My Day

Along with Mother’s Day came this special note, written for me by my family:

Keeper of kitchens and schedules.
Thank you for keeping us organized, animated and nurtured.
We would be smaller, less loved, less happy and less fortunate without you.
You strengthen us in ways we don’t fully know or appreciate.
Savor these while you indulge in one of your greatest joys.

Um… that last part would mean “chocolate.” Besides chocolate, hand, foot and back massages, and a promise for a new clothesline for my backyard - my greatest gift starts with a
capital “M.”

I loved attending church with my kids, my sons’ soccer games and my daughter’s beautiful Rogue Valley Children’s Choir concert at the Ginger Roger’s Craterian Theater on Saturday night.

I happened to capture this picture of Abby and her friend, Alyse, as they were heading off to their special night.

We decided not to eat out last night, so I whipped up yummy lasagna.

My 2 secrets to great lasagna are fresh basil and my frozen roasted tomatoes (get recipe here).

An extra touch on top was the Parmesan cheese, finely grated, that we brought back from London.

Sometimes the un-ordinary things, such as lasagna, become the extra-ordinary.

Especially when sharing it with those you love.

My heart couldn’t have been any fuller on this Mother's Day!

(Top photo: Our clematis is now in full bloom!)


Barb said...

My girls gave me fine chocolate and flowers, and one helped my parents make a terrific home-cooked meal. My boys did extra work for me, which was much-appreciated! Then my 2nd daughter and I watched a Michael Buble dvd while I ate some of my fine chocolate! A very relaxing day. Dreams--like of being a mom with great kids "someday"--do come true!
No clematis yet, but our lilacs are blooming--the yard smells wonderful!

Nadine said...

You had such a lovely day - how nice. It's nice to know how we are loved isn't it.

Bettsi said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. You deserve it! BTW, I made lasagna too!

Katie said...

How nice yoo had such a lovely day and are so blessed with a wonderful family! My clematis is just starting to climb - amazing the climate difference.

Rhoda said...

Sandy, I'm so trying to catch up! So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day...you deserve all that chocolate & more. The lasagna sounds wonderful. I have a good spinach lasagna that I make. I totally agree about basil...we have some growing in our little veggie garden & it's so nice to go out & pick it fresh.

Love that clematis too...those are awesome vines!

Southern HOspitality

Sue said...

I love your blog, I'll be back when I have more time to check it out.
Nice to "meet" you!

Christine said...

I'm so glad your mother's day was blessed! I love the pic of your daughter and her friend.

A Woman Who is: said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. It was your tribute to your mom that inspired me. Love the picture of the girls. What a great moment to catch.

Jill Norwood said...

I love the picture of the girls. And thanks for the basil tip for lasagna. I have a feeling I'm going to learn lots of good tips from you!

see you there! said...

I'm a little tardy but its never too late to tell you Happy Mother's Day is it? I mean you are a Mother every day.

The photo of the basil made my mouth water. One of my favorite herbs. I eat it fresh every chance I get. Your lasagne sounds great.


linda t said...

What a lovely day!
We are so blessed!
My heart was so full too... to be surrounded by my dear kids... sharing together over a meal. What more could we want!

org junkie said...

What a wonderful day and your lasagna sounds heavenly!


Elise said...

You just cannot beat chocolate as a gift for any occasion, can you? Especially dark...

Beautiful pictures! You are a very blessed mama. :)