Pears and More Pears - and facts about JOY!

It was my pleasure to send Miz Joy, over at the joy of, a Happy Coughlin Box! She was the winner from the contest back on March 27th, and she should be receiving her package any day now. Joy also answered some questions I asked her, about entertaining, and you can read those at the bottom of this post.

Let’s take a peek and see what’s inside the box! But shhhh, don’t tell Joy!

Homemade pear bread (mmm, can you smell it?)
Harry & David Moose Munch (made right here in southern Oregon!)
Homemade freezer pear butter
A small pear dish (I thought it was cute and appropriate with the pear theme)
Cary’s of Oregon Milk Chocolate Almond English Toffee
Coconut Body Butter (I had to put in something white, Joy’s favorite color)
Personalized hankie with Joy’s name, by Hankicards
and a copy of:
Married But Not Engaged, which my husband and I recently co-authored.

Be looking for another Happy Coughlin Box give-a-way this summer!

PS: My posts will be less frequent the next two weeks. Hang tight!

Another PS: Here’s a cool thing Joy and I both have in common – we both have a daughter in a Faithgirlz group. How cool is that?

-------------------------FUN FACTS ABOUT JOY------------------------
Written by Joy:

I have to say my favorite place to entertain is in my home, right in the kitchen! We have a large eat-in kitchen that includes a dining table and relaxed sitting area. My favourite food to serve is 'comfort food' - it's what people truly enjoy most and makes preparation so easy. I find the fussier food gets, the less enjoyment you get out of it. I am most comfortable hosting small groups of 8-10 people. The conversation flows and it's great to get so many different view points on 1 subject!

My favorite hostessing moment happened last October during the dinner party I held for my father's 75th birthday. He is Dutch and loves a special traditional pudding made out of currant berries, sugar and egg whites that his mother used to make for him in Holland. As a dessert surprise I prepared it for him and he was so touched!

One thing I have learned about reaching out to others is how it can positively affect them. After all, everyone just wants to love - and to be loved - to feel like they matter. It is one of the easiest things you can do!

The Reluctant Entertainer has taught me to be fearless in entertaining. That not everything has to be perfect and that connecting with others is what's really important. The fact that someone would leave my home at the end of the evening and not just comment on the food - but that they enjoyed the time that they shared here.

One entertaining idea that I've yet to do....I have always wanted to have an outdoor barbeque around our pool area with KARAOKE! I have wanted to do this for years but our backyard is still a work in progress. I want to set up a little stage with lights and let people sing their hearts out. My goal is to get everyone to sing. (the karaoke element will be a surprise to the guests and no-one will be allowed to leave without an attempt!)

Now, Joy is my kind-of girl! :)


Barb said...

Wow, lotsa tasty treats in that box, plus a personalized hanky from Hankicards?! Oo la la! Miz Joy will hafta tell us when she has her big karaoke party!

Nadine said...

Nice gift package. Congratulatins Joy again. I like the way she entertains too

org junkie said...

What a terrific fun package!! I would love to know more about the Faithgirlz group...I've never heard of that (I'm in Canada) and I have a daughter in 4th grade.
Sounds very interesting and fun. Maybe you could email me when you get back.
Have a great trip!!


Elizabeth said...

Yum!! What a beautiful (and yummy-looking) package you put together, Sandy! Lucky Joy! :)

Have a wonderful trip and please post lots of photos upon your return.

Julie said...

Would you mind sending me the recipe for your pear bread? Or maybe you could post it for all of us non-winners who crave such a lovely, delicious-sounding bread.


Joy said...


I love the Coughlin Box!!!!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!! Please read my blog for details :)

P.S Sorry you got slammed with postage :(

Joy said...

p.s. I would love the recipe for the pear bread too!