of the kids, my Hubs & I are pretty disconnected right now.

Linda said...

What a great book. I love the idea of it. Did I miss it or did you say where you found it? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have lurked here at yours for sometime now but I don't know if I have ever commented. I have always lurked with admiration of all of your ideas for entertaining and how you have implimented them.

Anonymous said...

Surely could have used that last weekend with a house full of 20-somethings. Our prepared ice-breaker fell FLAT.

There used to be a product, almost like a Trivial Pursuit card box, of questions ... was it a Dr. Dobson thing...game...Ungame? anyone remember?

Anyway, if it's legal, could you post more questions?

deb meyers

Jen said...

It sounds like a wonderful book. We are always looking for creative ways to communicate not just with adults, but with our children. Sometimes it seems like we ask the same things, but this gives so many other wonderful ideas.
The pictures of the snow are breathtaking. As you can imagine, living in the south east we see nothing like that.
Looking forward to your give away.
Have a fabulous day,

Sandy said...

Hi Ladies - there is also a box of conversation starters from "Once Upon a Family" that works great.

Yes, I'll do a part II post with more questions.

And use your imagination and come up with some unique ones, depending on who is sitting around your table!

(Tarrah, the sidebar birthday picture is from a May 2007 post. I hope to have "labels" up soon so you cand find these posts easier!)

Jen said...

Those pictures look great...you should frame the last one.

jennifer said...

The photo on your sidebar, of the beautiful young girl with the candles? Would you leave a note on my comments on my blog and tell me what kind of goodie that is that she is holding? I am intrigued....Jennifer

jennifer said...

"It's me again Margaret"...If it is an old post, tell me which one and I'll look it up on your site. Thanks - Jennifer

NYC said...

This seems like a fun book.. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for posting this :)

Kirstin said...

Oh, I'm coveting your snow....I've thoroughly enjoyed your last two blogs. Those pictures,,actually all your pictures are great!

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Nice snow pics! (of course all your blog pics are inspiring) The book you refer to sounds like a great resource for both families and when "entertaining". This is one of the areas I'm weak in.