Goodness Grows

“Goodness is easier to recognize than to define.”
(W.H. Auden, 1939)

Several times now, we have pulled up to our house in our Suburban with plants hanging out the back. Our friend Jeannie, who we believe is a Master Gardener, is always sharing her yard with us. Sharing, as in she divides up her plants and gives us literally hundreds of dollars worth to replant in our yard.

We now say we are on our way to having a “Jeannie” yard.

Beautiful and stunning.

Jeannie is one of those extraordinary people who touches lives in many ways. She has practiced as a R.N. and a Social Worker, and she is married to Minor, who is a retired cardiologist. Between the two of them, they have spread compassion and healing to many.

In 2002 Jeannie’s life was hanging by a thread. She was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) and received a bone marrow transplant. Her journey was tough, but God granted her a longer life. Now we get to reap the rewards of sharing that life with her, as she is cancer-free! In fact, she just had her “5” year old birthday last week.

She not only practices hospitality by sharing her yard, she and her husband Minor are fantastic cooks, and have literally served hundreds of people meals in their home.

She has traveled the world, visiting 103 countries. She has experienced hospitality in ways that we probably could never comprehend, living here in the United States.

Jeannie is a miracle to be shared. And we are reminded of her impact in our family’s life, as we glance at these beautiful daisies that are spreading throughout our yard!

(Daisies in our front yard. Photography by Paul Coughlin)


Org Junkie said...

So nice, sounds like you are blessed to have such a sweet friend!


Barb said...

Looks like she has "great dessert-maker" on her resume too! Yum!

Nadine said...

What a blessing to have someone like her in your life. What a wonderful example of hospitality and love is she. Here's to praying that she stay cancer free the next 100 yrs.

Rhoda said...

What a great friend to have, Sandy. I love it when I have friends who share their garden treasures with me & your friend sounds so wonderful. What a blessing that she beat cancer too.


see you there! said...

The flowers are so pretty. It must be a joy to look at your yard and be reminded of such a special friend.


Joy said...

Wow, she sounds like a lovely woman - how blessed you are to have her as a neighbor! :)

GiBee said...

Hospitality ... extended outside of the kitchen!!! What a blessing!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

What a wonderful person to know!

I love sharing plants too. In fact, my neighbor is supposed to come by later today to take lupine and strawberries and vegetables I just don't have room for in my own gardens.

The photography is just beautiful :-)

Jammy said...

What a remarkable lady, and blessed friendship!!