With the best intentions, many of us think about entertaining, but never get around to it. Usually this happens because we don’t have enough time, we’re disorganized or our spouse isn’t interested in hosting a party, or even a small dinner! For many this blessing of gracious living for both the host and her guests never takes place because of fear … fear of failure, unable to cook, unwilling to share their lives with others, fear of deepening friendships … they are intimidated and think the meal has to be perfect, or … they don’t have the lifestyle that says, “welcome.”

I believe in connection.
I believe that Americans need to lower the expectations of perfection and open their homes to heart-warming dinners and in doing so, open their lives to LOVE!

Today I made pear bread. I plan to send it in the mail, along with pear butter (or jam), to a great man who had my husband and I on his radio show recently. It's great to send home-made thank-yous! And it's my Mom's pear butter recipe, so what could be more special?


Barb said...

Hmm--I think I see myself in a coupla those fears. Do you have any quizzes to help us know what our weaknesses are? I'm wondering if my lifestyle says "welcome" or not? :o0 I know I love sending fun boxes to people! And receiving them!

godgirl said...


You are truly a one-of-a-kind woman. I could only wish to have the ability and motivation that you have in creating a warm home environment for your family, friends and visitors. Can you share some tips as to how to entertain on a budget...including some recipes?

You are awesome!

Kelli aka: Barb's friend

Sandy said...

Barb, how about answering these questions: Do you have a desire to know people in a more intimate way? Or do you wish you had more friends? Can you give up perfection? Are you willing to branch out and try new things? If you answered YES to all of these questions, then entertaining is for you!

What kind of boxes do you send?

Sandy said...

Kelli, I will eventually be posting recipes and tips and ideas that I have. Stay tuned!

Great to hear from you!!

Barb said...

Oo, ouch. Maybe I don't wanna answer questions! Just shoot us information!
I've sent snack boxes to college kids (they're ALWAYS appreciative), gift boxes to friends, fill-in-the-gap boxes to missionary friends who have no libraries in their countries (hard to get good stuff to read), and who are missing things like peanut butter. Boxes like them there kind. Hi Kelli!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
Just discovered you. I'm looking forward to learning more about your book. And I'm really looking forward to following this blog. I have a real problem with letting go of perfectionism. I'd love to entertain more, but I tend to get so overwhelmed. I think you will be a good teacher for me!

Peach said...

Had to go back to the very beginning and read your heart for blogging, for being hospitable, and all those other wonderful things that make up the Sandy I am growing to know and pray for.

Now, I also know who received the delicious pear bread and butter ; )