Kids at Dinner and Pear Jam Recipe

Are you looking for some exciting and different entertainment at your dinner party?

At our Cruise Party Dinner Reunion last Spring our awesome kids entertained us and here’s how it all came down.

We asked our kids to put on a Talent Show for us. I will admit it was a pretty amazingly, talented group of kids! Some took turns emceeing, and we had acts such as piano, violin, guitars, and dancing! Dancing, as in Emily did a dance for us, then she got the adults onto the lawn and taught us all the “two-step!”

We’ve been to friends’ houses before, during the holidays, where the children would bring their talent, similar to above, but also seasoned with poetry and singing! Years ago we went to a dinner party where the kids put a play together, and then performed it for the adults.

We have made this tradition in our household. It adds to the evening, it’s good for the kids. It brings joy to adults (especially those who appreciate the gift of music!) and it’s a cheap way to bring entertainment to your party.

I’d be interested to know if you’ve done something similar …

My husband and I have found that the methology we use for entertaining (usually sit-down dinners) really helps people relax and enjoy themselves. Even though friends come together with different personalities and lifestyles, we treat them with respect no matter where they are in life. We have learned a lot around our dinner table! It is our mission to tansform our evening into an intimate time of comfort, warmth and joy.

Here is my PEAR BUTTER recipe. Several people have asked for it:
8 cups of pears (I peel, put in my Cuisinart, puree, but okay to have some chunks)
3 1/2 cups sugar
1 T cinnamon
½ t ginger
1 t cloves
Mix together; cook on low. Jar the cooked jam. Bring your canner water to a boil, put the jars in and PROCESS FOR 15 minutes.
Remove, cool, and … ENJOY!

Also, my friend Debbie shared this recipe with me today! Since it includes pear jam, here it is:
Whatever fruit you choose
Vanilla yogurt
1/4 C of pear jam
Freshly grated nutmeg on top for garnish
Mix and serve with pork tenderloin or lamb!

Our favorite fruit every Fall season is pears. I buy boxes of them at an orchard up the street!


Barb said...

That's one rockin' party there! Our kids tend to prefer to play music in the background when they play when guests are over. Which works too--sets a happy mood! We mostly entertain indoors unless we're target shooting, which limits our space options. But the boys will sometimes sit in the next room and play and it works pretty slick that way--people enjoy it!
And your pear butter is delicious--one 5 star endorsement here for Sandy Coughlin's pear butter!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Barb. Looking forward to meeting the Wiedenbeck kids & hearing their talents -- in about 10 days!

Deeanne said...

I'm lovin' this talent show thing, Sandy. And I think our kids (nieces, nephews, offspring, etc) would secretly love to do this. The question is: Will they?

I'll have to see what kind of enthusiasm I can stir up for Thanksgiving this year. It's supposed to be at my house, so ... hmmmm.

Sandy said...

Hey, let me know if it happens! You could always bribe the winner with a fabulous prize ... like money? ha
I love to see the kids supporting each other!

Barb said...

Godivas! Bribe 'em with Godivas! Or movie passes! Ooorrr....autographed books! :oD