Fire Magic

What is it about fires that we find so mesmerizing? Paul and the boys love to build fires and Abby and I love to join around them.

Some find them warm and cozy.
Some find them relaxing and tranquil.
Some find them fascinating and intriguing.

Our family enjoys nestling around our winter fires upstairs in our loft, or hanging out by the fire on our outside patio, on a starry summer night or even cold winter evening.

But I think our all-time favorite is campfires, as we sit around with friends and tell stories and laugh and participate in stimulating conversation.

Paul will often tell scary stories, the same ones that his Dad told him when he was a child. It gets really quiet as he speaks slowly, and we wait in anticipation for the suspenseful ending.

We also love the intimacy that takes place with friends around fires, as the flames engulf our conversation and in turn warm our bodies and relax our minds.

For me, the most peaceful feeling invades the campground at night when the smells of wood smoke drift through the air and the campfires glow.

There is something about sitting around a cozy fire, staring at the embers, and watching (sometimes dodging) the sparks dancing upward into the evening sky.

At home, as we take turns lying on the hammock, the dying fire turns to ashes and we reluctantly move on to bed.

Once again we were touched by fire magic.

Have you experienced campfire magic this summer?

(Photos: camping last summer at Lake of the Woods; my friend Cindy and me on a hike; and a Coughlin fire in our backyard)


Heidijayhawk said...

some of my most amazing memories have been around the campfire. the first time i knew that god was real was around a campfire. talk about an awesome experience!

Barb said...

I'm actually looking forward to sitting around our new red woodburning stove over the winter! Reading by the fire on a Sunday afternoon in the winter just can't be beat. Summer fires are fun, but wintertime fires are my favorite!

HappyGoMommy said...

Where was that beautiful mountain picture taken? I love your fire pictures! We haven't experienced any campfires this summer, as we usually enjoy them here in Indiana in the fall.

Love those fall days and nights with hayrides, campfires, football, the smell of burning leaves and s'mores! :)

Kerry said...

We grew up camping as a family and I always loved the campfires we would have. Can't wait for Fall to build some fires in our firepit in our backyard. Hope to have friends over to enjoy them with us!

ValleyGirl said...

Mmmmmm, campfire. Yup, done that several times this year. You know, it's funny though, we've got a fire pit in our back yard and I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times we've used it in the 6 summers that we've lived here. Before that, when my cousin and his family still lived here and we'd come out to visit, we probably used it more. We talk about needing to have a fire at least once a week, but somehow it just never happens. Maybe now that mosquito season is over, we'll have to try and make it a priority. There is just something captivating and intimate about gathering around a fire.

GiBee said...

We haven't had one this summer, but we have had several this past fall, winter, and spring ... it is just too hot and humid here to really enjoy a campfire, but as the temperatures begin to cool, out come the neighborhood fire pits, and neighbors will gather around the fire sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, etc. It's wonderful! And the aroma is the best!

Tammy said...

My family has, but since I didn't go camping with on the big extended family trip, I missed out on roasting those marshmallows this year!
I love a cozy fire in the winter, too...:)

Andrea said...

Yes, YES, Y-E-S...!! I definitely have experienced magic at a campfire. Those are just some of the best moments of summer!

Jami said...

Yes...great post! I love campfires so much. It would be great to do them outside on the patio, and the hammock, that's the life!

Jenster said...

One of the most perfect joys in life is sitting around the campfire with my family. We went camping in June and it drizzled on our campfire. We didn't get to relax around it, but we DID manage to roast marshmallows, giggling the whole time.

I love the hammock by the fire. Does life get any better??