Keeping it Simple

I read this morning, "Wisdom does not come by being up-to-date with the times."

I can read all about the latest cooking fads and entertaining ideas, in magazines and on TV or cooking shows. I can walk through the check-out stand and see titles of intriguing articles everywhere I turn!

I wonder if I will ever see one that says, "Be God's fool!"

That is the true path to wisdom and my real mission in entertaining.

What the world calls "smart," God says is "stupid."

The message that became clear to me this morning takes me back to the basics. Everything is already mine as a gift: Paul, my kids, the world, life, death, the present, and the future.

It's all mine and I am privileged to be in union with Christ. And Christ is in union with God.

It’s all so simple. Why do I complicate life, when the above message is so simple and clear?

I love simple.
I love life.
I love life’s gifts.
I embrace God’s love for me, and what He has for me, this very day.

If I don’t get this message straight, and my priorities right, then I can forget about using the talents God has given to me.

I serve my family first, and then give to those around me.

Now it’s time to feed some starving teens. They are always starving!!

(Above photo of my springy flowers and my duck, “Drake.” Photo above of my Faithgirlz group this week, and St. Patrick’s frosting!)


Barb said...

Hey chickie, you fit in around here with your simple view of life! Cutie girls with the green frosting, but I LUV the red duck and bright-bright flowers!

Barb said...

PS--I'm reading a book called Friends, Lovers, Chocolate, by Alexander McCall Smith. The main character is known for her hospitality because "everyone who called there--irrespective of their mission--would be courteously received and offered, if the time was appropriate, a glass of dry white wine in spring and summer and red in autumn and winter. They would then be listened to, again with courtesy, for Isabel believed in giving moral attention to everyone." That's it! A quality drink and personal interest and attention shown to her guests made her "hospitable." Goes along totally with your definitions of "entertainment" and "hospitality!"

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a great post! Life really is all about the simple things. We tend to have the terrible habit of creating more out of nothing. Thanks for the reminder.

linda t said...

That photo is soooo frame-worthy!!
I am curious, what kind of camera are you using? The colors are so bright and vivid!
I want to someday be real good at photography... so I like to ask what others are using to shoot those gorgeous shots!

Sandy said...

Linda, this photo was taken with my small point and shoot Kodak. But I have found it's all in the way you edit a picture, how good it turns out.

Paul uses the "Daddy" camera .. a Nikon D70. Way too complicated for me. LOL!

All the photos on my blog are taken by one of us.

Barb, that book you are reading sounds fantastic!

Lovella said...

Such beautiful flowers and I love the picture of the girls and their frosting. It will be one of those pictures that one of them will take out years from now and bring fond memories of a evening full of fun. I read back a few posts and really enjoyed your take on entertainment. Simply welcoming, that is your blog.

sugarcreekfarm said...

You are such an inspiration. Keep writing! I'm such a hermit, and at the same time crave connection with people. Little by little you are moving me to just do it.

GiBee said...

Beautiful pictures! It is so easy to complicate life, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder to keep things simple!

Julie said...

Hi there, Sandy,
I just wanted to stop by and say hello ~ and thanks for visiting my place!

What a beautiful blog you have. I'll be back!

Christine said...

"I serve my family first and then give to others." I think that's the key to hospitality. So many people spend more time and energy showing hospitality to those outside of their home and then give "what's left" to their families. I love this post!

Joy said...

My daughter is in Faithgirlz too! Such a great group for young girls :)